Resolved / Update 2/27/20 PSA: Graviilean / MiaU

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Update 2/27/2020 - an overdue edit

Graviilean has long since completed anything he owed, back in August 2019. I will not be updating the full post with corrected pronouns because I'm on mobile and this is his past, please let it go. I wasn't aware he completed everything, but I knew he had made significant progress, to the point that I didn't bother checking in. 

Our past doesn't have to define our present or our future, and as I mentioned in the update from March 2019, he has shown initiative to make a change. He has held up to that change and is an excellent artist that got in over his head for a while, but pulled himself up and fixed what he could. 

And I think that says a lot about a person.

 To those who know Graviileans new username, please be respectful. I will not be including it here because it is precisely that: his new self. 

Update March 11, 2019 -Journal Update from MiaU124. A promising step forward

Once again I remind everyone: DO NOT harass or contact Gravii/Mia unless you are waiting on a commission. Gravii/Mia has posted a journal (Comment If I Owe You Anything) asking those who are still waiting to comment their proof (if you did not/could not chargeback) and references to the OC you want drawn. 

I completely agree with her statement in the journal, do not comment on the journal if you are not waiting on a commission. I've heard things have gotten out of hand with harassment, so I think it's fair for her to ask. Please comment only if you are owed a commission. Keep it relevant. While I don't like that she ran away, I understand that there won't be any change if there isn't an opportunity. So if you are still waiting because you wanted to give her that chance or if you were just unable to dispute because of how old the commission was, this is a great time. 

I know this doesn't change the past. But, seeing as there's been roughly a month of silence on this PSA, it's a good sign that she's stepping up of her own accord to address things. If she really wants to change, this will prove it. So please be nice, leave what she owes you in a comment on her journal. If you received your money back or did not commission her, DO NOT go to her page. You can comment here to complain. I'm fine with discussing the good and the bad - but don't bully someone who is trying to fix things. As long as there's an attempt and open communication, I'm happy to see her. 

One final note - it is NEVER okay to tell someone that they are not worthy to live or exist. Every single person on this planet has the right to be here. I don't appreciate knowing that people have used my problem with someone as a means to attack them. I will never condone or be okay with that kind of attitude. If you are that kind of person, I do not want to be around you. Find something positive to pour that energy into. Make the world a better place, not worse. 

Update February 6, 2019 -This not an invitation to harass her Seriously, do not message her unless you actually have something she owes you and you are unable to reach her in another way. I've heard there are people attacking her, but if I find out who they are I will absolutely not tolerate it. Stop being petty, this is information for those affected and for those who wish to avoid commissioning her - not for drama.

First, I have been asked to remind anyone who needs to reach her to try using the email she posted here - Graviilean Final Status - but for those who still wish to avoid her or that are not getting a response, I have found her new accounts:

Graviilean has moved accounts to MiaU124 (DA) / MiaMatsuno* (Twitter, NSFW) / MiaU (Facebook)
* Her twitter handle has changed to cakenlemonade and has been set to private. It will likely change again, so I probably won't keep track of it here.

Through Twitter she has opened commissions and has posted a great deal of digital art (8+ colored, several sketches) for her fandoms and RP - I have seen two posts marked "Commission" (of the same character) but she is using both as personal profile pictures (one for Twitter, the other on Facebook). None of these posts appear to be art owed to people who contacted her email and said they still wanted to wait for their art. She started this Twitter around December 18, 2018. She began posting digital art around January 13, 2019. 

Proof:  Simple Folder - Please note I have not included all the screenshots I have as most are NSFW, but anything I found relevant is included. Regarding the tweet wanting to raise $800 for a trip to Japan, her friends have come out to say that was a misunderstanding, Graviilean wanted to go before she realized it was not a good idea. Her "Open Commissions" and "Need to raise $800" tweets have been deleted.

Updates from original post date to resolution (of my issue): 

November 8 - Tiny update: I'm making a master list of all owed commissions. If you are waiting on art or a refund, please PM me so I can keep your name anonymous. I had to stop this as it became quite a nightmare. 

