Interest Check: Grime Lickers

Posted 3 months, 15 days ago (Edited 3 months, 15 days ago) by CandyGhouls

Would you be interested in this species?

9 Votes Definitely!
3 Votes Only if it's an open species.
0 Votes Only if it's a closed species.
3 Votes Nah not my cup of tea.

So I developed this species a while ago and I use them frequently within my RPs with several friends.
I have gotten good reception about them from everyone I've shown them too but I want some more opinions.

Grime Lickers are a goo-based species with a lot of customization options for them.
Torn whether I want to keep them a closed species or make them a semi-open species.

Species Information: Examples of Grime Lickers: One, Two, Three

I have some more in-depth background information about them as well as worked out ideas for their breeding but it's all up in the air at the moment until I can finalize ideas.
But uh yeah so... please tell me what you think of them. If it is a species you'd be interested in joining.

oml they look really interesting and i'm loving the description!! i've always liked goo/slime characters but never got around to making/getting one!

I'd definitely be interested in knowing more about them & getting/making one  if adopts/myo events etc., happen! if the species have a group for them,i'd love to join!