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introduction & links 

Vetehi is derived from the Finnish word “vetehinen”, referring to mermen or the rulers of waters. They are a subspecies of dragons, evolved to look more like humans in order to hunt them better.

Lore is only optional, and you don't need to keep them an aquatic species either if you don't want to! 

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trait guides

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lore summary 

It is said these creatures used to look like feral dragons in the past, but as humans started threatening their home waters, they were forced to change their living habits. Thanks to an ancient magic, these dragons were able to take a more human-like form in order to lure humans in and hunt them to survive.

Nowadays majority of vetehi know nothing of magic, and it seems most of them look rather human by now. However, it is said that somewhere in the deepest of oceans live vetehi that have remained more dragon than human, and are said to be eve ten times larger than any surface vetehi, drowning ships with their massive tails and even going as far as eating other vetehi.

Vetehi can most commonly be found from seas, but they can live in any water area they can just access. Sometimes they are sold as pets or put on a display, but as these creatures are close to humans in intelligence, perhaps even more intelligent, they are hard to catch and even harder to tame or domesticate if they don’t want to cooperate.

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