(CS) Kigus and Orisunes - KIGU/ORISUNE EVENT OPEN!

Posted 8 months, 29 days ago (Edited 7 months, 29 days ago) by Rainette

--- I've created a discord for Orisunes, please join if interested ---

Hi guys! I have two species I'm looking to expand, one is more feral - Orisunes and one is more humanoid - Kigus.


- Orisunes are animals (mainly foxes but all are allowed) that spread Luck (Good or bad) by the fortunes on their tails/bodies. They have ink on their paws that allow them to write their fortune. Their paws are their most magical feature and can even create weather changes and nature growth.

(The species was originally created in 2015, so I have older examples, nothing new atm sadly.)


- Examples: (Art/Designs by Panicpup, Flufflebear, Strixiart/SylvianFox On DA)





Kigus are a humanoid species. They were created by a witch decades ago and killed the witch when she was unable to lift the curse. They still have their humanoid faces with a bit of a "bat" like mouth, fur body and large bat like ears. 


(I kept the barcodes on their paws but got rid of the ones in the ears)

- They can basically be themed after anything. They can have any type of tail, fur, etc. However, fur or hair must be on their head covering their sides at all times. Rarely they can have; Double wings, Different ears, Skull Face/Animal Face, etc. I'm still working on the list as they are brand new.

Here are some actual examples:



- NightSky Dragon and LemonDrop Dragon are both on a free raffle right now; (Twitter/dA - https://twitter.com/LacrirosaArt/status/1353416644169773057 / https://www.deviantart.com/rain-ette/art/OPEN-Raffle-Time-Kigus-868137637 - If interested please feel free to join, the raffle ends on 1/29)

But yes currently I'm looking for possible Guest artists or to see if anyone is actually interested in these species.

For the Kigus I have two bases - the one you see here and a small chibi one. They can be used by the GA and myself; possibly others if i open MYOs.

Please also let me know what i can do to possibly expand them? I have an idea for a companion for them that helps them carry things but otherwise I'm not sure what else to do!


Eva26x - Please add her drawstrings and she'd be perfect!


Rainette I knew I forgot something xD

heres my design with the strings https://sta.sh/0nzmyw2ooer


Eva26x - Approved

Also made some new Orisunes!

Rain and Cherry Blossom themed! Rain belongs to me but Cherry is available.





pls let me know if it's ok! everything common besides fox tail~


Is this event still open?



Finished my Myo https://sta.sh/025g955889kp


Goodness I wish I didn't miss this event for kigus...Goodluck to everyone and their myo!! 


ah hey,  dont know if you're busy right now or anything but I'd like an update regarding the myo if possible;;^^