PSA: auriniiichi +alts [chargeback update]

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[09/09/18] CHARGEBACKS
I made this notice about people receiving chargebacks from auriniiichi about designs bought and vouchered, she is now charging mutliple commissions back. If you have been charged back or know of someone who has, miki (@ koichame / is gathering reports -- even if you just contact her to say what account she has charged you back from, it will be helpful.

Again, please be aware if you have done any transactions with her.

[17/18/18] jI've received a couple of reports from people who've been put in the red by auriniiichi filing a chargeback on their legitimate sales and trying to send the files back.

If you've had any trades/exchanges with auriniiichi involving paypal, please keep an eye out for chargebacks. This also includes anyone that she has commissioned! Just in case, please keep an eye out and mark your completed transactions as [shipping not required] where applicable.

[13/8/18] EDIT: regarding gwyomii and auriniiichi -- put together to address multiple concerns about my actions, and since the PSA still needs to be compiled and filtered of auriniiichi's real and personal details

-- correspondence with gwyomii
This is the correspondence about being resold these characters.
In the stash folder linked at the bottom are all the original adopt files bought, and the "proof of transaction". Here is a cap of the folder.
I can say that the paypal transactions displayed below did not say what account the money was coming from but that it was going to [email protected], which is an email given to me by auri herself. I have had correspondence with this email and it has been used in approaching someone else to make this same sale.

This is the stash folder linked to show proof of their ownership of other designs as well as their inquiry about the celestier from months ago. Here are closeups of the characters shown 1, 2 , 3, 4 if anyone can confirm their ownership.

--- gwyomii's identity confirmation, art theft and tracing

gwyomii's gallery (capped here) has a total of 3 pieces, one of which is traced and the other is stolen. they appear to be inactive otherwise.
stolen from an inactive artist on paigeeworld, is this piece here, uploaded nov 2017. Original is here.

The other piece is a line copy from a love live sif card.
The other piece I haven't tracked.-- a mix of traced, copied and stolen, a common theme with their art uploads as already seen in the PSA provided below).

It appears that gwyomii has not been active in the adopt community or shown activity otherwise. The exceptions to this lend no legitimacy to their proof of identity.

**NEW: It seems one of the characters gwyomii presented as an OC is actually a MYO heartpuff under auriniiichi's ownership.

--- gwyomii's relation to auriniiichi, other alts

Outside of the exchange shown above, it appears that gwyomii can be associated with auriniiichi as far back as december 2017. They were tagged in raffle entry comments (and another here) along with other accounts. Listed are 116nii, Suhime, zoel-khr, gwyomii, lunakou and bbao.

One could assume that auriniiichi and gwyomii were acquaintances or possibly even friends. However the likely explanation is that they are one of many alt accounts.

--- 116nii, an auriniiichi alt account

It was reported that @RumCandy/Rumby has blacklisted this user before (I messaged them earlier to confirm, this was the reply)
The blacklisting comment can be seen here. The icon has been changed, but this is what it was originally.

This character has been requested by them before. It is a brown rabbit character, which I can confirm belongs to auriniiichi. In the PSA below it is shown through the instagram and also was their icon for a period of time..

Speculation -- auriniiichi's trading TH account, auriniii, being resold to user @iiiChairs98 through a points exchange with 116nii. username log -- coinciding dates. Other information (including the twitter user mentioned 29531722_ ) supports this.

a private exchange with auriniii is confirmed to be (auriniiichi's other account) here.

--- zoel-khr, an auriniiichi alt account

This design here ( was won by zoel-khr through raffle sale for $125. ( is the file, where the comment winning cannot be viewed anymore but -- in the entries for the other adopt, they can be seen entering with gwyomii and 116nii at the same time). This is the whole exchange. The paypal address given is [email protected]

Here is proof of auriniiichi using this same paypal address to commission an artist. They have used this paypal when doing resales through their old toyhouse name, soybun.

-- auriniiichi's multiple paypals and accounts

The paypal accounts that can be linked to auriniiichi or associated with them are so far: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (1, 2, 3, 4,)) [email protected], [email protected], as well as [email protected] involved in the dainty scam here but I don't know full details about the dainty issue.

I do know that all of these accounts bought dainty slots in a MYO event in May, however. (1 2 3 4 ) -- the PSA in question, about guro-boy and star68624

I've written a lot for now so I'm going to copy in something that I've sent to the inquiring concerned.
Considering these designs are worth significant money and that auriniiichi is now warned on a public blacklist (to not own or redistribute), they would be hard pressed to get any of their money back. I knew that after seeing my decision, if they were dishonest, they would be looking to make a quick and dirty sale. By reselling onto someone "innocent" they could likely appeal for permission to resell again (to work around the ban). I definitely anticipated they would be searching for someone to buy into it soon, or pull a trick exactly like this.