November  10 - Very large, very long update! TL;DR - Graviilean has been posting personal art through alt accounts and FB, as well as spending large sums of money on Lolita fashion while telling her commissioners that she had no money to refund them. See 1st comment on 1st page for proof and more details.

November 18 - Graviilean is taking a step in the right direction. She has posted a journal with real info (laptop issue was the charger, replacing that, and a replacement tablet coming towards the end of the month). In the meantime, she is offering to work on what she can traditionally - since she cannot work digitally until the new tablet arrives, she is asking those who would be willing to accept a traditional piece to contact her. I have taken her up on the offer, with the understanding that it needs to be the art or a refund before my buyer's protection is over. 

December 3 - I know there has been a lack of updates and I am very sorry for being absent. I have not spoken directly to Graviilean since 11/19. Through a friend speaking on her behalf, she has given a small apology for another bout of drama related to personal issues - they will in no way be included here, and do not pertain to business. I only mention it because it is the ONLY contact we have had. As for the traditional work, I have received no WIP or update. It has been 3 weeks since I accepted, and Graviilean has 3 weeks before I file a charge back. 

I would also like to note I am quite upset with the person who has been talking to me on Graviilean's behalf, as they have tried to convince me not to file a charge back, stating that Peruvian accounts are not linked to Paypal and it would be a waste of time, that I would not get anything.
Final note, about the prices on the Lolita dresses - I have been researching multiple sites and put some of the evidence together. I couldn't find every dress but I found some. 

December 19 (updated 12/20) Graviilean posted a status update stating that she cannot refund, has been unable to work on owed art, and threatening/considering self harm. I have been in a place like this, and although I feel very deeply for her I will not change my plan to file the charge back. 

This may seem like I'm being a monster to someone suffering from depression, but unfortunately I cannot be certain if she is being honest. The fact is that her friend, who I was communicating with between November and December 19, already informed me Graviilean would be/is planning to leave DA and use FA - or come back to DA under a new account/name. 

For those who are past the buyers protection date, please try going through the Better Business Bureau - Mitz's Journal and BBB

December 30 2018 On mobile so quick update. Graviilean has posted a status update - advising anyone who can to simply file a chargeback because she is leaving the name Graviilean permanently and starting over elsewhere on something else. 

January 9 2019 Paypal has closed the case in my favor due to lack of communication from Graviilean. My bank is really great so despite PayPal stating it could take up to 30 days to see the refund, it has already posted to my account. 

I strongly encourage anyone who can to open a dispute and escalate to a claim. This is the first time I've ever had to file a charge back since opening my PayPal in 2012. So i'm definitely no expert on how they work but I'll post what I've gathered in the comments in case anyone else is brand new to them. 

Original Post

Before I get into the details, I am going to remind everyone that this is in NO WAY an invitation to attack this person. This is strictly a warning to those who may wish to do business with them. Do NOT message, annoy, attack, witch hunt, or otherwise contact this person unless you have 1) a commission waiting already or 2) wish to commission them. 


Who: Graviilean (DA and TH), Graviinator (alt DA account), 

When: November 2016 through November 2018 (ongoing) - UPDATE: Resolved January 9, 2019 (ended in a chargeback)

What: Unprofessional business practice - not doing owed art, opening more commissions to refund old orders that she 'no longer has motivation to do' (her words)

Explain: See each issue for details

Issue 1: Resolved but is part of my proof, so is included
TL;DR Issue 1: Bought commission, never got it, Gravii said she would draw an apology sketch. 1 year later, she said she never did the extra and never found the original, so gave me a refund.

Issue 2: Resolved but is part of my proof, so is included
TL;DR Issue 2: Ordered a full body, 2 1/2 months no contact received notification of refund. Gravii said she was ill and could not do any commissions

Issue 3 and 4: Unresolved
TL;DR Issue 3 and 4: Ordered a full body in July. Received sketch, never heard from her again. Ordered 2 busts/headshots in August after seeing some people get them fast. Did not get those either. Gravii updated in October, promised to finish my comms by the end of the month. November, asked for update - Gravii ignored my note. Posted PSA, Gravii agreed to refund me. Gravii found out about the PSA and seems more concerned about not being able to get money from people than she does about doing commissions.

