PSA/Client Caution: BlueFoxFursuits/DaskerLizard

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Who: BlueFoxFursuits/DaskerLizard   

Where: (since deactivated/no longer exists)   

When: 06/21/2016 to current

What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts  

Before I begin, let me reinstate that I wish no ill will or harm towards DaskerLizard or their business. I am simply posting my experience about my time with Dasker so that others my avoid the negative experience that I have had.


I contacted Dasker/BlueFoxFursuits the morning of June 16th, 2016 via  email asking if it was okay for me to order being 17 (turning 18 within the next few weeks) and what their payment plans looked like. I was responded to 4 days later with both my questions answered. Given the okay to order, I then submitted a application via their google docs quote form. I was responded to almost immediately with the approximate due date and how much my suit (which was/will be a partial) would cost. I responded back within a few minutes saying I would like to go ahead and reserve my spot within their queue. After a few hiccups, (me paying in the wrong currency), I finally had paid off my deposit and had a reserved slot for May 2017.  I paid £190 ( $287.16 ).

Emails of interaction described above; 




Receipt/Proof of deposit;


A few emails from me about what furs they will use for my suit were exchanged so I could order a bodysuit to match with no problems. I have since received my bodysuit from another maker.

The real problems started when it finally reached the due date for my commission. I was struggling for with money due to unforeseen car problems, so I emailed them on the 15th of May, 2017 and asked for an update on when I would be up so I could prepare on when I needed to pay/how much to put aside. They replied telling me they had to "do a lot of shifting around in my queue due to confuzzled suits overrunning" and how they had injured their back moving fur supply boxes and that they will be "starting up the queue again towards the end of june when I'm back from confuzzled, and also back from visiting family for a late birthday meetup". I was both upset and relieved on how I would have time to save up further and put aside my money problems, but also a little sad considering they had taken more con crunch commissions and put them ahead of other preexisting commissions.

Emails of interaction described above;


The next time I contacted Dasker was 5 months (October 9th, 2017) past the given completion date of end of June 2017. I simply stated how I had not received an email from the regarding my commission and how the queue was looking/when I would be up. I was then informed unknowingly that I had been once more pushed back to February of 2018. At this point I was rather upset, so I did not reply.

Emails of interaction described above; 



At some point within the May and October emails, I had contacted them on twitter asking about an update which they apparently told me November 2017? It says that via emails but the exact time and date of the twitter interaction is lost because I have since deleted the twitter account it took place on and I cannot find it on their account. Since this is lost, this will not count, just figured it would be worth mentioning since it was mentioned in the email.

I emailed them ONCE MORE on July 21st, 2018 (another 5 months after the due date they had given me had past), asking what the wait time is looking like since my slot had been missed once more. They responded a week later on July 28th, 2018 saying they had moved and had eurofurence deadlines to focus on. Again, putting convention crunch commissions ahead of regular commissions. I was told that I would have my commission and "all older orders out by jan-feb next year". Again, moved another year back. I did not reply.

Emails of interaction described above; 


After waiting so long, I then took it upon myself to contact Dasker one more time on January 8th, 2019. They replied saying that it "should be february". Seeing as it was the beginning of the month, I was VERY excited to finally get around to getting my suit. That is until as of late.

Emails of interaction described above; 



On February 17th, I contacted Dasker after finding out that they had once more opened for more commissions. This has had me extremely worried that my commission from 2016 would be pushed back once more to make room for other, newer orders. I asked them if there was a problem with my character and asked that if they did not like the character given, that they would tell me and refund me my deposit instead of pushing me back over and over. They then confessed to me that I am not the only person who has been waiting since 2016 for their suit and that I should have my suit by March. I was upset by this information considering how I am 1) not the only one going through such an experience and 2) my slot had once again been pushed back.

Emails of interaction described above; 



To reiterate, I am a very patient person. I from the above evidence, it is obvious I have only emailed one to two times a year asking for updates, often waiting months after the date I was told to contact them. To put it into perspective, I ordered when I was 17 years of age, I am now not too far off from turning 21. I have given Dasker the benefit of the doubt one too many times, and I can say that I am very unhappy and disappointed with my experience so far. I only paid the deposit needed to reserve my spot, but I have had the rest of the money needed within my Paypal for up to 2 years now. They do not email/contact commissioners when they come upon hard times, leaving one to basically chase them to get a vague answer on when your commission will be started. Dasker seems like a nice person, they not once seemed rude and often replied in a very professional manner. However, it seems their queue is VERY disorganized and unprofessional. At the moment of writing this, I still do not know what spot I am in their queue and do not recommend working with DaskerLizard/BlueFoxFursuits. I will update further when/if I receive what I have paid for or if anything else unfolds.

If you see any inconsistencies within my writing, please let me know and I will fix them!

EDIT: Suit was/is to be made of this character;


UPDATE 1: As Dasker stated in the last email, they said they were looking at a deadline of March. It's now the middle of May. I have NOT recieved any contact from them despite it being two months passed the due date. I am unsure wether to contact them again seeing as I know I will be told a date, most likely to satisfy me for the time being, only for it to be pushed back further and further. Please be very cautious when ordering from DaskerLizard/BlueFoxFursuits. You will be seeing a wait time of years.


I would seriously contact paypal and see about getting your money returned. Even though it is way past their window, you have proof of it being pushed back time and time again, which may result in you getting your money back. 


Did you make a post about this via: ?

As it is far more heavily furry-oriented.
Dasker seems to be flat out ignoring you for any form of refund as they are clearly active via their tumblr.


YourLoveOnly I definitely have thought about it, but at this point, I just want my suit. I don't have any desire to commission anyone else and I feel like it would be giving up/in to Dasker with as silly as it sounds.

Rikki I did it shortly after I posted this but it seems they didn't post it. I'm not sure why. I haven't heard anything from them back so... No clue... Just checked and it is up!



Go with MortyMaxwell’s advice in your AB post, since you’re not the first and you won’t be the last, recoup your funds and save up for a suit from another, more reliable maker ):

Don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch with you.


name sounded familiar and upon seeing their suits i remember i had planned on commissioning them in around the same time frame (2015-2016) but contact was very slow (im talking like... 3 weeks between emails). i eventually just chose another maker because of how slow the initial replies were . i can second on the 'they do not email/contact commissioners when they come upon hard times' because i was put on wait for like 3 months until finally getting a reply and by that point i had already found a new maker who was already working (since this was so long ago and i didn't end up comm'ing them the emails are probably buried by now)