PSA: Simonadventure (Resolved)

Posted 3 months, 5 days ago (Edited 3 months, 4 days ago) by toySHN

I am simply informing others of her business practices so that they make make and informed opinion when looking to commission her. I can only speak on my behalf and not anyone else's experience.

Who: Simonadventure (DA/TH/Twitter)

When: February 2016 - February 2019

What: Unprofessional business practice; avoiding commissions and lack of update with her customer(s).

Extra: Please understand that some of my records have been lost due to being done over skype and skype deletes record of conversation if you do not log in after a certain period of time. I will, for all transparency, provide what I can. I will not include unrelated personal matter - which means I will have to edit out parts of messages, please understand that those pieces are not relevant to this PSA.

  • User affected: toySHN (DA/TH/twitter/etc)
    • This starts back in 2016 when I commissioned two pokemon team pictures.
      • Unfortunately all of this occurred on Skype so I no longer have these logs.
      • Proof of payments: [1] [2]
      • There were circumstances surrounding the fact that she was my friend that I told her it was OK to work on my commissions after her other ones and that is 100% on me.
    • In 2017 I began asking for updates (in-person, verbal communication) and was more-or-less ignored or quicklyshut down with one excuse or another. I stopped trying to pursue it due to some personal issues we were having and I didn't want to cause any more trouble.  At that same time I tried to commission other pieces, valuing over $300, to assist her situation.
    • 2018, I finally start pushing after allowing her time to work on all of my pieces without bothering her. 
  • As of 2/14 I have agreed to consider this resolved and neither the artist nor myself will ever have contact again.
Again, this is not for harrassment of this artist, only to inform of the experience I've had.

First off, I apologize to this client and any stress I may have caused regarding this commission. There was a lot going on in my life at the time and I iterated this to my client many times, as referenced in the screen shots from the above post. 

I would like to state that during much of this period of lack of communication and was verbally told many times that the waiting was fine, that we were friends and they understood. However, later I had a lot of issues that stopped me from communicating effectively with many of my clients. Though it may not be an adequate excuse for some, I have severe depression, anxiety and ADD and the personal issues made communication even harder. I have recently received treatment for this issues and am working to improve on them.

I would also like say that there has definitely not been lack of communication for the amount of time specified in the case of the two clients referenced in the original post. I talk to them both as regularly as I can, and have made sure to reach out to them regarding this situation and am attempting to reach out to a third.



They have both stated that they asked Toyshn not to reference them in their post and would have preferred that their situations weren’t included at all.



As a side note I did received permission to include them.



I understand this commissioner is upset but I was only following my normal business practices in this situation. I always only offer half refunds to clients whose work I have already begun and it says that in my terms of service - they agreed to it when commissioning me and knew that I only give partial refunds for work that have been started. They've referenced my T.O.S before and there's links on both my invoices and my commissions page so I know they've read them.


They also didn’t provide proof they received their partial refund, so I’ll include that here also.


I apologize again for the delays and the stress, this client has every right to criticize me on my lack of communication but that’s it. I'm working to be better starting with the clients I still have and moving forward.

Thank you for reading!


SimonAdventure thank you. All I was looking for was an apology without excuses or blame shifting. I'm glad you have kept in touch with other commissioners (though disappointed you would do so via discord which I was told is not where you communicate) but regardless, I will remove this PSA as long as you strive to move ahead with better communication with other commissioners. Thank you for providing proof of refund, I didn't think to include it as I didnt deny you sent one, but that is definitely my fault and unfair to you. I would like to note that in your screenshots you only reached due to my posting a PSA.

I would appreciate if you did not out the people who remained anonymous, I did not post their information specifically, and I dont think it's fair to them to be posted regardless. I did not post their stories and you put them in an awkward position. Additionally, please keep our personal business with our living situation out of this. I am under the impression you told one of your commissioners about irrelevant details without my permission nor my knowledge and allowing me to convey my side of anything. Thank you kindly


I have edited my post and removed the irrelevant details.

I have reached out to these commissioners before the PSA but I did not have permission to post those conversations so I did not include them.

Moving on I also agree with Lotor, I am fine with you posting a bad review of commissions to you due to wait time. However, it was rude for you to include commissioners who asked not to be involved, even if you did it anonymously. I specifically asked them if it was okay to post these conversations since I felt bad they had to be involved at all.

I also need the adopt referenced in OPs post returned to me, since it was traded illegally and without my permission violating the T.O.S Op agreed to stating that it could not be traded or sold under any circumstance (the adopt only, and extra art can be redacted).

After the adopt is returned I would like OP to refrain from contacting me or my commissioners again, since one states they've been harassed over twitter.