This PSA is merely a warning to those who might want to interact with Graviilean as an artist. She does amazing work, but the way she conducts business is unprofessional and unorganized. She opens more orders than it seems she can handle and delivers very few of the orders, taking extra time to refund people who have been waiting months for art. I have nothing against her personally. Again, please DO NOT harass this person.  


All Incidents: 


Issue 1 (<- click for full folder of evidence)

When: November 12, 2016 - October 2017

What: 1x Full body traditional (digital file only) of an OC as part of a Cheap Traditional sketches journal. Gravi needed to fill up her sketchbook portfolio to send with her school application. She selected those she liked/wanted to draw, and I was the last (5th) slot. I waited and checked the journal, seeing the others info change from (progress) to (completed) so I didn't bother her. My name said (on progress) next to it so I assumed she was working on it and I don't contact the artist I'm waiting on unless I see something wrong/it's taking more than 3 months to get back to me with no other sign that they are working on anything.

January 20th, 2017 via note - Since it had been a while and she was posting more statuses/journals about new commissions and other things, I sent a note to ask about an update. I received a reply the same day with an apology saying she "had done it but forgotten to take a photo before mailing it off" and that she expected the portfolio back in May. She also offered a free sketch of another character as an apology. I sent a reply and followed with the form for the character I wanted the extra sketch of.

April 1, 2017 - Gravi posted a journal asking people to come forward if she owed art trades or other things because she wanted to cancel and refund anything she wasn't doing. I commented, as I hadn't heard from her for a while. She replied that she was expecting her sketchbook back that month, but possibly a bit later and would get back to me - and that the extra sketch would be done by the end of the month. 

October 31, 2017 via note - I requested another update. I admit this one took a while to ask for but I was dealing with Mama's cancer and Hurricane Harvey - I am in Texas and let's just say things were rough at the time. Gravi said she never got the portfolio back and asked me to accept a refund. I inquired about the extra sketch, which she said she had never done and pressed me to accept the refund. I agreed, and we left it there. 

As an end note/aside here, I will note that my name was NEVER updated past "On Progress" in the journal. 

 Issue 2 (<- click for full evidence folder)

When: March 22, 2018 - June 14, 2018

What: 1x Full body digital commission as part of a normal Commissions journal. After ordering, I received no contact until I received a notice of a refund. 

March 22, 2018 - Ordered 1 full body commission. Graviilean asked for an unwatermarked reference - which I sent by note. 

June 14, 2018 - I saw an email that I received a refund from the artist on Paypal. I checked DA to find a reply saying she was refunding due to health problems. The same message was copy-pasted to each person except one, so I believed she had something serious going on. 

Shortly after this, about 2-3 weeks, she began posting new commissions statuses/journals. This has potentially devolved into a cycle of asking people to commission her, finishing the first few, then opening more commissions to refund the ones she doesn't want to do or cannot do. (see bottom of this PSA for a link to all journals + as many status posts as I was able to get)

Issue 3 and 4 (tied together) (<- click for full folder of evidence)

When: July 1st - November (current)

What: 1x Fullbody digital commission and 2 clean headshot commissions. Too much to cleanly summarize.

July 2nd, 2018 -  I will start by saying I was rude and somewhat aggressive with her at this point, which I do regret and deeply apologize for. I sent her a note regarding her open July commissions asking if I would get the art or a refund, and she assured me she was doing better so I decided to order. I told her I wanted her to be up front with me and didn't want to waste both our time by playing the pay-and-refund game again. Again, I admit I was terribly rude. I'm not proud of it but I was growing tired of getting hyped about art for my faerin (I am incredibly picky about art for the species as I love them very much) and every commission I have tried to get has been lost/refunded/not done. 

July 5th, 2018 - I ordered 1x Full body digital piece. Under my comment, she accepted and told me due to the character complexity it would take her about 3 weeks. I was happy she was being upfront with me so I said it was fine and waited. 

