Pattxion / YeonPS / Whoru (BIG updates 2/22/19)

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I'm writing this PSA because I noticed someone was re-selling stolen OCs. I have no clue whether or not this seller in particular stole the OC or not.. But they can't back up their claims with any solid evidence. I have a feeling that they are LYING about being sold these characters on amino for several reasons.. You can make your own assumptions based off of this post in it's entirety. I just want to warn people of the situation so that nobody else buys these characters if they see them sold.

WARNING: GURO / BLOOD / CUTTING AND SENSITIVE THEMES BELOW IN THE ART SHOWN! I've been advised to put a spoiler on it, which I have done so. Click at your own risk.




If you can't see images, here's an imgur link:

If you see THESE characters resold anywhere except by the people listed as the owners, you are probably being scammed.

WHO: Pattxion on DeviantART / Whoru on Toyhouse

external links: 

(2nd da account)

WHAT: CHARACTERS and art owned by these people (character) (character) (art) (art) (art, which has since been deleted but can be found everywhere on google)

Archives of selling posts:

Note: I am pe-te. I knew from the beginning that these OCs were stolen, but I tried to engage the seller in a way that would be seen as inconspicuous in an effort to learn of their paypal email. They wanted to send me an invoice for the sale, which isn't exactly the fishiest thing.. if they asked me to pay via friends & family however, that would of been a dead giveaway.

I asked Pattxion if they knew who the artists of these images were, which they claimed they did not know - even though the artist was clearly written on almost ALL the images, such as these:



Literally within 40 seconds of my confrontation comment on Pattxion's journal (as seen on the archive) the journal was DELETED. I was so incredibly lucky to have saved the entire confrontation in time, because it was deleted literally a second after being saved.

Here's the full page screencaps of the links that were provided on the journal: Please take notice of the address bar url - they match up with the links that were provided in the description of the journal.

They then IMMEDIATELY noted me on DeviantART saying this: 


I don't like to put my personal opinion into a PSA, but in my opinion.. this response seemed EXTREMELY monotone and devoid of emotion or remorse? It might be the language barrier due to English not being Pattxion's first language, but even still.. there's not a single apology issued by Patt regarding the mishap. More or less, this response felt rushed and it felt as though they were trying to cover their tracks and make themselves seem innocent. 

Still, I believe in innocence until proven guilty, so I responded with: 


Seemed easy, right? I've never used amino, but I believe almost all social media platforms should have an option for you to check your previous messages and see logs? Aside from snapchat. So I thought it wouldn't be too much trouble to ask this person to verify that they indeed were sold these characters. Mind you, this is the SECOND time that I asked for proof - I asked prior on their journal, which was deleted.

Instead, they responded with:


So essentially, this person has been buying HUNDREDS of dollars worth of characters since they were 10 or 11? I dunno about you, guys, but my parents would of SLAUGHTERED me if I spent that much money at that age - especially on fictional characters. Not only that, they would need a bank account at 10 - 11 years old and would need a paypal.. did they use their parents? Something sounds VERY fishy.

They cannot prove they paid for these characters in any way. I don't buy the "other paypal account" excuse because they would need SO many things to create a paypal account that would require adult supervision, and I don't think an adult would let them forget their paypal login or create them another one after they lost the prior login. I don't think they've ever had an "other paypal" - I firmly believe they only have ONE paypal, but I cannot 100% prove this, so take this with a grain of salt. 

One thing I would like to note: I believe they're lying about not knowing the artist credits / conveniently "finding" these old OCs.

THE IMAGES STILL HAVE A TUMBLR IMAGE FILE NAME. This means that they probably downloaded these files directly off tumblr.

I firmly believe they're lying, because when I look on their listed Facebook account, they have used art pieces by the same artist in late 2018 that aren't even credited, and it's a very common theme. They posted a lot of this person's art on Facebook - both credited on the image and not credited at all. And it's artwork of OTHER characters that this artist has drawn that weren't even sold nor posted to Toyhouse. 

