PSA: HitoshiTotsu - selling stolen charachters

Posted 6 months, 18 days ago (Edited 6 months, 18 days ago) by bananabred

// Do not seek out this user with intentions to harass, just report and move on


Who; HitoshiTotsu

Where; (DA) (TH now deleted)

Why; This user has sold me and other users stolen characters.  

(I will be using the images provided in this journal purely for ease )


The "adopt" seen here posted by HitoshiTotsu. This character was sold to me. (I am currently trying to get a refund but it's not looking good as I paid through friends and family)

>>stolen content<<

and the original along with all the art and extra can be seen on twitter posted around a month before and is this an active character

Charachter + owner here 

Another character by the same twitter user was also sold on DA 

Stolen charachter

and again the actual owner of the character can be found here

Original character

Most of their adopts sold by this scammer can be seen >>HERE<<

At this point, I think it's safe to assume that this user is untrustworthy and any adopts they have sold are most likely unfortunately stolen. Please keep an eye out for any user trying to sell these adopts or any adopts or characters previously seen on their DeviantArt.


Hope it's alright if I link you here:

I found your thread while peeking around trying to find some source images.

I hope you were able to resolve the refund!