July 26th - She commented a reply with a rough sketch (rougher than sketches I had seen presented to other customers thus far) and I figured that, having started the commission, it would take her 3 weeks or so (I go from starting point on my commission, I know she had other orders so I did not really count the 3 weeks before I got the sketch). Of course I approved the sketch happily, it's an adorable pose.

During July, (July 9) she opened August commissions, followed by more emergency commissions and begging people for help to save up 500 dollars to move out. Not long after that she posted more journals and statuses asking to raise another 500 due to chargebacks and a double charge from her airline. The chargebacks were from commissions Graviilean claimed to have finished months prior, and from her airline charging her for two tickets.

September 3, 2018 - She posted Emergency Customs as a deviation, 150 USD for a fully shaded fullbody and chibi of any of her species, MYO of another species, or a regular character. She promised these would be delivered in November and stated she needed 300 USD. 

September 4, 2018 - Graviilean offered Inktober commissions (traditional) and stated she was already doing 3 other Inktober things but could handle a 4th. There was no mention of owed commissions or refunds, just that she wanted to earn some funds.

September 13, 2018 - She managed to get what she needed to move and posted a status for sketchy headshot commissions to help her out a bit more. I gave in because it seemed people were getting these quickly, and I ordered 2.  I cannot access the status post where she was offering them, but I do have the payment confirmation. I actually bumped my order up to clean headshots because those were also still open on another journal. I would be forgiving if she only did the sketchy ones, because my comment was on the status for sketchy commissions. 

October 7th - she posted a journal "update" asking people to be kind to her, saying she had received lots of chargebacks and 'nasty' notes from people asking for updates/refunds. She followed up by saying her tablet broke and she was depending on an old, barely working one. She followed up by deciding to open even more emergency commissions because she needed to raise 2,000 USD to buy herself a cintiq to do her commissions.

I commented immediately after reading, offering some advice and pointing out what was wrong with what she was asking of people. I believe I may have gotten out of hand in the comment and gotten a little rude again. I will sincerely apologize for this mistake as well. Graviilean quickly put up a status saying she asked people to be nice to her, not rub her face in what she already knew and make her feel bad. I replied to that status because I was absolutely livid. She replied that the status wasn't about me, to which I replied it was pretty obvious it was, since I was the only comment on the journal saying anything other than "Oh of course I'll wait, take your time!". The only reason I do not have the full comment conversation is that I thought she would delete the status right after my comment, so when she replied I did not think to grab more screenshots. 

Graviilean sent me a note, saying it was people in notes being ugly, not me. I let it slide and gave her a deadline - I wanted lines and base color by the end of December. She told me my commission would be done within the month. She offered extra art to make up for the wait, as well. I declined, because at this point I only want to get the art I paid for and not have further contact.. I offered her my spare tablet, since it's practically brand new (I used it for maybe 2 weeks) but she declined and said she should be able to finish my orders on her broken one. 

October 9th - she has posted a status saying she had to move back to her original home and lost her friends and everything, asking for more time to adjust and get back on her feet. I do believe she had a falling out with her friends and had to move back. But she has continued to open commissions of various types without commenting on how she plans to catch up on her owed work. This includes YCH, both digital and traditional types, and NSFW sketches - which she offers a range from sketch to fully lined and colored. More on that matter in the End Notes section of this PSA.

November 1st - I sent Graviilean a note asking for an update. 

November 4th - Graviilean has read the note, but has not replied. 


End notes:

Graviilean has opened NSFW sketches, NSFW commissions and 4 traditional Halloween YCH, stating she cannot work on old commissions because she no longer has the old program (Sai) or the brush settings. She says the NSFW commissions are easier for her, and at the bottom of the NSFW status post she says that opening these NSFW commissions will help her finish her owed ones. (I'm not certain I understand that correctly) 

Her journal and her status post contradict one another. She says she cannot use the clinging-to-life tablet for much more than sketches and a little lineart in the "Some Updates" journal. In the status for NSFW commissions, she is offering full color detailed commissions along with sketches and lineart, advertised as her usual style (but 'naughty'). 