I will edit them out of my post as well. However I was not once told I was "harassing" anyone. I had a conversation with them. 

Concerning the adopt, you have told me it is ok to leave the trade as is as I admitted that I traded it in error. I'm taken this to PMs as this does not involve the TH community.


Ok enough. No more. Simonadventure and I have taken this to PM. I will leave this here, but unless there are any dramatic changes, no further updates


I would highly recommend you take this PSA down, as it currently stands you're simply harrasing Simonadventures.

Above all else this is a resolved matter, you got a refund so therefor Simon has done all they could to make things better. You have no right to pm them as you knew simon's TOS before commissioning them (probably better then most people if you knew simon IRL) but furthermore, it kinda looks like this is a one time mistake on Simonadventure's part that you partially encouraged by giving them until 2017 before you really started bothering them. Furthermore, since you do not have proof of the verbal conversations mentioned I don't think you should make such a biased comment on them (saying that they were met with excuses/being quickly shut down) since you have no evidence of that.

I understand that simon has had issues with other people but they did not want to be mentioned for a reason meaning that simon is probably doing their best to make up for past failings and thus there's no reason for a PSA to be written about those interactions.

As it currently stands simon has REFUNDED YOU and resolved your problem with them and there is clear evidence that they are WORKING WITH THE OTHER COMMISSIONERS to find satisfactory resolutions for them as well. This issue is resolved and you taking the time to pm them about it is quite toxic, but even if you disagree I strongly suggest you take this PSA down as you're the only one who looks bad in this situation.

All of the above being said i'm not trying to condone simon's actions. I think waiting more then 3 months especially if the artist doesn't have a big que is bad waiting 3 years is unimaginable to me. When someone accepts a commission they should prioritize it and do it in a timely matter.

The reason why I labeled this as harassment + felt the need to comment is because alot of this seems to be fueled by personal bias and the evidence in and of itself is incomplete. IRL conversations that aren't able to be proven are mentioned, screenshots are edited (possibly to protect private information but that's not something that can be proven), the way toy has been talking to simon through out all this is just... malicious (saying stuff like how they've ranted about simon on twitter, have thought so many times about posting the psa) and when this convo was originally posted it included proof that the other people explicitly wished not to have included. Furthermore simon has responded to this psa proving and resolved this issue.

To a certain extent I agree that even if this was a special case or first time offense there should be something mentioned since this was a... ridiculous... situation in terms of wait time but this was an extremely special circumstance considering these two knew each other irl, toyshn didn't bother simon until a year after and apparently repeatedly told simon to take their time etc. I don't think simon should be completely thrown under the bus due to one special circumstance that they have tried to resolve.

I do sympathize with the wait time but not the way this situation was handled nor that this psa is so public. if it was a personal bulletin, cool, but there's too much personal drama for this to be a productive psa.

Also, threads can be deleted on mobile btw I do it all the time?


Edit: threads cannot be deleted on mobile, which is why i cannot do it now nor could i last night


Sorry, I've been watching all this unfold and it really rubs me the wrong way. I know my saying so won't change anything at this point, but I can't stand seeing Toy's grievance minimized like this.

The artist was paid upfront to do a job and never completed it. I understand that the artist has a refund policy that only partially fulfills refunds. She egregiously breached her own TOS by failing to alert her client of potential delays in progress and communication ahead of time over a period of three years. That policy might as well be defunct here. For Toy's frustration, the amount of money he spent, and the time spent waiting, he should have been refunded for everything but the cost of the sketches since those were the only portion of the work that ever reached any semblance of completion.

I do not care about the other two clients and whether or not they should have been mentioned. I do not care about what adoptable was traded or gifted inappropriately, that is a separate issue. I do not care what personal issues the artist was dealing with or how many times Toy turned the other cheek, work is work and three years is just absurd. Bottom line, someone was paid to do a job. Job was not done. A proper refund is deserved here.

I don't know what agreement was reached in private, but Toy's post should have at least stayed up to inform other customers about the experience they could possibly have, just the same as with any business or product.


Please don't take this down, no matter what happened throughout this psa it it still valid. It is not a commissioners job to chase up a response from an artist, it should be the artist responsibilty to stay in contact. 3 years is really a worrying wait.

Also just because one says "take your time" it does not excuse so little communitcation. "Take you time" is just a common courtesy you give the artist it is not however it's not a free pass to keep someone waiting.


For the artist, I and a lot of other artist can understand where you are coming from, all I can say is it's best to refund if you ever feel like you can't keep up with your workload. It takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and helps you avoid situations like this.  

I also tend to keep the money in a seperate account until I finish a commission, that helps a lot with my anxiety but I know you can't do that all the time, especially in emergencies. I do hope you are getting better.