Warning ~ space_ace ~ supposed serial claimer

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I was trying to figure out how to make a PSA on this user for a while, but i only just figured out how i would. With that being said, here's the deal.

This is not an excuse for you to witch hunt this user. Don't do that or i will eat your V-Bucks.

Now with that said, let's start.


space_ace (Toyhou.se), space_ace (Chicken Smoothie), thespaceace (Flight Rising), thespaceace63 (DeviantART)

Pixelated_Prophecies also imformed me that they have two more social medias: space.aces.art (Instagram) as well as space-aces-art (Tumblr)

What they did

Left a claim unfilled yet still does their own art



What happened

I posted on the create a Nintendo character for the person above you thread. You can find that here:


He claimed me on October 6th 2018 according to the unfilled claims spreadsheet.

A while later, he was still not finished with the claim, so i commented on his wall reminding him. I have a screenshot of this which i will edit in when i have access to it.

I later realized the post was gone, so i contacted the thread owner. They contacted him, with no luck.

I then came to the conclusion that he blocked me, since the user didn't have Premium so they couldn't search space's name.

A few months later, i posted my claim on the unfilled claims thread, it has yet to be filled.

I also found another thread where it seems that they have not finished a claim.

I also found a Chicken Smoothie thread of theirs, where i posted this:


This was about 20 minutes ago. Chicken Smoothie runs on a different time zone then normal, so the time is off.

I will edit this post if any updates occur.


This isn't really something for service reviews.  As you've seen there is a structure in place for unfulfilled claims and it's up to the game mod to post the person on their black list.  It sucks but it's happened to me several times, but isn't really worthy of a psa.  I would suggest making a private bulletin instead and contacting the game mods in the threads you've seen them in.



Thanks for the info, i'll add that.


I have contacted the thread owner I said that i have and never heard from them since. I'm only making a PSA about this because it seems that they've done this to more people and that it isn't just me.


I'm sure you're only joking with the bolded text but threatening to hack anyone's account is abusive language at best, and not helping the case for your PSA.

(It also appears that you misspelled the user's TH username in the "Who" line of your opening post)



1. Thanks for pointing out the spelling error, i will fix that.

2. It's an obvious meme. I don't think a lot of people on here even play Roblox


Unfilled art claims in forum games are not for the service reviews section.

This forum is only for services where either a character/art trade has happened SPECIFICALLY with that user, or a monetary exchange as taken place.

Bring this up with the thread operators and make a personal bulletin to warn others, but this is NOT something you should post here



I've said this before but i'll say this again, I beleive this user is a serial claimer. This did not just happen to me. I wouldn't have made a PSA on it otherwise, many other people have done this to me and yet this is my first PSA.

Serial Claiming has been addressed in this section before, so i don't understand why i'm not aloud to post about it.


1) This is all supposed. As of right now, you have no evidence that they are the serial claimer you assume them to be. You have one instance of them claiming and not filling that claim. That's it. That's not evidence (to the claim that they're a serial claimer. It's evidence they screwed you specifically over in one situation, but nothing outside of that).

2) Even when other people have made serial claiming threads with far more extensive evidence than you've shown, it's still highly controversial as, like I said, it's not anything to do with a service.

This is something that warrants a personal PSA on a bulletin NOT a thread in the service review section. I'm very sorry that they did this to you, and they shouldn't have done this to you, but it doesn't warrant a service review PSA.


Not trying to be rude, but I have to agree with the other people here, I think this is better off made into either a personal bulletin or posted in the Art Games Forum. Service Reviews isn't a place for PSA's regarding art claims. Also, how do you know that he's a serial claimer without providing further evidence about this? In addition, like Waltz said, while I'm assuming that you put an obvious meme to your PSA, threatning someone to hack their account is abusive behaviour, and it doesn't really help the case to your PSA.

Again, I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just agreeing with the others. I'm super sorry this happened to you, though...


Frankly, I wasn't going to reply. I just reported this thread, but in fear of it becoming a bandwagon, I want to say I recommend if you don't agree with a thread in the Service Reviews forum to report it and let the admin decide if it is an appropriate place for it or not...  

With that said... I apologize if this comes off as holier-than-thou and hypocritical, but I think it is important as a general rule...  I too have a problem with using passive language (seems like, appears, etc) when I shouldn't so I understand why you might, but... When you create PSA (or any callout) it is important to remember that your credibility is on the line. If you can't back up your ish, then it reflects poorly on you and your reputation - not the person you wrote the PSA about. Just food for thought.

Best of luck on getting your art.


Oh my god.

I have seen this person do this before, i forgot where i found it.

I feel attacked and upset.

I'm just gonna lock this thread to prevent further anxiety.