In the past, Graviilean has proved that when she puts her mind to it she is incredibly quick at delivering art. Some commissions I found finished in her journals with 1 to 4 day average turn-around. She has admitted that she doesn't have the motivation to do owed art, and that she has been laying around smoking pot (tiny update: it is not legal where she lives) without thinking of her owed work. Then she opens more commissions to get the money to refund the stuff she doesn't want to do. It states clearly at the top of most of her journals since June, that money from commissions go to her personal savings and refunding old commissions. 

Something very concerning is in the journal from October 7th, she states that her commissions will no longer have a deadline unless it's for a special occasion. I cannot fathom an artist that does not provide a rough timeline for when they expect to be done with the work they are being paid to do. Graviilean has not been very forthcoming with explanations, and when pressed for updates she posts statuses that she can't handle the pressure/has anxiety about being asked, and will not reply. 

There are a lot of other issues that, if you have been following the artist for a while, you might have noticed. I do not have proof of those issues so they cannot be submitted here. If you happen to have anything to add to the evidence please message me.

I have been speaking to a few other commissioners, and so far no one has heard back from Graviilean since early October. 

In September, I noticed her using a different PayPal email - UPDATE I have been informed that this was another person's email for collab commissions, so I have removed this part.

If you commissioned Graviilean during September 2018 and paid to a GMAIL paypal, PLEASE inform me! That is NOT Graviilean's email, and we must be sure not to impact an innocent bystander during this. 

All evidence folders: 

All journal screenshots 

Status updates - UPDATED

Art Turnaround

My commissions/issues

November 10 Art Update

November 10 Spending Update

Please let me know if there is anything further I need to provide or reword. This is my first PSA, so please forgive me if things seems a little jumbled or out of place. Thank you.


November 2018 - On the 1st I sent Graviilean a note asking for an update. As of the 4th it was read without reply. I sent another note on the 5th asking for a refund. Graviilean replied and I pushed for a specific refund date. Nov 6, graviilean messaged me about the PSA. 

UPDATE November 10, 2018 - This is a pretty massive update but thank you to all the people who helped me find this information and provided translations on things as we went. I have not included everything given to me, so if you don't see something you gave me and really want it included, let me know. This extremely long update. I'm so sorry. 

Evidence folders:

Spending update
Art Update

I will continue posting new evidence in the appropriate folders! If there's a new update that mentions status updates or posts, check the Status updates folder, if it mentions spending it will be in spending update, etc.

A brief recap of Graviilean's status posts: in June, July and August she was asking for help to raise 300, 400, 500, 500, and other amounts of money in various posts, including Emergency Commissions, customs and regular comms. 

About the actual ART update. A few people brought my attention to Graviilean's alt account Graviinator on DA. This seems to be her RP account. During the times she was asking for people to commission her, she was also posting a fair amount of art there. Going through previous commissions in the July journal, it seems that she stopped providing completed work around July 3rd. The last sketch provided publically was July 26. Graviinator posted a fullbody personal drawing on July 30th, and then in August she posted 2 full body characters and 3 'fake screenshots'. While not INCREDIBLY active, it's still far more than we have seen in Commissions between July and August. 

In September, Graviinator posted several sketches, two full body drawings, two outfit designs with different layouts (I believe they are collabs so it's possible not much time was put into them??), and opened commissions for the fake screenshots. On her Facebook, Graviilean posted several fake screenshots (one was done in May 2017 so I cannot tell if the others were done around the same time, but 3 of them are from August of 2018) and some new adopt sketches. 

October 1-6 she posted 6 Inktober drawings and 1 full body. On her facebook, she posted 3 Inktober projects with 3 photos each. From the DA account, we can see that Poketober lasted until the 6th but I can't tell if Witchtober or the 3rd project went farther than 3 days. 

Now on to a spending update. Moving back to the months she was desperately taking commissions, I've found that she has spent a fair amount on her Lolita fashion and going out to events, conventions, and other luxury items. Normally I would not judge someone for their spending habits, however this was during many of the times she was posting that she needed to take more commissions to refund old commissions, and desperately trying to earn money to move, etc. Essentially, while making her customers wait on refunds, she was purchasing extravagant items for herself. 

