Artist Beware: MieuDo/Redkat120 [Resolved]

Posted 2 months, 28 days ago (Edited 24 days, 23 hours ago) by hexie

This thread is to raise awareness of this user's lack of communication in regards to a paid commission. Do not harass them!

(Edited this a bit since I forgot they had to get me to approve the sketch before payment, so I actually ordered this even earlier than the payment date)

Artist: MieuDo on DA (Alternative DA Account (inactive)) | Art Station | Instagram (abandoned after call out) | Facebook (Active)
Purchased: Portrait Chest Up Commission on October 25, 2018 (actual paid date, order date was in late September)
Status: Resolved in my favor (dispute and claim) through PayPal; No response from the artist. 

Purchased a commission through MieuDo on DeviantArt around the end of September (30) 2018 of last year since they seemed reliable and uploaded frequently. They have sent me a WIP just a few days later on October 2nd after I submitted the note, however, when I requested changes, it wasn't until October 24 that they sent me an edit (it was difficult to try and contact them). All of my messages remain unread after I had sent payment. Their latest upload to their gallery is on October 30 of last year and seem to have ghosted me and possibly anyone else who's commissioned them (I know I'm not the only person in this batch, but unknown if I'm the only one who's actively seeking their whereabouts). I have sent a Paypal dispute to alert them as a precaution.

* Thanks to everyone who has found their other locations, so now I have another way to contact them.

Overall, beware of this artist. Be careful if you wish to purchase art from them.

Update: Added their alternative DA (inactive for 20+ weeks), and their public art station. All of the information displayed in these websites is public. Added Instagram which was active just 1 day ago. I don't have an Instagram to contact the person above, so I'm hoping they respond to me back on DA.

Update Feb 24: No responses from the artist so I'm going to have my friend poke them on Instagram on my behalf and my friend has contacted them. Provided the screen shots of the DM sent and additional things I forgot to include. I also blacked out important information and re-uploaded some screenshots.

Update March 9: Since the artist has not contacted me, I am escalating this to a claim. They seem to be abandoning anywhere they're called out. Hoping Paypal gives me my money back since I've not been given what I paid for. They have requested information from MieuDo and they have until March 19. 

Update March 10: MieuDo responded to PayPal, but they decided in my favor. I received my refund in full. It's unfortunate that I had to go this far just to get a response. They never talked to me through any of their accounts. Please, please keep an eye out if you ever consider doing business with them. 


There's a possibility something could have happened to them as they do seem to have been pretty active and have dropped off of the face of the earth completely


I found their personal website but I am going to private message as it contains personal information about the artist. Not sure if they are active but it may be a way to contact them via other sites/methods.


amernoir Regardless, I've went ahead and filed a dispute because I can't hope for the best on 'maybe something happened'. Yanno? I've got so much money tied into up and disappearing artists at the moment that I just..can't really bother with caring except for hoping I can get my money returned. As mean as that is to say. I just wrote this to bring it to everyone's attention and see if anyone else is having problems contacting them.

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hexie Your best bet is to continue with the dispute and attempt to recoup your money. Chances are if the artist is truly ghosting you, they'll respond to that, and if they were unaware of the issue this might bring it to their attention. That being said, it does seem strange that they have dropped off the face of the earth. I follow this artist and they seem to be very good at keeping up with their commissions, so it is strange to me that this would happen. I certainly hope they are alright and get back to you soon, but you should have more than enough reason to attempt to get your money back. I haven't commissioned them myself yet, but I will keep you updated on any activity I see.


Xen I followed them for quite a bit and finally got the money to commission. I hope they're not ignoring me intentionally and that it can work itself out. If not, I'm hoping I can get my money back. I've been contemplating back and forth about filing the dispute and finally just decided to do it as a precaution. I did tell them why I did it and hopefully something comes of it (like I get my finished image). I wouldn't commission them again, but at least the issue would be solved. 


AngelEars Thank you for the Instagram, I've posted it on the OP. I don't have an instagram to contact them, so I'll just have to hope they see my notes on DA. I just wish I could see if anyone else who commissioned them is having trouble or if I'm the only person. :c


Schwann I personally don't want anything to do with Instagram or have it connected to any of my things so I'll have a friend contact them for me on my behalf. The artist hasn't been on DA and it's utterly irresponsible to leave their commissioners hanging when they're active elsewhere. Hopefully we will hear back from them. 


Here's their facebook, where they're very active. You can try PMing them there, if you're unable to (no facebook or closed PM) I'll try to contact them in your stead.


zzpop I do not use Facebook. They haven't responded to the messages on Instagram or DeviantART and it's almost time for me to move the dispute to a claim (I'm tempted to do that today as I'm tired of waiting). I think they just don't care at this point and to be honest, I just want my refund.


AngelEars There are dozens of other people who have commissions with them on DA but I'm the only one who came forward. I wish I could get my PSA about this user out into more places but since I don't use social media, that's kind of difficult. The best I can hope for is that they Google search and find this post. I'm going to escalate this to a claim today when I get home.


I have now escalated this to a claim and now being reviewed by PayPal. They're requesting more info from the artist, and they now have until March 19 to respond.