PSA/Beware: ArtisticFerret101 and How PayPal Works

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Edit 2/18: More info/contact:

ToyHouse - BanditFerret101
Instagram - bandit_ferret_101
Discord - Bandit {Ferret}#0293

Additionally, now that I know she's 19, I find it EXTREMELY fucking rude that she would talk down to me and call me a child/kid multiple times when it's clearly on my page that I'm 19 as well. Like, what an asshole move.

ALSO she still has the design she traded me up here so looks like I get to report her to ToyHouse staff.

Copy/Pasted from DeviantART mostly, with only a few things fixed for the sake of formatting.

Below is from Journal 1, where their information was originally censored:

Since I just got done with this (and am still slightly annoyed about it), here's a small conversation/transaction I had to put up with today. Read through it first, and then I'll explain it below. For context, this is regarding a 3-way trade where I agreed to pay $25 for an auction that they won in return for a premade design they already had.

First of all, they asked me to pay through Goods and Services and cover the fee, which you should not do, as it is not legal.
People may cover the fee as a courtesy as they are nice, which I often do because I understand, but the buyer cannot ask you to do this. IT IS NOT LEGAL.

Secondly, after I cover the fee which they acknowledged, they tell me that they won't give me what we agreed upon until I pay them extra for the fee, which I already did. I owed them $25 and paid $26, which covered all but 5 cents of the fee. However, they wanted me to send more money, which is not okay and is tantamount to extortion, which is not legal.

Thirdly, they tried to withhold my goods until after I released the money by confirming my receipt, which explicitly states as follows:
"By confirming this order, you acknowledge you have received the item(s) and are satisfied with the condition.
Please note, you may no longer be able to raise a dispute against this order and the funds will be settled with the seller."
What this means is that by asking me, the buyer, to click this before I receive my goods, I am giving up every protection offered to me by PayPal for using 'Goods and Services'. This means that I cannot file a chargeback at this point if the seller decides to keep my money and not relinquish my goods. THIS IS ALSO NOT LEGAL.

Finally, and this is more of a personal note, they were incredibly condescending (which I don't get because they clearly didn't understand how it worked, either that or they were intentionally trying to scam me) and pushy (unrelentingly so) the entire time. Sellers, do not act like this to your buyers. It's fucking rude, and you're not going to get more business this way.

Below is from Journal 2, and their information is no longer censored:

Heya! So, if you read my most recent journal, you may already know what's going on! However, someone has informed me that the person on the other end of the deal is shittalking me and making it seem as if I did not pay them in full, so I'm no longer concerned about hiding their identity! (:

The user ArtisticFerret101 attempted to use PayPal against me and charge me for extra money, illegally.

Do not harass them, just be wary and possibly block them.

Here are our uncensored messages, complete and in full:

Here is the screenshot I sent them stating I had paid, and here are the links that I 'threw' at them:


And of course, here are links to and screenshots of everywhere we agreed to this payment:

Crabcake UTF/UTS

TL;DR - I paid in full, and this person doesn't understand how PayPal fees work.

To clear up EVERY claim they're making against me in this journal, here you go:

"Cosmiplier did not pay me in full."

I did, and I have mountains of proof.

"I don't believe Cosmiplier is of age and knows what they're doing."

I'm 19 and have been using PayPal for almost 2 years.

"Cosmiplier held my money until I gave them the Crabcake."

Yes, because that's what you do during a transaction.

"Cosmiplier was very disrespectful towards me."

I was very nice at the start. If you insist over and over that I owe you more money than we agreed upon, I'm not going to end up being very nice or respectful at all.

"Cosmiplier threw links at me as if I didn't understand what I was doing."

I gave you links because you didn't take what I was saying at face value, so I directed you to what PayPal themselves have said about it.

"If I were you, I'd be wary of Cosmiplier."

All I did was tell you I don't owe you more than we agreed upon and insist that I get my character after I paid you for it.


Just to give you the heads up, the journal you post is now gone (most likely deleted) so hopefully you screen capped some of the stuff in there.

Second off, you may want to include that this person is leaving ( Link to the Journal and the archive of it) in case you think it might be important.



Yes, I'm aware of this. I do not have screencaps of what was said, however they made it very clear that they realized they were the one at fault by deleting and leaving instead of just apologizing for it.


Thank you for letting me know, I'll update.


Man you have all the luck, huh? Sorry you're in a bad situation again :C

The way they reacted was incredibly rude and shady. And calling it "kid drama" is rude af also lmao they have some nerve. Thanks for the psa, I'll avoid them in the future

best of luck getting this situation resolved!



People just seem to like trying to take advantage of me or just generally being an asshole. This is the 3rd time this year, and the 20th or 30th time since I made my DA account. Honestly. Thanks for the well wishes, tho.



On the Masterlist entry it says $25, which I'll look into.



I mean, forcing me to pay the fee is also wildly illegal and against PayPal TOS, so there's that. But I let the group/species moderators know and asked about it, so hopefully I'll get a response shortly.