In June, she posted that she needed $400 to refund and pay for some stuff - but there's a reason I bring it up again. On September 4, she posted a photo of a new Lolita dress, along with the photos from the website. After a bit of research, I found the dress is custom tailored to the buyers measurements and starts out at a base price of $260 - price goes up depending on measurements. And that's not including the matching accessories. But, as it's custom made, it has a process time of 3-4 months before being shipped (shipping can take anywhere from 2 days express mail to 2-3 weeks air mail). This means that the dress was very likely ordered in June, although not concrete and it's possible it was from earlier (or later). 

July 10 she asked to raise $150, July 30th another $300. Again I bring this up for a reason - on August 8th, Gravii posted photos of 5 new Lolita outfits (complete with accoutrements and shoes!). These seem to be fairly average dresses, not custom tailored to measurements - I say that because each dress looks a little different on her so they appear more "store bought" than the tailored one. Even assuming that each dress was only $100 and each pair of shoes was $30 (not including the gloves, kerchiefs, and other accessories which must be purchased separately) that's over $600 in apparel. I went with $100 because that's the cheapest price I could find Lolita fashion dresses - but keep in mind the ones for $100 are typically the Halloween costume looking ones and are not high quality, and the dresses in her photos appear to be higher quality, so realistically their prices start at 150-200. And Lolita fashion shoes range in price from 30 to 100+ as well. 

Even if we roll back the time frame for ordering this shipment to the end of June, she was asking for $400 then, as well. Please remember she was STILL claiming to have no money to refund her owed orders, and opening commissions to cover the cost of refunding old orders. 

August 8 she received a loot crate for stationary and cutesy things - a small monthly fee, but when you have no money to even refund pending commissions, why would you subscribe to a new monthly bill? 

August 29 she shared a snap of her online shopping cart total - $364, captioned "Why am I like this". There's no indication if she actually bought it or not, though. Some friends commented telling her not to, and she replied something along the lines of maybe she shouldn't. 

September 10 she posted a snap of an upcoming event reminder for a Lolita fashion tea party. I looked at the tea party and found the event took place on September 15th and entry was 70 dollars (approximate USD value, the Spanish version said S/110 which is local currency). As a quick recap of her status posts, in June and July she was asking for help to raise $400 and $300, and on August 22 - 23 she was asking for help to raise $500 urgently so she could move out. She said she needed $20 on August 28 to reach her goal. Somehow on September 3 she needed $300 more to reach her goal.

Back to the Tea Party, the entry info says that not only is it a lovely place to show off your lolita fashion and meet some (famous??) lolita fashion folk, it's also a place to buy exclusive lolita fashion and merchandise. There's no indication that she bought anything there, at least not from the photos I can access. But typically people going to an event marketed as a place to buy things they can't get elsewhere, they take money to splurge. Anime conventions, sports expos, etc.

On October 7 (The same day as her Some Updates journal about how she needed time to refund due to having no money, and needed to earn 2k for a tablet...) she posted a photo of another new Lolita dress with the caption "What a sweet welcome home, should I wear it to vote?"

October 12 she received her Tokyo Treat loot crate - again another monthly cost that took priority over refunding a commission.  

My overall conclusion at the end of this is.... it's not that she has no money to refund, she's making the decision NOT to refund so she can continue purchasing her Lolita fashion and loot boxes, and going out to various locales.

December 19 and 20 

As stated at the top of the journal, Graviilean posted a status update on 12-19. I also was informed that she was messaging people the same thing via notes

I hadn't posted this before, but Graviilean's friend (my primary/only contact with Graviilean from early/mid November to early December) told me she is planning to change her DA and focus on using FA after all this is settled. 

With the threat of suicide (see update and note above), I'm not certain if I believe that she isn't just trying to quit DA now and move to a new account to start over. This would have the net effect of blanking out her owed work and get people to stop expecting a reply. That might be low of me to even consider, I don't know at this point. All I know is every time I ask or push for an update, I get empty promises of "Soon" "By the end of the month" and "Next week". And all the notes I have from people asking for refunds, they have shown me that Graviilean stops mentioning deadlines and simply says she doesn't have money to refund, and tells them to wait. No rough estimates, no deadlines, just asks them to wait. 

