Closed Species: Cruxites!!!

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago (Edited 8 months, 13 days ago) by ZugZwang853

Interested in cruxites?

12 Votes Yes! Where can I buy?
28 Votes Yeah, they sound pretty cool.
22 Votes Eh, maybe. Need more details.
20 Votes Nope.
4 Votes Pfffttt are you kidding me this is a stupid idea.

Cruxites are a closed species created by me, and must be bought or obtained through official cruxite designers.


!!Attention!! FREE cruxite MYO slots are being given away! In order to get one, please read the species rules and then comment on the forum to let me know. Once I respond saying it's okay you can design your cruxite, following the rules, and then show me the completed design for it to be officially approved. If your design does not follow the rules you will be asked to edit your design so that it does. This MYO comes with unlimited common trait slots, 3 uncommon trait slots, and 2 rare trait slots. Hurry while they're still available, there are only going to be 5 free MYO slots given away!

Free MYO slots available: 

Slot #1- ON HOLD

Slot #2- ON HOLD

Slot #3- ON HOLD

Slot #4- ON HOLD

Slot #5- ON HOLD


Cruxites are dragon-like creatures that have different substances for blood, These substances can be anything from liquids, gases, fine powders (like sand) to more unusual things like fire, electricity, sound, light, darkness, etc! As long as it can somehow flow through veins it can be cruxite blood!

Adopts for sale here!

Want a MYO slot or custom? Just contact me!

I only accept PayPal and points on DA

Here we can discuss anything cruxite related, like questions. 

I will regularly update information if any of the rules/info changes


TheStrayCat That's great! What would you like? You can be as specific or vague as you want, and I will need to know the blood type as well and any specific traits you want. Please let me know what you decide and i'll get on it right away!! :3 


Oh awesome! Thank you so much for your generosity, I hope it helps your CS get more attention c: 

I'll go more vauge! How about one inspired by the Chameleos from Monster Hunter? ( ) //he's my favourite elder dragon and since this won't be a character I can use in published literature, why not go all the way!// And some kind of toxic or poisonous blood would be awesome! Just have fun, I'm sure I'd love whatever you pull out of your sleeve 8)


TheStrayCat okay, I can do that! I'll send you a picture of the sketch before I outline and color it to make sure you're okay with the design, unless you want it to be a complete surprise. 


I really love surprises, so let's just go with that! :D 

I'm super excited now hehe Thank you so much! 


Quick question. If I have a rare slot, I'd be able to have common + uncommon traits as well right? If so may I claim a rare slot? 


TheStrayCat No problem!

InkkBean Yes, you can have common/uncommon traits as well as rare ones. You can claim a rare slot too. Are you planning on making your own or would you like a custom, because I am currently not charging anything for them right now.


I'll be attempting to make my own.

Would I have to pay for a mutation? I'm considering having a second form for when they're angry.


InkkBean Yes, usually I would charge money, but I think i'm gonna stop charging money until my species is more out there. Maybe instead of paying with money you could pay with art if that's okay with you. I'd accept art of any of my primary characters, so you have some options. 


Sounds fair to me. I'll get started on the art and then I'll create my cruxite.


Would it be alright for me to claim a rare myo slot as well? :0 I love this species!!!

I'm not sure what traits I want to use yet, but if I decide I want to use mutations or the such it'd be alright to do art of your primary characters right? Would you want one piece per extra trait?


Here it is. 

I can upload the version with a transparent background if you prefer.


InkkBean You can if you want, but it looks great! Thanks!

Steampunk-Rose Yes, you can claim a a rare myo slot. Everyone who claimed one never followed through so technically their all still open. And yes, the price of a mutation is art for one of my primary characters. You can do one piece per extra trait, unless you want to do one big piece to pay for multiple. 


Ok great, thank you so much!!


Steampunk-Rose No problem!!!