Artist Recomendations - A Convenient List

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Artist Recommendations

Hello welcome to my thread. I am sure there are some similar threads out there but I'd like to help great artists find work. I will personally add artists I've commissioned to this convenient list as well as allow others to post and recommend artists they have worked with as well. I will provide a form so that it makes it easier to add your favorite artist. If you are an artist who would like to be added to this list, please see the rules for applying down below. If you are an artist who would like to change your status on this list, update your commissions link, or be removed simply comment or message me. Quick note on the turn around time category before you continue, it is based off of the experience of those who commissioned them. Artists are people too. Things do happen and it could be a completely different experience. Other than that, everyone is welcome to stay and chat in this thread. Feel free to talk to each other about your experiences. I may create a 'bad' list later, but I personally haven't had many negative experiences with artists here on TH yet.

Their TH Username
Commissions Page
Link To Their Shop
Artist Comforts
Humans, Feral, Anthro, NSFW?
What They Offer
Headshots, Fullbodies, Ect...
Turn Around Time
How Long Does It Take Them?
Experience With The Artist
(Personal Recommendation)
PM Please

Adopts, Customs, ???Less Than A WeekVery easy to work with. Replies regularly. Offers to make changes if necessary.
(Personal Recommendation)
(???)Icons, Chibis, Busts, Waists, Thighs, Fullbodies. (Multiple Styles To Choose From)Less Than A Week
Work is beautiful. Provides a WIP sketch before finishing the piece. Very fast for the quality of work provided.
(Personal Recommendation)
Tumblr Commission Page
(Can PM on TH)
(???)Fullbodies, Chibis, AnimationsLess Than A Week
Provided a animated WIP sketch before price negotiations. Prices do vary depending on complexity but the work is quality.
(Recommended By Mels)
Furry Affinity Journal 
Humanoids, Anthro, Quads, Some NSFWSketches, Line Art, Halfbodies & FullbodiesLess Than A Week
The final product is always beautiful. Sometimes underrated and deserves more attention.
(Recommended By SquidsInTheAttic)
Shu's Commissions
Humanoids, AnthroChibis, Busts, Halves, Fullbodies, Kofi Doodles2 WeeksProvides WIPs before the work is completed. Fairly fast, very easy to work with. Will rework a design until the customer is satisfied.
(Recommended By TheSilverDome)
ToyHouse Commissions
Humanoids, Anthro (Maybe), Feral (Maybe), NSFWSketches, Line Art, Some Animations, CustomsLess Than A Week
Prices are negotiable, depends on the commission. Looking for more regular clients.
(Recommended By wanderways)
Deviant Art Commissions
(???)Pixels, Chibis, Busts, Waists, FullbodiesLess Than A Week
Consistent. Beautiful compositions. Great style and coloring techniques.
(Recommended By Narrae)
Personal Website
Pretty much anything, No NSFWBusts, Waists, Fullbodies2-3 WeeksThe results speak for themselves. 
(Recommended By PaperTsubaki)
ToyHouse Commissions
Humanoids, No NSFWChibis, Sketches, Icons, Regular Commissions
Less Than A MonthHer style is gorgeous. She's reliable, high quality and reasonable. Her turnaround time is solid and her style is consistent and stunning.
Hollowheart7211 / @msa7211
(Recommended By SquidsInTheAttic)
Deviant Art Commissions
(???)Busts, Halfbodies, Fullbodies, ChibisLess Than A WeekThe artist was very friendly and accommodating.  They were approachable and worked hard on my commissions.
(Recommended By MintSparkle)
Deviant Art Page
Humans, Anthros, NSFW, Weapons, Fine Details, (Some) FeralsBusts, Halfbodies, Fullbodies, Chibis, Maybe Designs1-2 Months MaxProvides WIPs. They're super understanding and very friendly!