I truly hope Graviilean doesn't do anything dangerous, and I hope that if she is serious that she gets real help. 


I feel like you've been really lenient and way to kind to this artist despite their repeated turn around refunds. I think at this point you should demand a refund, give them a deadline to send the refund, and just stop trying to commission them altogether. I think four times is too many, and any more you'd just be asking for a repeat of this to happen. Not saying you'd be asking for it a fifth time, but that's unfortunately the only way I can phrase it.

That being said, you are very kind and understanding, but sometimes that can be a fault. You've been let down four times by this artist, I think it is time to move on from them.


Ariicchi Please believe me when I say I have no intention of ordering again. I only want this final situation resolved and to move on. I know how foolish it was to order a 3rd and 4th time, but I had hoped it was truly a matter of bad luck/timing with my first orders. 

Toki Please let me know if she replies and if/when you receive a refund. 


it's my first time commenting on a PSA, so pls let me know if this isn't relevant or helpful- ;;

but in march of this year i got a free traditional request from them (fullbody sketch) and this was during the period when they were still asking for a lot of commissions. I managed to track down the status update where they were offering free reqs : as u can see here, and i got the sketch within the same day. comment here

I just wanted to say that it seems they CAN honestly get stuff done if they were to put the dedication and responsibility into their tasks, but they don't. This wasn't even paid and I got it the on same day when commissioners wait for months-year. When looking at status updates close to that date (month or 2 before and after) they were still asking for a lot of help for various things... I know it's just a sketch, but the fact i could recieve a sketch fullbody and so promptly even with "problems" in life, it shows that their ability to draw isn't really hindered as much as they make it out to be, and that their priorities are a bit ... questionable.


Ahhh i used to know this person on an old account of mine as we were mutuals-- they helped me out at one point by raising money for me but for some reason i had to poke them to receive the money from my memory.. ?? i can't say 100% how it went down as it was just so long ago now in a point of my life i don't like to remember.

They're a nice person but sadly they've always been rather bad at handling owed work, and this was years ago mind you-- like 2-3 or so since i've had my dealings with them. So this has been an ongoing issue for a very long time.


I was following Gravi for a while on DA and I did find it suspicious that I constantly saw them posting that they were unable to complete commissions and had to offer refunds, only to very shortly after be taking commissions. It's been some months since I stopped following, so it does appear that this has been an issue for quite some time.


Hi ;; im miyalin from da, ayuyah and me we are no longer friends of gravii, we talk with her  many times for her finishing commissions but she opened again and again y____y.

Ayuyah asked if she could erase the commissions we had with collab, so she did it. 


Please read this!


Ayuyah Miyalin

Hi! I'm sorry, I believe I blacked out everything relating to names of other parties who were not involved but if i have missed something please feel free to inform me. 

The collab commission journal is there as proof of how many times she opened commissions in a brief period of time without finishing previous orders. 

This PSA is strictly about Graviilean and I hope it has not caused you any trouble, but if it has I deeply apologize and will do what I can to amend the situation. 


I was a friend of her (for about a year or so?), and I wasn't aware about her issues with commissions and all that stuff until 3-4 months ago. It wasn't my trouble tbh, and I wasn't involved on that. But when I read her "I'll open commissions to refund other commissions" journal, I was like "whaaaaat". It didn't make any sense to me, and to be honest, I laughed. A lot. Like, trying to take it as a bad joke.

I wouldn't recommend to commission her... not if you don't want to have a really bad time trying to guess if she'll do or not your comm. And i'm saying this with a reason.

I can understand when someone is slow doing their commissions, because I am like that. But i give updates when people ask me for them; and have a public to-do list with the commission status. But I cannot understand why she keeps doing this... opening commissions she'll probably not do at the end. And wasting the money of those comms in things that aren't really necessary.

Even when she says "this comms are for my food and refunding comms", her Facebook Profile is full of photos of her buying/wearing lolita costumes, tokyo treat stuff and expensive meals. Cuz that's all what she does: lies around buying lolita costumes, tokyo treat stuff and expensive meals.

