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Greetings, users! 

To celebrate the launch of our species, we are exited to announce that we will be hosting our first Free MYO event! All MYO slots include the basic model along with a 1/12 chance to have a glitch or virus included.

Free MYO slots are obtainable from now until DECEMBER 3RD


To enter: 

  • Join the Nyandroids World!
  • Create a bulletin on your page with a link to this thread
  • Leave a comment including:
    • TH Username + Discord Username( if you have discord)
    • Type of MYO (Nyandroid or Wandroid)
    • Link to your created bulletin
    • Upgrades
      • This category is optional. Use this section if you would like to:
        • Opt out of getting a virus or glitch trait by chance (ex: “No Glitch/Virus”)
        • Purchase of any upgrade (ex: “Hololimbs Upgrade”) 

Upon confirmation, you will be given your MYO slot along with your Nyandroid or Wandroids ID number. MYO status can be viewed and tracked on the spreadsheet here

  • If you are purchasing an upgrade, I will DM you about your purchase and give you the go ahead to add that trait to your free MYO design. All payment must be transferred through paypal before you are confirmed. 
  • MYO slots will be handed out through the account of Nyandroids. This is where you will upload your finished design! 

Submitting your MYO:

  • Send your design via TH or Discord DMS for approval with visuals and trait descriptions. Make any changes if your MYO does not fit the guidelines. 
  • Once approved, your submission will be added to the discord masterlist. 
  • Don’t forget to edit the given MYO slot with your finished design!

Rules and Guidelines:

  • You are limited to only ONE MYO slot, either a Nyandroid or Wandroid.
  • BEFORE creating your design please view the TOS, traits sheet (wandroid here), and MYO guide. Wait before you have confirmation + MYO slot to start designing. 
  • These slots do NOT expire. Take all the time you need with creation!
  • Slots cannot be traded or sold and hold no value. 
  • All purchased upgrades must be done upfront before receiving your MYO slot

Happy designing! 

NOTE ON UPGRADES: To clarify: With each entry (unless opted out), you have a 1/12 chance of getting a free upgrade. The two upgrades available are glitches or virus. The upgrades are free. To know if you got the upgrade, look on your MYO ticket to see if it says "Glitch or Virus" under the Upgrades section. If you have one, pick one or the other to add to your Nyandroid design. 



Hihi!! So excited!

TH Username: dcoolettes

Discord Username: f3lid4ze#3692

Type of MYO: Nyandroid



User: kalkatart , kalkatart#1867 on discord
MYO Type: Nyandroid
Bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1005921.robot-species-launch-event


Username: moif (TH and Discord)
MYO Type: Nyandroid
Bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1005923.another-myo-event-
Optional: I'd like to not have the optional glitched / virus trait! Thank you!


TH Username: Mehilil / Merihihihi#1606 on discord

Myo: Nyandroid

Bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1005927.myo-event


TH user: klonnnie

discord: klon#9733

bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1005932.nyandroids-

myo: nyandroid



Yay! So exciting!

  • TH Username: doodle_galore
  • Discord Username: The_McKraken#0797
  • Type of MYO: Nyandroid
  • Link to your created bulletin: Here!

TH username: Pixelix

Discord Username: N/A

Type of MYO: Nyandroid

Link to your created bulletin: here ya go


Th user: RasilDazil

Discord: RasilDazil #3797

Type of myo: Wandroid

Bulletin https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1005945.myo-event


TH user: LostGalaxy

Discord: Astrova#1029

Type of MYO: nyandroid

Bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1005956.nyandroids-aaaaa



  • TH Username: Fo_Sheezy_My_Jeezy ( i dont have a discord :(
  • Type of MYO (Nyandroid or Wandroid): Nyandroid
  • Link to your created bulletin: here !!

TH Username: WinterGhoul

Discord Username: winter ghoul#6748

Type of MYO: Nyandroid

Bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1005979.nyan-nyan


•••TH Username: Lost_Fox

•••Discord: Lost-Fox#4729

•••Type of MYO: Nyandroid

•••Link to your created bulletin: Nya! -donut question es, it’d be a Bork or woof if I’d chosen wandroid-



Th username: RandomMlems 

Discord username RandomMlems#5800

Type of myo: Nyandroid

Bulletin https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1005995.new-species