The Racer Raptor Species (MYO's avalible)

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Link to World Bulletin

Welcome to the World of Ven!

This is the world of Racer Raptors, an amphibian closed species moderated by me (If you would like to apply to be a moderator, PM me). They have simple designs, but they have lots of lore. I put MYO's up every once in a while, so check out my characters if you are interested. 

Traits List

Common Traits
- Boxy Spines
- Pointy Spines
- Basic career
(Swimlillie watcher, Medic Teacher, Robotics Manager)
- 3 colors
- Single tongue
- Hard gums not teeth
- Round Blankets

Uncommon Traits
- Rounded Spines
- Pointy Spines
- Boxy Spines
- Intermediate Career
(Medic, Slipper Trainer, Speed Racer, inventors, or anything above)
- 4 Colors
- Single Tongue
- Hard small Cartilage teeth
- Diamond or Round Blanket

Rare Traits
- Any Spines
- Any Career
(Endurance Runner, Leaper, Emergency Medic, Lore Holder)
- 5 Colors
- 1-3 Tongues
- Long hard cartilage teeth
- Diamond or Round or Square Blanket

All Racer Raptors
- Are amphibians
- Have no claws
- Have 3 fingers on each hand
- Have 3 toes on each foot
- Run over 60 miles an hour
- Don't use electric transportation
- Have a matching eye color with their blanket
- Have a Blanket
- Have short tails


Mutations are traits that you can't obtain with a common, uncommon, or rare MYO.

Some mutations are

- Dwarfed Raptors (Raptors that are only 3 feet tall, and have longer tails)

- Bioluminescence (Racer Raptors with glowing spots on them)

- Permanent Gills (Racer Raptors who have gills, and can live underwater if the want.)

- Anthro Form (Racer Raptors who have an anthro form and wear clothes [not cannon])

- Robotic (Not Raptors, but robots made by inventors to impersonate raptors. Just raptors but metallic, who don't run as fast)

- Admins can submit ideas for mutations

Are you curious about what each job means?

Basic Jobs

Swimlillie Watcher
The watchers of the eggs and the newly hatched racer raptors. This is basically the minimum wage subway worker of the racer raptor world. But no one looks down on them in the same way.

Medic Trainer
These guys were trained like normal medics, but instead of becoming actual medic, they opt to train new medics.

Robotics Manager
They go out to the farming fields and other work sites to watch the robotic arms and such, and repair them if they malfunction.

Uncommon Jobs

These guys are the racer raptors that take care of the sick and the injured, they get trained heavy training, and are revered by the population.

Slipper Trainer
These racer raptors are like teachers to the newly adopted slippers. (the term for swimlillies that water). They do things like teach them how to read, and basic arithmetic.

Speed Racer
A speed racer is a racer that participates in Speed Races. Speed Races is a 75 yard dash across a flat field. You are supposed to run as fast as you can. The current record holder is Ajax, a green and blue racer (owned by Ajax_Dino on

The creators of the technology in the world of Ven. They make robots, genetically enhanced plants, and portals.

Rare Jobs

Endurance Runner
A racer who participates in Endurance Races. An endurance race is when Racer Raptors run as long as they can until the pass out. The current record holder is Spritz, at 475 miles before she past out

A leaper is a racer raptor who competes in leaping games. A leaping game is when racer raptors jump as high in the air as they can.

Emergency Medic
Medics who stay on tracks to take care of pulled muscles and other ailments along those lines.

Lore Keeper
They are selected at a young age to remember everything. They keep track of all history, from Slipper race placing, to all out wars.

Since Racer Raptors are amphibians, their Young Ones 

They start out in the water. Racer Raptors lay 1-5 eggs in one clutch. When they hatch, they live in giant lakes, and swim around, as they slowly develop into racer raptors. These water dwelling babies are known as swimlillies. Once the swimlillies leave the water, they are not fully developed, so the have longer tails than usual, and they have very dilated pupils. These guys are known as slippers. On there 3rd-4th year out of the water they become full racer raptors, and choose a career path.

Racer Raptor Technology

Racer Raptors are extremely technologically advanced. Some of their inventions is a massive robotic arm that plants, waters, and harvests crops. (Don't worry, they do not have any AI, they only follow code). Some bio technology they made is a breed of blue colored grass. This grass is special, as when walking on it, you gain an energy boost. This grass covers most race tracks, especially for endurance races. Some other smaller inventions, such as collars that measures speed, and energy levels. One collar is to measure jumping heights. (If you would like to add an invention to the racer raptor cannon DM me).

Other inventions
- Robotic Butterflies to help with plant pollination (By me)
- To be added
- To be added
- To be added
- To be added

Racer Raptor History

The Racer Raptors have a deep and in depth history, so instead of writing an essay, here is a timeline.

(To be added)

Racer Raptor Records 

-The record for Speed Running is held by Ajax, owned by Ajax_Dino . Ajax ran the 75 yard sprint at the speed of 274 Miles per Hour.   (For reference the average Racer Raptor speed is 230-240ish)

-The record for Endurance Running is held by Spritz, owned by me. Spritz ran for 4 weeks and 2 days (Bit over 1800 miles).

-To be added

-To be added

F. A. Q.'s

Can Racer Raptors have families? Can they have siblings/half-siblings?

Racer Raptors adopt a random Swimlillie, so your family can be as big as the number of MYO's you have.

Can Racer Raptors have a different job other than the ones above?

PM me if you would like another job.

Can my Racer Raptor hold a record?

PM me with the record you want to hold. If it isn't already taken, the answer is most likely yes.

PM me or post in the comments with any further questions you may have.


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