Tracing + Character Design theft: Saintnorth

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Long story short: Be wary of this user for design theft, tracing, and shady actions

Be wary of Saintnorth. They are known for tracing and stealing designs, even at one point this year they had removed another person's watermark from their OC and claimed that it was a gift from "someone who doesn't want to be named" and claimed the design, and attempted to brush it off as "oh I thought it was for me". They didn't take down the stolen piece until an admin of the community forcefully deleted it.

 Please just block and ignore, and if they follow you please take the chance to make sure that none of their art looks similar to yours in case they had followed to trace.

Note: This is just a rough draft, there is a lot more design theft and screenshots that will be shown

Design Stealing

North steals off designs that they like and this is one example from another's OC. I will have to search later but they also have copied and changed around slightly on bio information.

The original art here was done by Arkxnsan and all of the art was taken from her deviantart. 



 These are only a few of the many examples of art pieces that North had traced. North hasn’t stopped tracing, 2018 new traces have been still popping up (the original owner asked not to be shown), and nor did they apologize for past tracing




North is well known for their catfishing in the Hetalia Community.  North was exposed and openly admitted to Catfishing the community. Please do not talk about your personal life with them

an excerpt from one of them

There is some suspicions although not confirmed that Macey might be Katie.

Here are their recorded examples of their tactics to shut others down, with her various OCs (+ Macey who sounds almost exactly like her) they created.

  • Using Threats of suicide and guilt tripping to be Pitied or a Silencing Tool: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  • Reconstruction of reality, threats, and attempts to slander the opposition:
  •  [ ] [2] [3] [4]




Am I missing something? Not to be rude but the traced pieces don't actually look traced with the way you've overlayed them -- it might be easier to see it if they were compared side by side. Any art in the same pose can fool the eye to look traced if it's overlayed in a confusing fashion like that. Not involved or defending whoever this is, I just think the evidence against them seems a little bit lacking. Not sure I understand how the top design is stolen either since it's just a woman with curly brown hair and similar skin tone.


Noebelle no prob! I don't personally have the original ones but the original PSAs from my friends are more in-depth with it and they are interconnected with the evidence, I never got around to updating this one because there is so much stuff to organize

Bostonia i forgot the link


I don't see any rules about necro-posting, so I'm going to throw my change into the mix. Those "traced" images do not line up in the overlay. If something is traced, it will line up almost perfectly to the original when it's overlayed. If something doesn't line up, that means that's an original line, not a traced line. Not even the jaw shapes line up to the original works, so I'm unsure of how the images are traced. I looked through the journal you posted and can't find the comparison images. I would also like to add (and I'm not in any way trying to be rude) that it's perfectly okay to draw inspiration from other designs and make something of your own while being original. Brown curly hair on a POC isn't exactly an original idea and I've seen very similar designs to the above. I personally don't see the tracing and stolen design as a strong enough case, ;~; I'm sorry.

Edit: If you would like, I can post some examples since my friend has been a victim of tracing before. Aaa, I'm also not saying that they've never done the act of stealing designs/tracing, just that the above examples aren't very compelling.


Eltheran, I beg to differ -- a few of the images do have a few overlapping lines. Some people have been more stealthy about tracing by adding some original lines to make it less obvious. If I'm looking at the first image right, there are a few overlaps:


I have other examples of overlays that do not appear obvious at first glance because the lines were not traced from a single angle or position, but they're not on this computer -- I can't describe it in English very well.


pax The nose on the second along with the jaw line you highlighted do not line up. You can see that they're different shapes and heights, though the overlay makes it hard to see. The only compelling evidence here would be the first image and even then, we would need to see the original images side by side to compare it ourselves. You have to understand that when you have similar poses with a heavy overlay, it can fool you into seeing it as traced, even if every single line is original. I want to stress that we would need to see the original images, or at least an overlay that shows us both pieces at different transparencies. If evidence wouldn't hold up in a court room, imo, it isn't convincing evidence.


Edit: This will probably be my last post because I don't want to argue over every single line on low-quality 300px overlays. You think it's convincing evidence for tracing, I don't believe it's convincing evidence for tracing, and without the original images or a better overlay, we won't reach a conclusion. The call-out journal is from 2016 so I'm not even sure if both parties still have the images in question.