Psa/Beware: Shellpuppy (Resolved) Update

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Update 2:

Due to multiple people asking for it to stay up and more bad business practices I'll be leaving this thread active and marking it resolved/unresolved for the issues people are bringing forward.


The user has paid the difference, but seems to be unable to understand that this psa only exists because of how they chose to handle things. I had no reason to believe they would fulfil the deadline considering they blocked me from all contact.

As usual please do not witch hunt, harass, taunt, or stalk this user. This is merely a warning for people who may buy from them.

Shellpuppy (Formally JethroKassis)


Case 1: Resolved -

What (TLDR): Charging $60 for a $25 character

When: November 30th,2017 (Initial sale)

What (Long): 

First I'd like to take the blame for my portion of this, I should have price checked the adopt before purchase. If I had this would not have happened to begin with. Unfortunately I took the price as it was presented to me since it was from an artist I've seen around a lot and had not seen any kind of warnings about them at the time. I also ran every response and message I sent them through 4 other users before sending each one. Each person agreed they were ok to send.

Back in November 2017 I stumbled across a sales thread for character sales. I had this design in my favorites for awhile and talked about how much I loved it a few times, as it was my favorite MadCarnival design. When I saw they were selling it, I jumped at the chance to buy it immediately. I messaged them via PM with interest of purchase, they confirmed he was for sale still, I supplied my email so they could send the invoice and then paid immediately and the character was transferred without a problem. The design came as it was shown, with no art included.

Fast forward to December 2nd 2018.

After casually browsing MadCarnivals designs to confirm the price of an adopt someone wanted to trade to me, I came across the design I owned, and was looking to resell to cut down on designs, in the same batch. It was however labeled for $25, not 60. I immediately messaged Shellpuppy on asking why they had charged me so much and if they could please refund me the difference of the overcharge. They messaged me back a day later, they explained that they had never checked the price of the design and had used the price from another MadCarnival they owned to price it. They then explained they could not give me the $35 refund for the design, as they didn't have the money and had no idea when they would be getting any offering art instead.

I explained I was not comfortable taking the art, since people I know are still waiting on art from them currently. One who was waiting from as early as August and had just received a WIP in November. I also had once been following them on and had seen the amount of bulletins they had been posting about being unable to do art for one reason or another due to in real life issues. The most bulletin saying their computer was breaking. Since the time span of the receiving art seemed unstable as well, I insisted on the refund. 

The fact that they told me they could not give me a timeframe to refund me unsettled me. As I had remembered they had uploaded a design to recently. I was able to go into their favorites on DA, where they have a collection of their purchases. They had paid for a $25 design 2 days earlier. I brought this up to them, stating it was not my business what they bought until they started telling me they had no money to pay me back after wrongfully charging me. Since they wouldn't give me one, I set the deadline for December 14th, 2 weeks from the day I contacted them about it so they would get a paycheck within that time.

They jump on the fact that I was "distrusting them" and accusing of not finishing the art. When I at no point said that, just that people I know have been waiting a long time and I was not comfortable waiting an un-estimated amount of time.

They then write this exactly. "I'm already being nice and honestly since this happened a Year ago I shouldn't even Have to do anything because it's been so long." This was incredibly unsettling to hear from someone who overcharged you. And continue by saying they will not be going by any kind of deadline, I will receive it when I receive it they are trying to work with me and I am just attacking them.

I explained my reasoning for denying the art offer. And then explained there is no time frame for scamming someone quoting them exactly. And that I don't consider their attitude to be cooperative or friendly like they keep claiming.

They ignore that and go onto how they are flat broke and admitted they were wrong. How I will only receive my refund when someone buys their characters or commissions them. How their life is stressful and I'm giving them an anxiety attack.

I message them back that due to them saying they shouldn't have to refund me at all, I feel they consider the refund a courtesy rather than a necessity. I insist on the deadline since they continue to tell me they won't give me any kind of timeframe. That if it is not in my account by December 14th 11:59 PM, I will be forced to let others know as well. They could send it in smaller payments if that was helpful, but to send it as a refund from the original invoice.

They jump to saying I'm putting words in their mouth, go on to list all their personal problems. How their parents bought them the adopt 2 days ago and now it's not possible to do that anymore. How I have no right to demand a refund after so long, how I'm not giving them a chance and judging them unfairly. And how I have no right to judge them based off the experiences of people I know since they say they have a large happy customer base. And they won't look through their paypal to find the invoice and I need to send my email.

I then reply listing the exact words on how they should not have to owe me anything and explain to them why to refund me through the invoice since it will prevent either of us from paying fees. Since it's not right I should have to get fees taken out for a refund and I'm sure they don't want to waste more money on fees themselves. The last of my message basically says most people judge their opinions on things based off experiences of people they know.

Their last message to me was how they will not abide by any deadline since it's not fair for me to show up asking to be reimbursed for being charged 2.4 times a designs price and how I don't know their financial situation based off online purchases.

I made sure to let them know I will be keeping the deadline, and if it is not done I will be making the situation public. I had no reason to believe they would give me my refund as soon as they could due to their comment. After reading my message that the due date would stay they proceeded to block me on both here and DA. 

Case 2: Resolved

What (TLDR): Accepted and got money for sketch a commission in 2017, still not done.


When: July 28th 2017

What (Long):  Nitrocris commissioned them back in 2017 via a journal on Furaffinity that is no longer available. They however have a card on their trello that says February 2017, almost 2 years ago. She contacted them again in July of 2017, where she said one of the character for the couples picture was being trading and she would like to change it is Shell wasn't too far. Shell said it was fine they were still sketching the pose. Nitrocris asked to change the pairing to her Blakrye and their boyfriend to which Shell said ok to. 

She then heard nothing, not even a WIP from Shell until Nitrocris sent her a message in March, 2018. Almost a year later. She asked how things were going on the same commissioned inquiry DM, to which Shell said they were setttling into their new house and would have time to draw again soon. Nitrocris asked how much progress was made. 

She got a message from Shell in july 2018 about having computer problems but finally being able to do owed work. The ship Nitrocris provided had fallen through, so she provided a new one again.

In late september 2018 Shellpuppy messaged her again she was going to work on her commission but the other couple character again was not available to do. She offered to upgrade her from a sketch to a colored commission for waiting so long. Nitrocris provided a group of characters on for them to pick from, and said if they would prefer a single character she should provide one. Shellpuppy said they'd do a singular character, but would make it colored and shaded as a gift to them.  Nitrocris provided another link to characters she would want drawn, Shellpuppy picked out 2 they liked and asked if they wanted it to be a surprise who they did, to which Nitrocris replied they'd like a surprise. At this point the user feels they will never get their art, especially since they say Shellpuppy has been doing work for and going to conventions, yet she has not received even a WIP.

January, 2019

The issue was resolved via refund 2 years later after Nitrocris had decided it was long enough and approached them asking for a refund.


Since their reaction was to block me from communicating with them and before refunding me for the 2.4x overcharge this PSA is to warn others about their business tactics on reselling adopts without checking their price, as well as making up adopt prices. Along with their idea that overcharging has a some kind of stature of limitations, and should not have to refund me due to the time it's been and their personal issues and owing art to people for almost 2 years with no wip.




UPDATE: I have received a refund. Ultimately feel as if both of us are at fault to some degree, but even with that, I wouldn't recommend commissioning them simply because 2 years is crazy for anyone to wait, regardless of circumstances.



I'll mark your situation as resolved with refund when I get done with my work for the day.