Commission Trouble

Posted 6 months, 25 days ago (Edited 6 months, 24 days ago) by KawaiiKittenNyx

So I commissioned for a headshot of one of my characters back in December of 2018 for 700 Amino coins and $2.77 USD. I thought it was a good idea to pay in full and I have contacted her numerous times only to have my messages to be ignored. Not only that she has not finished other commissions either from other people and another user also mentioned that it had been a MONTH since the commission they got was not finished. She keeps putting up more and more adopts yet still has not finished her commissions. I would have paid her more, but I am glad I did not cause I was afraid that something like this was going to happen. I believe it is to late to file a chargeback on PayPal as it has been over a month. This was my second time paying someone USD for a commission. Unfortunately no matter how beautiful her works are and Sno-berry base edits are I am not purchasing from her again. I would have inserted images to show proof I paid and everything else if allowed it.

[Edit] She finally responded saying she cannot answer pms and prefers messages through Instagram. Though I highly feel uncomfortable messaging her through Instagram.


It isn't too late to file a chargeback with paypal, their time limit on chargebacks is 120 days or 180 days for an overseas transaction. I personally don't see a month as a long wait time for art (my wait times for commissions are typically one month-two months, and I've seen artists with similar wait times. Not every artist will finish your commission in a few days or a week's time.) --But I do think they should at least update you or respond to your messages. I would first ask them for a refund of your $2.77 before filing a chargeback, and if they continue to ignore you then go through with it.


A month is not that long to wait for a commission. I'm sorry that she wasn't responding to PMs, but this does not need to be an entire forum post, a personal bulletin would have worked fine, as there's no evidence of a scam occuring at all.


_exxus_ Their commissions wiki said it would take up to at least three weeks. She did however reply on a comment I responded to and said she only prefers messaging through Instagram. I am very new to and do not know how to make a bulletin. If you can assist me somehow on many things I do not know it would be very helpful in the future so I do not have to google something everytime.


Certainly!! To create a private bulletin, go to the top and press the submit button. An option labelled as bulletin will pop up, allowing you to write a post that will be visible only on your profile. If you need help with anything else feel free to message me privately!


_exxus_ Thank you for the help and I certainly will message you in the future if I need any help 💞.