Calamity Angels CS Interest Check? ;u;

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so I had this idea a while ago, and, well, here we go!

the species still obviously needs some traits, so feel free to suggest pretty much anything down below!

anyway, so here's the basic idea: what really happens when you die?

basic idea: what really happens when you die?

lore: for a long, long time, humans have all had different opinions on what happens after you die. the truth is a little more complicated, though. when somebody dies a fulfilling death, generally old people, but not necessarily, their soul disappears. when somebody doesn't die a fulfilling death, however, they wake up in a sort of limbo. it's not quite clear why or how this happens. it is also possible to pass on and have one's soul disappear, but few know how to do this. there seem to be multiple ways, the most notable of which being accepting one's death and eventually passing on.


  • notable traits include wings, whose colour is white unless stated below (more explained below). 
    • they can have from one to thee pairs. 
  • a third eye is also located somewhere on the body, from which they cannot see. 
    • the purpose of this eye seems fairly unclear, but it should be noted that some [species] have had their third eye change into multiple eyes, mouths, faces, masks and, in some cases, even extra limbs. 
    • the location on the body of the third eye seems to be fairly random. 
  • it is also possible for them to wake up with wings on their feet or ears, but this also appears to be fairly rare and affects their walking/hearing abilities. 
  • hair colours and eye colours and pretty much all human traits match the ones they had before death. 
  • any sicknesses they had before death are carried over as well, but aren't deadly/lethal in any way. they may be very inconvenient, however.
  • they are named after a colour in the masterlist, mostly because why not
    • this colour also matches their current hair colour; any hair colours before that are completely up to the owner
    • numbers cannot be repeated, but using a super similar colour is fine
  • each calamity angel also has a item with them, generally one that was important to them in during the time they were alive
    • this does not mean the item had to be positively important, it may have been the item that killed them


  • there's some different types of Calamity Angels, however. 
  • the most common one is referred to as just Calamity Angels, and are pretty much just "normal" people who have died. 
  • the second most common one is called Cursed Calamity Angels and has some kind of messed up body. 
    • this tends to be some kind of notable sickness or have something else wrong with their bodies. 
    • this could be noticeable, or it could not be; a lot falls under this category, ranging from an extra toe to missing limbs or other kinds of disorders. 
    • their wings are still white, and apart from that they tends to be the same as [species], but their third eye tends to have black sclera instead of white sclera. 
  • the least common type is called Sinner Calamity Angels, and is set apart mainly by their black wings and corrupted eyes (normal and third). 
    • their main difference is that they committed some sort of sin during their time alive. 
    • most notably, serial killers and the like are part of the Sinner Calamity Angels category, rather than somebody who committed a crime and regretted it or killed in self-defence and the likes.

other notes:

  • you may change a other oc into a calamity angel using a myo slot or during a myo event! you may also change a calamity angel into a normal character/non cs, but you must tell me so I can update the masterlist. if the character you are turning in a calamity angel’s hex code/number is already taken I will ask that you change it. super similar colours are not an issue so long as they are not exactly the same.

that's it for now... please tell me what you think! ;u;

oh heck yea I want one omg this is a really cool idea, I'm a sucker for angel stuff pfft

this seems really cool :0 about the "sicknesses being carried over" part: would injuries they sustained right before death count?

Butter_Dragon aa thank you! ;v; I'm currently thinking of maybe some more traits or lore but I'll get around to finishing them up and make some soon!

prospitdreamer thank you! ;u; for the injuries, it depends. if the injury is easily healable with time then no, but if it would have been a lasting injury it most likely will. it might become a scar or something like that if it's a physical injury, but traces of it will most likely remain, if that makes any sense?

Butter_Dragon and prospitdreamer aa I made the official guide, so if you guys want to check that out? qwq

I'd love to see it!

Butter_Dragon pfft I forgot to post the link––
it's currently a written reference but I'll work on getting some visual examples as well!

oh my they sound really nice !! I love extra eyes and wings so hhhhh this sounds rly cool

Patatoponch aa thank you! qwq