Commissioners beware [Serathus]

Posted 2 months, 24 days ago by Shayochism

I really, really hate to make this but if the person is still around then I suggest being wary when commissioning them. Please don't harass them or anything. I rather just make this private to toyhouse. They seem a nice person but... yea. 

Their last appearance was on Deviantart ( in 2018.

Story is that I commissioned them for an image many years ago and they took two years to complete it. Sure enough it was worth the wait I guess? Great art, but two years was a long time.

I commissioned them again in January 2016 and they have since vanished, leaving me with only a sketch and I had fully paid. I have emailed them and noted them on Deviantart and according to their page, seems someone else might be in the same boat (someone asking if they got their note or email in 2016).

This shows they received payment and acknowledged it> while also showing when it was all from.

Apparently they're on Instagram, so be careful if you commission them.