I posted PSAs about them on all my accounts. Adopts operate on a code of honour and if I made it clear that trading with this person would be met with my disapproval, most who care about my designs would understand. Someone did actually contact me, given an offer the same as the one in the screenshot from nasenren to gwyomii. It might also be prudent to note that the nasenren account was made within the week, and is entirely new.

I realised if I followed through with blacklisting anyone involved in a transaction with them, I would be met with either:
1) outrage -- they would stir up a fuss, protest my choice and complain about my unfair practice on a public platform and attempt to get me to reimburse or help them claim after their scam, realistically they would appeal for justice. Paypal is going to help a disgruntled buyer more than an upset seller. A report could be filed. A number of people who have been involved in this person's scams have contacted me lately so I know what a message from someone who is worried about being scammed looks like.

or what has happened, which is
2) nothing else. As soon as I posted their name in public, they deleted all the "proof" of purchase and emptied their stash folders. If their claim doesn't hold up now in front of me alone, it is even more unlikely that they would let their story come under scrutiny by others. If they pitched this situation to the public, they would fall under the judgment of more than just me alone. For an ordinary PSA, that would be a good thing -- but if they were guilty as charged of impersonating and faking correspondence, what then?

If they were a victim of scamming I believe they would have behaved differently. If wrong, I am absolutely willing to make a public apology.

In terms of the moral grey of "reclaiming" these designs and voiding their exchange -- you would be right in that legally, I don't have that right.
With the above points included in the circumstantial evidence, I don't believe it's a legitimate exchange. This person's actions in scamming and exploiting people in my circles with their loopholing, upselling and vouchering, suspicious relations to charity donation for the addition of adopt/art value worth, not paying an agreed $1200 to me for several months regarding a design not featured in this PSA, as well as their art theft and other transgressions against the art, AA and adoptable community are all coming out into the open. They have made a significant amount of money at the expense of me, my supporting community and several other artists. They owe much more than an apology to those affected. I still plan to suspend the use/distribution of those designs for the time being.

Anyway thank you for reading! I've assembled this in a hurry.

This isn't everything.


[13/8/18] EDIT:

Thank you for posting about your concerns regarding the legality of my actions and the basis on which I could be pursued in court.
I appreciate any attention given to this matter though, and will update with as much detail as I can.


[11/8/18] EDIT: A WARNING

I have been informed that dA user gwyomii has obtained 3 of the designs (1, 3 + 4 below) to them for a total of $575. I can provide more screenshots of their correspondence (and with me, too).
However this user has not been active on dA, has not commented or entered my events/raffles, has not favourited any of my artwork or designs, and does not watch me on dA. They claim not to have a toyhouse, and claim not to have seen my multiple attempts at a PSA. They showed me a small variety of OCs that I can show to anyone wanting to check, but if you see them you will further understand my concerns.

I would like to ask for feedback on the legitimacy of this user because they have been unable to prove their identity or presence in the community. They have been blacklisted and the exchange void. If you are contacted by this person or anyone speaking in their name about reselling or trades, please message me.

If the blacklisting turns out to be inappropriate I will remove it. I gave as much warning as I could. There are no exceptions. If you do not have my permission, you do not own these designs.


Hello! I'm really sorry that this isn't a fully formed PSA but more information/proof is coming out, this is aside from their art thievery (feel free to delete if inappropriate)

In short, auriniiichi/soybun has been called out for art theft but they have also been involved in several shady adopt scams, mostly featuring my designs being resold and vouchered for a significant profit.
There is also a strong link to this person being responsible for the dainty MYO slot scam that happened a while back.

but this PSA is mostly a note to those who take commissions!
if you see any of these designs BEING COMMISSIONED or if you GET COMMISSIONED? any of these designs please inform me!

This is to prevent them from using characters they are not allowed to use. Unless I've stated otherwise)
all of the designs below cannot be traded or resold without my authorization! This is a blacklisted user.

If you are discovered owning any of these designs without my permission you will also be blacklisted.


These are 4 designs that are (?) owned by them. It is likely that some have been resold on already. If you see them being sold or up for trade, please inform me first.

just to put the link here clearly, here is the PSA written about their art thievery and tracing.

Thank you!


I'm sorry to hear about the stealing strife you've faced -- hopefully bringing this out into the open will give people insight as to the kind of deals they do (??) but it's quite hard to deal with !

just bumping with details about the resale that was made to a dA user @/gwyomii and asking about their details if anyone knows anything o/


A small thing but important, whether they have your permission or not, if they bought the legitimate designs from whoever, they legally own them. You can't take forcibly take the designs back or stop them using them.

IE User one buys your designs legitimately, resells them to someone else on the blacklist without being aware or the person they resold them to ends up on your blacklist somehow, that second person owns them legally.