Even when she knows she has work to do, buys dresses like a maniac and does nothing but complain about her "situation". And if doesn't do that, then shares memes like there's nothing else to do.

I'm not saying this to attack her or something like that. I just want to aware people about her doing.

I hope everyone who's in this mess get their money back or commission finished.


I would like to note here: I tried to buy a pre-made adoptable from Graviilean when they said they were having issues with refunding customers. I posted the commented and waited like.. 2 days, I think? I even commented it directly on their refund journal on October 8th asking to buy the adopt (which was still listed as open) to help them with refunding, because I genuinely love and enjoy their art. 

The adoptable was only 35$ USD but I was willing to pay that to help them, and I think it would have at LEAST covered a single refund request on sketch commissions they've had in the past.

But they never responded, despite being online and despite replying to people on the same journal whom of which commented after me. I found it extremely fishy, so I hid my comment(s) on both posts and retracted my offer to buy the adoptable because.. something just didn't seem right. They made no effort to contact me despite both attempts to pay full price for an adoptable they had listed (premade and unsold, and I would of paid immediately) - and I just felt like they didn't want to actually rectify the situation.. 

And I know it's not because of my account. My account has existed on DeviantART for 13 years. I actively post art, statuses, etc.. And I have purchased from many refutable adopt sellers which could easily be seen from my account. 

I think they're stalling? Or not taking it seriously and hoping that people will just forget about it.. I actually debated on making a PSA about them after they willingly ignored my attempts to purchase a pre-made adoptable - not a PSA about not selling to me, obviously!! But about the situation itself regarding their commissioners, because it just seems EXTREMELY shady that they wouldn't take the chance to gain more income to refund people.. And the fact that they keep taking in more commissions to refund other commissions. It was so weird. I'm glad you made this PSA, so thank you.

And honestly? It's odd because if they were really struggling with affording to eat - you'd think they'd respond to someone offering to pay them money for something that was already pre-made, right? Like.. idk.. It's extremely shady but I'm glad I retracted my offer.


Thank you all for the additional information you've provided so far. It's clear to me that this PSA was needed a long time ago. 

Graviilean seems to have posted an excuse on why she still can't work on any orders, but until she begins making progress on her owed work I will leave this up. 

Would anyone be interested if I made a private master list of owed commissions (no names associated, just Person 1: 1x fb, Person 2: 2x chibi and so on)? I'm beginning to get curious about how many things she actually owes. I had estimated a fair number already, but from the notes I've received it seems it might be even more.

@Underoos Ahhh I remember that!! I actually thought you two ended up talking in notes and that your hidden comments were because you didn't/couldn't pay. I'm surprised that she ignored you entirely, and I'm sorry it happened. 


They seem very suspicious to me.. And from reading this, it appears you NEVER got any piece of art from this artist, save for a sketch that was barely complete..?  I wonder why in the world you kept ordering from them honestly.  First of all because why put yourself through that frustration and drama over and over again.. And my second issue with it is because it was so obvious this person struggled to finish  other's commissions, ordering more commissions from them just loads on more work for them causing them more stress and taking time away from every owed commision and disorganised refunds.. This is a sad situation indeed.

I don't know how old you are, probably quite young.. You are way too trusting, I don't mean that to be harsh but people in this world wear a lot of masks and unfortunatly, good people are the minority and not the majority.  I hope you learn to be a little more cautious about people/businesses in the future.

As for them, I suspect they know exactly what they are doing...  As soon as you mentioned how they had to move out of their new place and you felt they had a falling out with their friends, red flags went off for me (again).. I think they go through life supporting themselves and their weed habit (I think it's more drugs than just weed, as well) by taking advantage of others and dare I say they sound a little scammy to me.

I wish you and others the best of luck, and I wish people didn't take advantage of trusting people like you, even though they may not even purposely be doing it - they should be aware of what their actions can do...  It says a lot for the type of person you are; someone we can trust. To me this Gravi person sounds like someone I could not get along with offline either  - because my spider senses just tingle when people do the kind of things and make the kind of excuses that she has been doing. :(

Good luck!  🍻