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INTRODUCING: SIERS (pronounced "see-ers")

01 by glittergloo
  1. the branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts.
    • the way in which a living organism or bodily part functions.


    • Siers do not have eyes. To make up for their lack of vision, they have extraordinary sound and touch sensitivity.
    • Large ears are sensitive enough to detect prey even underground.
    • Additionally, the large ears help dissipate heat from the rest of the body
    • Lop ears are rare, and become even more so depending on the length
    • All siers have vissibrae (whiskers). Most commonly they have macrovissibrae to perform whisking.
    • It's rare for siers to lack macrovissibrae. A trait usually seen in Royal Siers - they have large tufts of fur on their cheeks which cover the small vissibrae.
    • A sier without vissibrae is extremely rare - a huge disadvantage to these social creatures. It is a trait assumed only to belong to the naturally strongest. It's thought that they are strong enough to locate and capture prey without the assistance of one of their natural biological advantages.
    :bulletorange: Common: 08 by glittergloo02 by glittergloo
    :bulletblue: Uncommon: 03 by glittergloo
    :bulletgreen: Rare: 09 by glittergloo04 by glittergloo
    :bulletpink: Epic: 07 by glittergloo

    Facial Markings and Sight:

    • Do not have eyes. 
    • Commonly they are born with a symbol/shape on their head where eyes would normally be located.
    • "Royal" siers must be born with a "Mask" symbol in order to be considered true royalty. Inbreeding in Royal families is common, to keep the unique markings to a small population.
    • Even if born with all rare traits and is born from a royal - if they do not bear the royal symbol, they are not considered royalty.
    • The symbols on the faces of siers radiate a higher body heat than the rest of the creature.
    • These symbols, and the insides of their hands, are able to make use of thermoception, which is the only reason they are able to tell markings between their own species.
    • The rarest siers are ones without any facial markings. Possibly deities who have no reason to need distinguishing facial marks?

      :bulletorange: Common: 05 by glittergloo (any non-royal symbol)
      :bulletgreen: Rare: 06 by glittergloo(mask symbol/royal seal)
      :bulletpink: Epic: 07 by glittergloo

    As for tails...
    10 by glittergloo
    :bulletorange: Common: Bobtail
    :bulletblue: Uncommon: Medium
    :bulletgreen: Rare: Long (drags on the ground)
    :bulletpink: Epic: Multiple tails (any length)
Tails may be covered in long hair, or short hair (not pictured above)

Siers are all covered in fur of varying colours and designs
Their skin is naturally a varying shade of grey - typically black or white. Though it's not seen since it's covered in fur.

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  1. the aggregate of creatures living together in a more or less ordered community.
    Social Structure:
  • Generally split solely between royals and vassals (deities are rarely, if ever, seen by either class)

    • There is no class between royal and vassal.

      • Each community has a patron deity that serves much like a queen bee might.
    • Though siers have free-will, in dire situations royals have the power to control the vassals in a hivemind for the species' best interest.

      • Additionally, deities may control royals and vassals in a hivemind
    • Siers are very social creatures and very rarely live outside a colony of others.

      • They've been known to interact and live with non-siers as well
      • If a bond is strong enough, a sier could very easily die of loneliness if their partner went missing or died.

        • Death is a community event. 

          • Eg; if a sier in a community were to die, even without knowing explicitly of the death, all in the community would suddenly feel a loss.This directly connects to the fact that overall siers are a hivemind.
    • Siers are neither polygamous nor monogamous. 

      • It is entirely up to the individual sier and neither is seen as odd within the community
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all of the society stuff is just a reference but can be changed to fit any stories you come up with on your own!