They actually have an abundance in this person's art that they've used recently within the last few months. I feel like you'd have to be extremely blind to not know the artist's credits by this point, especially if you admire their art so much? - screencaps of them using the artwork with timestamps.

One thing I also noticed they used a picture from a photoset on this artist's tumblr, one of which they tried to sell.. but the other they used on facebook.

One on facebook:


One they tried to sell: 


It's.. a little interesting that they didn't include that image in the selling post? I mean, why would you exclude art of a character that you wanted to resell?

I basically debunked the fact that these OCs are "old characters in my files!" lie. And I feel like this helps prove that this person DEFINITELY knows of this artist since they conveniently have both versions of a photoset that was only posted on this person's tumblr..

Anyways, that's enough of my rambling. TL;DR - watch out for Pattxion / Whoru, because I feel like they just tried scamming people and got caught too quick, so now they're lying. A lot of their excuses don't exactly add up, they have no proof to show that they didn't steal these characters, and it's just fishy.

DO NOT HARASS THIS USER. This is not posted here as a witch hunt! This is posted with the intention of warning others of fishy behavior, but do not go around slandering, attacking, etc.. 

update 1: they don't credit waitress bases which seems pretty dodgy, as shown here in the thread comments >

update 2: I believe they also ripped off mikayma's OC (the one they stole) and just made a furry version or a basic human version? As seen here with these commissions: (the jacket and gun is nearly identical to mikayma's, which I will link here and here some if which were being sold..)

update 3: they have apparently lied about having an illness to get money for themselves (scammy behavior) according to other users - proof here: - the crossed out names are people who noted about it, they were crossed out for confidentiality reasons.


ANOTHER UPDATE (2/22/19): Here are multiple PSAs that someone linked me. They have a HISTORY of this behavior. They've also literally faked screenshots to get "refunds" from people they've never commissioned.

they've also stolen before too:

Update #4 - they plan on moving accounts after their premium membership ends, coincidentally right after this PSA comes out


God yea thankyou for this! I'ts also even more concerning that they are a minor, buy/use/have/steal/etc... Guro/gore artwork , and use a paypal which is completely against paypal TOS. Hopefully the artist /owner will respond to your message!


Who's the original art to those pieces? I love the art style and want to give them some support


Okay, so it appears I must've encountered this user before because I've given them a llama badge.. but they appear to be a bit dodgy in regards to waitress bases too. I don't know if that means anything but I thought it was worth a mention...

EDIT: I checked their TOS and it doesn't contain any credit to waitress, the only credit I found was an old commission journal. I know this isn't related but it seems pretty dodgy..


I know the message at the end is important, but could you size the text down a bit, please? it stretches the thread out so bad on mobile and you have to scroll so much to even read that whole sentence.


kye - thank you for letting me know! I don't use mobile at all and I'm on desktop so I had no clue it did that on mobile! I'll fix it now.

amernoir - I'll add that in, thank you!


Underoos they use the waitress base for a lot of commissions, and a lot of people seem to be asking about bases. From what I see, they just seem a bit unaware. I don't think they realize how things can snowball like this. I don't believe they have super evil intents but they should credit the base since it seems that base makes up a large number of commissions.

I don't mean any hate, I just want to make sure people are aware of everything 


cresom - no prob! I'm glad I helped people out. Sadly however they're moving accounts due to the PSA and probably won't publicly reveal it either smfh


I made a big update to let everyone know that I found 3 additional PSAs made against this user a few months ago under a different username! Some of their actions include FAKING SCREENSHOTS to get refunds from artists they've never commissioned


cresom yeah, I noticed that! Then they increased the price AGAIN on me, after someone else inquired about holding him or Hiro. So even if they did buy these guys (which I KNOW they didn't) they shouldn't of been price gauging to begin with.