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Lonru the rare dark frillyan and Noda the uncommon light frillyan (c) Kitsunka

Genderless critters born from wishes, dreams and desires of people. Some wishes are simple, some complicated. Some for good purposes, some evil, some are really neutral. And that all decides about the shape of born frillyan.
Their main task is to support their human, whisper when they have lost faith for granting their wish, make them hope and push a bit towards the goal. They often work together if their birthwishes are similar/are about the same person but come from different owners or quarreling if their goals are eliminating themselves. Example? Two girls wishing the one boy to be their boyfriend. Frillyans born from their wish probably won't make friends.
They do not die after wish is granted! They're really happy about it and can spend the rest of their lives peacefully, with others in frillyan's town as they're very sociable.

Species’s name comes from frills, which are covering parts of their bodies.

General look
Bipedal creatures standing on tiny paws and having big paws as hands. Their ears are long and floppy, always hanging down from their heads. Double ears rarely occurs. Fur of frillyans is usually short, with longer strands on cheeks. Sometimes they also have longer fur on necks.They never have tails but can have horns or wings.

The most important and unique thing in their look are frills, which are coming from head right above the ears, arms, chest sides, and in rare occasions, legs. Frills can have different shapes (like irl frills), textures and length (the longer, the rarer though and patterned frills are rare trait). Each of frillyans have only one type of frills. They can overlap in layers/ be shorter or longer but overall shape and color needs to be the same.

Also important part of their body is the aura - thing that floats above their head, which can indicate if frillyan's wish was granted or not - after their wish is granted, their aura sparkles all the time. It's possible that aura shape isn't unique, especially for common frillyans.

Vivid accents in fur are sometimes occurring while the majority of body's pastel or toned down colors. On the other hand, frillyan’s tongue/inside of the mouth color and blood color, which is the same color, is often in vivid colors and rarer in toned down.

They don’t have genitals and navels, since they’re created by wishes, not born. It's common that frillyans do not wear clothes but due to their obsession with mimicking people, it happens. Clothes they wear never cover frills.

They're around 35-45 cm tall. Their figure can vary but you’ll never see extremely fat or skinny frillyan.sati_mark_by_kitsunka-dbkr4p1.png

Satila the common light frillyan

☆ Rarity - depends of the complexity and overall power of the wish. For example: wish about having a tasty snack is really common and quite easy to accomplish (most frillyans have a bit more complicated tasks though). From the other hand, wishes to recover from hard to cure disease isn't an easy one and in the language of frillyans it's called powerful.
The more powerful frillyan, the more uncommon traits it owns and has longer lifespan - for common - up to 40 years, for uncommon - up to 55 years, for rare - up to 70 years.
It's allowed for frillyan to have ONE trait of one tier higher rarity, while their overall rarity is lower. If overall rarity of frillyan is common that means that they can have all common and one uncommon trait. If uncommon - unlimited common and uncommon but needs at least 2 uncommon traits, and can have one rare. Rare frillyan can have mix of every trait but needs to have AT LEAST 2 rare traits.

☆ Affiliation - wishes for good deeds or just neutral wishes are creating light frillyans. Wishes for bad - dark, so they're less common. Even though the wish is wrong/bad, it doesn't mean that dark frillyans are bad persons and otherwise.

Light Frillyans:
Born from good and neutral wishes. Their frills are neat and full, only sometimes have repeating, patterned cuts. Fur of light frillyans is in bright colors. Patterns are often toned down. Eyes has often cross pupils.

Dark Frillyans:
Born from dark, evil or naughty wishes. Dark frillyans have frills that look ragged, damaged, worn-out. Their fur is in darker shades. They often have vivid accents. Eyes has often vertical pupils. Fangs are longer than light frillyan’s and sometimes have spiky teeth.

The Town

Frillyans have basic needs like eating, sleeping or need of contact with others, after all. So they gather in the place, where they live while not monitoring the birthwish, which is literally called the Town. There they can find everything what they need - from food and shelter, to technology.
Frillyans that have their birthwish granted, often start to work in Wish Ministry (managing Wish Record and Frillyan Record) or just in the Town.

Thus they're born from wishes, they do not breed but it doesn't mean they're not capable of love. They can fall in love, even though in most cases it's purely platonic or slightly romantic. Never sexual. They’re innocent kids. Also - grooming (with tongue, like cats) somebody's ear frills is the sign of affection to them.
Even though frillyans are genderless, most of them are imitating humans in acting as one of genders and calling themselves the right for them pronouns.

Frillyans cannot get badly sick, the only afflictions they have are when they eat too much. Or, that’s surprising but they can catch a cold. Also it happens that they sometimes having frillyan’s rash, which mostly covers skin under the fur but some of it is visible above it. Neither of these diseases are life threatening. It’s unknown if there’s any serious illness they have fall.

They're omnivorous but usually eating what they can find in the wild like berries, nuts, mushrooms. They usually not hunt and not domesticate animals. Rarely are catching fish or small birds or eating worms/grubs. Frillyans are raising crops though and use it to bake bread and simple cakes. They shouldn't eat human's deep fried food but temptation is too high and they occasionally steal some snacks.

Each of frillyan have unique personality but they’re quite peaceful and bit naive folks. They will never think about hurting somebody else, even if they learned that people do it. They’re fast learners and love silly stuff like jokes, puns, memes.

Frillyans, when born know their birthwish and language in which it was thought. Since there's a lot of human languages, it would make hard to communicate between them, so after they are found by Ministry and brought to the Town, they're taught language of frillyans.

Frillyans vs technology
Smartphones are they favourite gadget, because are quite small compared to tablets and laptops, which makes it easier to handle by these small critters. If you lose yours and never find it, it might be their doing. They love the Internet, where they can contact with people, who don’t know they’re frillyans. Also are learning a lot about people through WWW, including memes and weird things.

☆ can create small portals (little higher and wider than themselves) to teleport on every place in the Earth.
☆ can appear and disappear from human sight
☆ can create small lights (light frillyans)/ darkened areas (dark frillyans)

☆ Often instead of walking, they’re just levitating under the ground but they aren’t capable of flying.
☆ Their existence is a secret. Frillyans cannot show themselves to people, even though they can talk to them. Hearing voices in head? These might be frillyans but not always.

Full trait list 
(for 19.08.17)

Trait guide

You're free to 'import' frillyans to your universe, making AU for them. They don't have to be only in modern alike world. Just keep their powers and characteristics!

Q: Can they have different ear shape?
A: Nope, they always have straight, long ears without longer fur. They have short fur at all, except sides of face and sometimes neck.