Getting An Artist Added

  1. Be honest when recommending an artist. You can add an artist who did just an 'ok' job if you want, but make sure your comments reflect that opinion. Be sure to be accurate when recalling how long it took to receive your commission.
  2. Artists can ask to be added to my list but must provide genuine customer feedback. I'd prefer if you could get your customer to fill out the form for you but you may fill it out yourself and provide details. I don't blame artists for wanting to get their name out there. Go ahead and ask your customers to visit this thread. It's not shameful.
  3. This is a positive thread but if you have any negative feedback please provide it as well. All criticism is accepted as long as it isn't blatant hate speech.
  4. You may recommend as many artists as you'd like. I will however say under the Artist's username who recommended them.
  5. Try to provide as much information as you can. It's really helpful. 
  6. If for whatever reason you have had a bad experience with one of the featured artists on my list, please contact me with proof. I take things very seriously and I don't want someone who is a jerk person on my good list. I'm not going to remove anyone without proof though. Screenshots would be great.
Artist: (Who You're Recommending)
Why?: (Yeah, Why?)
Artist Comforts: (Please Provide If You Know It)
Commissions Page: (Link To Where They're Selling Their Art)
What Do They Offer?: (Please Provide If You Know It)
What Did You Buy?: (Show Off Your Purchase)
How Long Did It Take?: (From The Time You Commissioned It To Receiving It)
Any Comments: (That You'd Like People To Know About The Artist)


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Fell asleep last night but it's up on the list now.


Artist: Hollowheart7211 / msa7211
Why?: Their work is lovely and I adore their style.  It's both soft and toony.
Artist Comforts: n/a
Commissions Page: DA Journal
What Do They Offer?: Busts, Half Bodies Full Bodies, Chibis
What Did You Buy?: Flat Bust and a Full Colour Chibi
How Long Did It Take?: 3 days, this is mostly due to me being sick and only being able to contact them minimally on my end.
Any Comments: The artist was very friendly and accommodating.  They were approachable and worked hard on my commissions and their turn around time was next to nothing.  I'm definitely buying from them again.  Their prices are very modest and well within at least my budget.






Artist: Fuumika ( + fuumika)

Why?: Their art is really cute GJSDLSD - The style is unique and really cute, its relatively affordable, they're flexible and open to ideas and they're lovely people to work with and totally willing to make adjustments as needed GJSDKFSDL

Artist Comforts: Humans, Anthros, All genders, weapons, ecchi & NSFW (extra charge will occur), small creatures like pokemons and digimons and the like - THEY ARE ALSO REALLY GOOD AT DRAWING DETAILED OCS LIKE !!! (an small fee will encur but) - i find their style suits younger looking ocs better due to their youthful style

Commissions Page: + 

What Do They Offer?: Chibis, fullbodies, bust up, halfbody - ask if you're interested in other sorts of commissions such as outfit & design commissions!! 

What Did You Buy?: (colored sketch design commission) ; (detailed oc - couple chibi commission) ; (detailed oc - chibi commission) (chibi commission) ; (one colored sketch chibi commission - one colored sketch redesigned oc)

How Long Did It Take?: 1 - 2 months tops!! u can also poke them once in a while for progress

Any Comments: They will show you a couple pose wips and let you decide!! (this is an example from one of my not yet completed commission ) They'll also show you design wips (if your getting a design comm from them) +

They're super understanding and very friendly !! 





Artist: CosmicJellie

Why?: SUPER fast turnaround time, super cute art, really pleasant to talk back and forth with, prices v good

Artist Comforts: Will: Ferals, Aliens, Humanoids, Closed species, Slight gore Wont

Heavy gore, Fetish art, Anthros, Couple art (Unless feral), Characters that look shapeless (Like Pikmin for example), Neon characters, Heavily demonic/angelic characters, Religious figures, Real people(depends)

Commissions Page: Toyhouse Commissions

What Do They Offer?: Headshots/ busts, Halfbodies, full bodies, chibis, chibi wallpapers, customs, painted pieces 

What Did You Buy?: A bust and chibi (going back for more)

How Long Did It Take?: One day

Any Comments: There was a misunderstanding over the reference I'd provided ((was clothing from a game)) and when I asked for corrections they were so sweet about it.  Very good customer service~