For the second person as well, something equally important: You also can't stop them reselling or trading away the designs just because they're blacklisted, unless they agreed to your TOS. A second-hand purchase doesn't count, unless YOU contact them and get them to agree. They don't have to, and again they still own the design whether they do or not.

These are only for the legitimate designs though, which it sounds like at least one person in all of this did purchase the designs legitimately. Whether the original owner was not supposed to sell them or whatever, you can't penalize the second person for having them or trying to sell them later. The first person broke your TOS, not the second. The first person agreed to your TOS, not the second.

If the designs were literally stolen IE they found the images and took them as their own, then a lot of this is void. It doesn't sound like it though.

TL;DR: If Gwy bought non-stolen designs from a blacklisted user, they own them legally and you can't stop them using them, you can't 'void the transaction', you can't take back the designs, you can't stop them trading or reselling them in the future. Unless you're personally willing to buy back the designs from them, they are theirs to keep and use as they please. Trying any of this would be illegal on your part.


Sorry for the double post, was actually going to read your TOS for your designs for blacklist info. I do have a small suggestion: Make multiple copies of your TOS every time you update, because the changes you make along the way do not apply to older purchases and can get confusing if they don't keep a copy. (Something as small as a screenshot of the current TOS they're agreeing to and including it with the files would help). The original iteration of your TOS was in 2016, it's bound to have changed over time :x, As far as I can tell, your TOS only states that they can no longer buy from you if they are blacklisted, which was only updated on 7/8 to say otherwise. So if they bought before 7/8, the only punishment you can really dish out is that they can't buy from you any longer, which is fair. Also to add, I've mentioned design-revoking is illegal. Having it in your TOS can actually void that part of the TOS, or the TOS in whole depending on how big of a problem it would cause. Likely only that line though.

None of my posting is to cause a fuss btw, a lot of TOS stuff regarding adopts is kind of overridden in law. These specific things though could get you in trouble if anyone wanted to pursue it so better safe than sorry :x


I dont mean to be rude and while everything else (for the most part) is valid uhhhhh?? you revoking designs from somebody after they paid a whopping 575 dollars bc they got them from somebody thats blacklisted doesnt really??? seem legal? from what im getting from this they DID get these designs legitimately and just bc you didnt "give them permission" and they arent active and a follower of yours doesnt rlly mean anything and somebody shouldnt like.... have to be a Loyal watcher or anything to be able to own the design???

maybe i read into this wrong but this really struck me as weird and Not the Best lol


AsylumPatient Crackhead
I have a lot of screenshots and other information that (is slowly) being compiled for the adoptable PSA but if you would like to see or clarify anything about the exchange with gwyomii it's ok !

about the legal side though I know what is written seems really concerning - I've sent a longer note about the exchange that you are free to read, though only if you're interested.


Hi there!! I don't...I don't want to really get into the whole debate, but I did want to clarify something on the PSA

Gwyomii is very, very likely actually Auriniiichi trying to sneak back some monetary legitimacy to the designs. They have been asked for proof and more information, to which they provided some suspicious screen shots then immediately deleted the proof and started ignoring her, and this is why Yoofiebun is reclaiming the designs.

If the designs were indeed acquired in a manner that seemed legitimate, yoofiebun said that then she would talk to the owner more. But due to the circumstances, yoofiebun is attempting to protect the community and her designs from being mishandled until she is certain what is true and what is not. That's also why she's asking for others to step forward if they know Gwyomii, so she can be sure she's doing the right thing.

I'm sorry, I only wanted to say that Yoofiebun is trying her best here. I may not agree with reclaiming the designs, but if she's right and auriniiichi has been using them to scam money, she's more than been compensated for ever owning them. She's likely made a fair amount over what it would have cost her to legitimately buy the designs to start with.

And if Yoofiebun is right and Gwyomii doesn't actually own them legitimately, because of the highly suspicious string of actions surrounding every step, then she's trying to scam Yoofiebun into allowing her to not be blacklisted and still resell, while ALSO making a new start under this name, where she will likely continue to steal art and profit off others.

I'm just saying, yoofiebun seems to have the right idea, holding the designs until someone gets her some actual proof of gwyomii buying them legitimately or of her being an individual that is not auriniiichi.

Who actually buys 500+ dollar designs from an artist they don't follow and don't know? Who sends the files to someone before they even know if that person will buy?


It's alright!

If there are doubts floating around about the legitimacy of my claims and actions right now I think it can't be helped -- not all the information has been compiled so even more so! A lot of context is lacking at the moment and so the concerns floating around are ones I understand.

thank you still for reading, I'll try to gather what information I can.


hi there! i do recognize the second design up there from this journal here: 
im not sure who it was resold to- suyumona is aware of the situation so you probably already know about this one but just in case!