Mermimi and Ka'Lai (MYO open, crit welcome!)

Posted 3 months, 13 days ago (Edited 3 months, 13 days ago) by wrabbit


Around a year ago I created a species called Mermimi (and they come with little familiars called Ka'Lai)
My goal was to make a simple cute type species that anyone can enjoy.

Here's an example of a normal one, and a Polluted Mermimi!

I've been trying to promote them but it seems like there's not much interest after all. Does anyone have any suggestions for the species? I would really appreciate it!

Points of interest:
-They have shells on their head that kind of resemble ears! Sometimes they might have pearls inside~
-They've got fins on their lower backs, as well as transparent waist fins
-Their Ka'Lai have got glowing antennae, and sometimes glowing tails too, with flat ribbon-like legs that wave in the water


I also have some MYO open if anyone is interested!~ 

Thanks everyone!

aaa this is a really cute species!


thank you so much! im really happy you like them ;w; <3