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Are you interested in this species?

20 Votes I'm ALREADY invested in this species!
15 Votes I'm interested in this species!
9 Votes How have I not heard of these before?
6 Votes I might be interested for the right design...
7 Votes I'd prefer to design one as a MYO
6 Votes I'm not interested right now but I might keep an eye on these to see how they go
12 Votes I'm not interested
10 Votes I want to be a guest artist :3c

Current Event:


A note for interested Guest Artists:

I'm always open for Guest Artist applications every month. For more information/rules for guests artists, Refer Here!



Alpha Centauri, NPC and Mascot

Auracorns are mystical equine humanoids possessing magical energy 'horns' that project from gems on their foreheads. Along with these gems and horns, they are capable of other great magical abilities as well, including elemental magic. 

Auracorns are my personal closed species I've been developing and sharing for the last 2 to 3 years, with a wide variety of designs out there and a FANTASTIC growing community-! Besides adopts, there's also contest events to earn free Auracorn designs, MYO slots, and even the occasional NPC interactions! We also have monthly guest artists where I ask an artist to make ten Auracorn adopts to post up for offers, AND they keep ALL their profits! It helps to spread interest AND vary the style of Auracorns to add variety-!


Auracorn Species Information

Additional Information and Lore

Trait Quick-Guide


Another great feature of the species, is they can transform between humanoid and feral form-and even choose an anthro form inbetween if they so desire-! An example of how they can transform so easily can be seen here!


Discord Server:

Not currently open to the public just yet, invites are based on request

Toyhouse World:

Still being developed

Current Auracorns available for Flatsale, TRADE OFFERS MAY ALSO BE CONSIDERED:


Other Auracorns available (Guest designs, Etc)

Marina Prismakry

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Aaaaa thank you both so much~! \;u;/

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Hello this species is really cool and interesting! For the Auracorns up for sale (and maaybe trade) would an art or character trade be ok for the fierce tiger Auracorn?


Dominik Hey there, this isn't a sales thread, so you could please PM me or comment in my Auracorn sales/trade thread any offers you have on designs you're interested in? I do take trade offers on my flatsale designs too, so go ahead and send me a PM with offers


Good luck with these! They look nice :)


I would be interested in being a guest artist. Instagram

I'm currently working on my MYO slot from the last FTO event and really like this CS. <3 


Interested in being a guest artist,, but might be a bit slow..

I have examples in my art, and my instagram is Yoaisami as well~




Hi, I'd like you both to PM me your inquiries as I requested above to discuss further ;u; Thank you for your interest in the position, looking forward to hear from you!