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Posted 11 months, 26 days ago (Edited 4 months, 28 days ago) by enchantedpencil

Announcement: Still looking for guest artists. Fiskert guest artists keep ALL profits earned from their designs! More info on guest arting is here. Please contact me if interested!


Current discussion question: "What sort of closed species events have you done in the past that you really enjoyed, and why?"

Welcome to my closed species! This thread is a place to discuss things, as well as access lots and lots of links to other information. Feel free to look around and answer the discussion question!

Links & Info

Species Info

Official Discord server

Deviantart group (still in beta)


Open Adopts

FTO freebies (available while supplies last)

Enchantedpencil's OTA fiskerts (new batches posted periodically)

Tentative schedule (subject to changes)



About the DA Masterlist Account: I do think this would be nice to have one, an visible masterlist can help if people trade/swap their charas and wants to keep an eye on trasition of the characters (like for be sure that people won’t scheme people into buying one non official fiskert or things like this) 

If the account is something you end up planning to do is always good to remember that setting things up asap can help in the future, so you wouldn’t have to organize tons of charas in one go (I don’t really know if you’re working alone, but if you are I should say that you’re doing great into organizing things by yourself!)


Pinsly At the moment I'm working 90% along so thanks X'D

Good point on the masterlist, I'll start thinking about, and if some other people express interest as well I'll probably set one up. You're right that it's better to start on it early and not when I have 50000 designs floating around, haha


Hi! I think the discord's invitation is expired and I'd like to join it!

Btw. I love the species already. I'm a sucker for aquatic species


Koprze Ack discord whyyy

Try this https://discord.gg/adXxQfX

Also thank you so much ahhhh! And I hope you enjoy your time in the server ;u;


Let me give a little bump to people see this thread/CS


Pinsly thank you, you're so kind :)