PSA: sukodomi/domisuko_1098

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Who: sukodomi (Amino)domisuko_1089 (FA) (NSFW ART WARNING) – domisuko_1089 (twitter)domisuko_0198 (instagram)

When: September 8th, 2018 – Present

Where: Adopts Amino/Twitter


On September 8th, 2018—I was searching for art or characters to buy from the Adopts Amino. I eventually stumbled upon sukodomi’s post, and decided I wanted to grab an 8 USD headshot slot from them. I PM’d them, and exchanged information to get the commission started, and then began to wait. The receipt from Paypal can be found here.

On September 14th, 2018 I received a sketch of the character I wanted done. It was looking well, so I approved it and waited for the next update.

               Eventually they fell silent for the rest of the month, and on October 10th, 2018 I messaged sukodomi to ask on their wellbeing and that I hoped that everything was going okay.

I received no reply, and just decided that they must be busy. I didn’t want to bug them anymore, so I decided not to message them again until November 13th, 2018. I asked how they were doing and asked on the status with the commission. Again, I received no response to this and was getting mildly worried at this point. I suspected that maybe they had uninstalled the app and wanted to give them more time.

               On December 10th, 2018 I had asked around toyhouse if anyone would be willing to contact them on twitter, since their bio on Amino linked their twitter account. They’d been active on there in late October and I figured if anything, this would be my best option to get in contact with them. My friend Beefy was kind enough to contact them for me. I would have done it myself, but I have some personal reasons for not having a Twitter account. Beefy gave them a shout that I was just looking for a refund at this point, since I just figured they might be stressed from the holiday season, or that something had come up. I didn’t want to pressure their workload anymore, and honestly this whole situation was stressing me out at this point, since I never had this happen to me.

                Beefy checked on replies for the rest of the month of December, and the entirety of January, but no replies were given by sukodomi, and I have still not received any replies on Amino. On the 31st of January I decided to message sukodomi through Paypal, notifying them that I would like a refund or that I would be filing a chargeback/dispute. I provided them all the screenshots that are attached to this PSA to prove it was me, and that we had been attempting to contact them. At this point, I was running VERY CLOSE to the buyer protection being voided. At the time of writing this, on February 5th, 2019 I have not received any messages on Amino, Paypal, and I have not been notified of him contacting Beefy on Twitter. I’ve yet to push forward with a complete chargeback since I would like to give them some more time.

               Please let me know if any more information is needed, or if anything is worded oddly! I'd also appreciate any advice since I do not know what to do at this point other than wait.


UPDATE 2/6/2019: I have escalated the claim with Paypal at this time. It is currently in the process of being reviewed.


I strongly advise pushing for a partial refund (since you received a sketch, right?). If they've not answered you in over 3 months despite attempts to reach them over multiple platforms then they will likely not respond before your buyer protection expires, let alone at all. Best of luck!



i received photo of the sketch, yes! though it was a picture of their computer screen, and they stated it needed some heavy edits. here's the exact photo i was sent from sukodomi. do you think i should just push for the partial refund? or would this still qualify for a full refund?

thank you so much for your feedback!


I would def put through for the full refund.  A picture of a screen is not a useable sketch in my eyes and isn't deserving of the money.  Unless you take this sketch and have it redone, in that case I would do a partial.


Start your claim for a full refund and IF they respond then offer that you’ll accept a partial refund only if you receive a proper file of the sketch. (Also this must be delivered before you accept the refund, I’m not 100% certain of the exact procedure of partial refunds through a claim, but I’d hate for them to say ‘okay’ and then continue giving you the runaround for the sketch if they don’t send it before giving you the partial refund :/// just something to be cautious/aware of since after the case is closed it can’t be reopened.)

If they don’t respond to your claim then just go through with a full refund, the photo they sent is unusable tbh.


Agree with the full refund; I thought you were sent the sketch file rather than phone pic of a screen. o)-<
I really doubt they are going to reply and they show 0 signs of being active on their sites. You can always send the money back if they somehow pull through after the refund is issued by Paypal.


SquidsInTheAttic Princesomniac

thank you both for your advice, it really does mean a lot! i'll start pushing for a full refund tomorrow morning. hopefully that'll get a reply or a file for the sketch. if not, i'm hoping the refund through paypal will go smoothly.


sorry for not adding the image of the sketch sooner! i'll do that now so there's no confusion.

again, thank you all for the advice and feedback!


Sorry for hoping on here late but here is the open chain on twitter which they never responded to for further proof! They do not allow dms by people they don't follow which is why I had to... publicly... call them out. He has not been active on twitter (atleast post wise) since oct 27th, in general it doesn't look like they have been active on any of their social media since sept/oct but imo that doesn't change much. Not to sound heartless but even if they got into a serious situation in which they couldn't provide what they were selling (and possibly couldn't access social media), Pegasys paid for a service that was never provided. If they were even communicative in the slightest i'm SURE pegasys would be more understanding but the fact is they were active on social media a full month after the commission was ordered with no information being provided and thus far has not given any one any reason to be lenient. 


update: i escalated to paypal today from multiple users advice, and my claim is in the process of being reviewed. i'll mark any more updates or news in the original thread. again, i can't state enough how thankful i am for all the advice and help i'm receiving during this process. thank you everyone!