Semi-Open Species - Gracien

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How they came to be:

Born when a Witch is injected with angels grace. The very first Graciens where born of a powerful black witch named Arvalnia who seeked to become immortal. The witch injected herself with several angel's graces after hearing stories of its healing properties.

The grace infusioned itself with Arvalnia's magic before consuming her physical body and splitting into three. The magic infused with grace took on three different forms of angel/humanoid babies.

Hecate the goddess of magic and witchcraft, watched as the powers of a witch and angel combined. Fearing the worst, she took in the three Graciens, as well warn other witches that following in Arvalnia's footsteps would only bring them death.

She trained the three Gracien sisters in both Angel and Witch magic. They learned fast and soon mastered both forms of magic. Word began to spread of such creatures existenced and how to create them.

Witches turned on Witches, angels were thrown into a panic.


Common: Gracien are OS, they are the examples below. Wings must be white. 

Uncommon: is for those who leave feed back and help me improve the species. They can have any animal features such as unicorn horns, tails , other kinds of ears. Their wings can also be Black or white.

Rare: only come as adopts from me and or 5$ slot. During the process of creation, the witch does not die. The witch/warlock keeps thier life and thier powers plus being turned. In these cases they gain a halo and their wings become unique colors. 


- Immortal: They can die from normal means such as someone wounding them and they are more vulnerable to obsidian. They heal faster then humans and do not age.

- They keep their abilities to do witchery. In fact, they get a boost in power and can cast more powerful spells combining them with angel magic. They are able to apply curses and remove them.  Curses that were appled by a Gracien can only be removed by one and no other way.

- Ability to hide their wings/feathers. To appear completely "human". ( All rarities can do this. )

- They can't fly ( Unless they have back wings ) , but all can levitate up to 5 feet.

When creating a Gracien it must have the head wings ( Unless rare ) and hip wings.  Size does not matter. You can use the bases below. 


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i love this concept! ive got some questions though

- does the amount of wings affect rarity?

- what kind of magical powers do they have?

- are there any limitations on eye colour? 


Hiii No the amount of wings doesnt affect the rarity but only rare can have back wings!

They keep the ability to do witchery and gain the ability to communicate with angels. Although angels dont usually communicate back, they can if they wish too. Gracien are immortal but can be killed by normal means. They just wont die of old age or illness.  ( I added powers also to the post above! )

And they can have any eye color you would like. But mismatching eyes are for uncommon and above

ah i see! thank you :3 i think ill be making one of these babs :3

Oh I am glad to hear! Since your the first you can actually make one with any raraties you like! here he is! i hope i didnt mess anything up

wow I really like this concept !! I was thinking tho, how about more differences between the tiers tho ? like maybe the appearance of the wings, more/less weaknesses, access to some more ancient magic or something ? or the ability to create a pet/familiar ? idk just throwing ideas around!! but the concept is rly interesting, I would love to make one :0


He looks great!! I'll add him to the gallery of others! 


Aww glad you like it! I am currently working on them and I am goin to update this post as soon as I can. They are prob going to be able to spawn pets in but I am not sure. I have a feral CS I was going to make but didn't. I might use them for this! 

Ilia nice ! I can't wait to see the changes !! do you think I could make an uncommon one or should I stick to common ? also would it be possible to do a myo rare ??

Patatoponch you can make an uncommon but rare is for friends or for those who can get one other person to look at the species! 

Ilia nice ! I actually sent the link of the species to a discord I am on and one of my friends seems interested :00
but I'm fine with an uncommon one too, thank you ! I'll make one soon :D
edit : screenie just in case

Cool! I'm thinking of making one, a common I guess? Also, are you going to maybe make a thread just for these, or maybe a DA group? Just wondering.

lil manual bump bc I want to see more graciens!!



Ya actually Ilia is a separate account dedicated to them but if people like them, I'd be willing to make a group for them!

a group would be nice, sure ! :D