!!!Cruxites!!! (closed species)

Posted 3 months, 9 days ago (Edited 1 day, 2 hours ago) by ZugZwang853

Interested in cruxites?

3 Votes Yes! Where can I buy?
4 Votes Yeah, they sound pretty cool.
7 Votes Eh, maybe. Need more details.
7 Votes Nope.
1 Votes Pfffttt are you kidding me this is a stupid idea.

Cruxites are a closed species created by me, and must be bought from me on Deviant Art.

Cruxites are dragon-like creatures that have different substances for blood, These substances can be anything from liquids, gases, fine powders (like sand) to more unusual things like fire, electricity, sound, light, darkness, etc! As long as it can somehow flow through veins it can be cruxite blood!

Adopts for sale here!

Want a MYO slot or custom? Just contact me!

I only accept PayPal and points on DA

Here we can discuss anything cruxite related, like questions. 

I will regularly update information if any of the rules/info changes

Hey guys I now have mini $5 adopts up for sale!!!!!