PSA: _erori | mutecity UPDATE 3/8/19

Posted 4 months, 1 day ago (Edited 2 months, 11 days ago) by SleepingThunder

So I ordered a commission from _erori here on TH with details below. It's been about 6 months since the beginning and I have been very patient lol and only have ever sent two messages, of which one can be seen below the image.



The above message was responded to over a month after I sent the message out but they seemed apolagetic enough and added in an extra chibi to make up for wait time. I accepted! So that leads me to now and I've heard nothing from them and they haven't had any activity on their Twitter or TH in quite awhile. The last message I sent out was about a month ago I believe? (I message a lot and finding it in my outbox has been impossible lol)

So I believe it's too late to get a refund as 90 days has passed. Other than that completely stuck and I feel like I'm out of that money. 

I wanted to know if anyone else has ordered commissions from them, how long it took, are you still waiting, things like that! Just trying to get a broader scope of this person/situation. Does anyone know if they have any other social media? Are you friends with this person?

Update: mutecity (Primary Account) _erori (Secondary Account) Everything seems to be inactive.

Update 2/6/19 There is recent login activity but no reponse to any previous attempts of contact or new message.


I also sent them a new message in another attempt to reach them.


UPDATE 3/8/19 Another login to their main account mutecity and no contact/respond to my messages. 



SoraDeathEater Thanks for showing me that!


SleepingThunder It looks like someone was having a similar problem and filed a claim and won. That might lead me to believe that the artist might be unable to access the computer, or has since abandoned their account.

The refund period for paypal is now 180 days so hopefully you can also file a claim :)

Edit:// If you are wondering about personal experience, I ordered from this artist at the end of January (last year) and received my art a month later in February. I ordered 6 chibis on their base, so the turn-around time seemed reasonable to me. I would say this long period is quite unexpected just based on my personal experience.


Lotor It seems the 180 days has passed me by just by a few days but Paypal said that they'd try and contact them. Sheep That's why I didn't want to make this a full PSA but just try and gather some information! Thank you both for your comments.


I have ordered 5 chibis on this base from this artist in the past, I believe the turnaround was a little over a month? I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you, I hope things can be resolved :(


I've ordered 3 Chibis from them back in June 26 2018 and received them by July 16 2018

their deviantart is


shrio-nii ba-mot Their turnaround time seemed to have been alright. Just wondering where they are now. Thank you for your comments!


A little bump. I hope to reach others who are in a CURRENT commission wait list.


Activity is shown so they seem to be ignoring messages to the best of my knowledge. This is the second time I've happened to catch that they've been online. I really would love to know if anyone else is still waiting on commissions because there were so many trying to catch the chibi style sale since they were going to retire it and they were offering reduced prices. s i g h