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Does this species look interesting at all to you?

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So I decided to make Mawers a reality! Here's the lore!

Section One: Origins

The Mawers are a virus-like species that originated from the spores of fungi on the now extinct planet Solaris. Before the planet was engulfed by the red sun it revolved around, researchers from the Coalition of Interplanetary Organic Life Preserving were sent to Solaris to harvest whatever remaining life was on there, before it was too late. 

The team that arrived on planet encountered an interesting surprise. A large part of the organic life was still sustained, and heat resistant for the most part. Able to breath in the atmosphere, they removed their helmets, exposing their heads of hair to the environment. 

Members of the team pulled out fungi and other assorted plants from the ground, and took samples of them in the process of doing so. While they did this, they shook off spores from the fungi, and the fungi in the air released bacteria that became stuck to their hair. Unlike some other species that burst out of your chest and kill you instantly, the bacteria did not kill the team. Instead, the bacteria then infected the strands of hair, and proceeded to embed themselves into their scalp, and edited their virus into the dna of the team. This edited virus dna would go onto to affect any children produced from them after that, all of the children spawned having Mawers embedded in their scalps and dna. 

Because of how easily the bacteria went unnoticed, the CIOLP did not know of the Mawers species until the first child after the mission was born. After the child was born, it was put through several experiments to see what it was. Eventually, they discovered the Mawers bacteria in the dna, but seeing in how the Mawers were not harmful to the hosts, they let the Mawers stay.

Section Two: Biology

The hosts of the Mawers species are humanoid, but have bacteria that produces a maximum of 10 sentient buds that act as their hair. The species of the host does not almost always matter, but they must be humanoid. This means that the host can be human or an alien, or even a monster.

These people are born with the buds in their hair from bacteria that implanted in their skull during their time in the womb, and will stay with them for as long as they live. Both the buds and the hosts need each other in order to live. The host provides food for the buds to eat, and in return, the bodies of the buds provide nutrients to the host's body, which enables the host to never have to eat if they don't want to. This also gives them extra strength.

Each bud can come in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and all buds can talk if they wish to speak. The "leaves" of each bud are considered the rest of each bud's body, with the massive front eating part the head. They look like baby buds, but will not turn into any new buds. The rest of the hair is considered to be the human hair, but cannot be controlled by the buds, as they can only control their hair body that the bacteria has a hold of, not the host's hair that the bacteria does not have a hold of. They can however, feel the host's hair if it touches anything, due being implanted in the skull, but still do not have control over the host's hair.

The host of the buds can look like humans in term of body shape, and can have any color skin, but always have a max of four arms and two legs. Of course, these limbs can be lost through severe trauma like humans can, and will never have a rarity set. Deformities of the body sometimes happen, but will never have a rarity set either. 

Those of the male sex are born with markings on their body that glow in the dark, and those of the female sex have eyes that glow in the dark. The markings can be anywhere, just so it is visible in some form.

Section Three: Behavior

The hair is sentient, with each bud having their own personality, along with a taste for eating people they or their host doesn't like. 

Each bud acts like a guard dog to their host, willing to bite off the head of whoever has hurt their host, or if they just generally don't like the person. It is greatly encouraged for a host to name their bud, as their buds can grow depressed and wither away from sadness, as they will refuse to eat. This of course can become an issue, as the health of the buds are tied in with the health of the human. If the buds die, the human dies. If the human dies, the buds dies. So it is greatly encouraged to treat them as if they were your friend.


You can go here for a better look on a full body. This is Miyoshi, and her buds Hidari and Migi. They're very "eat first, ask questions later" sort of buds. They also like to insult everyone they encounter. Miyoshi keeps them under control though. 

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