Bloodbuns: Species Info

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  • No one is allowed to create Bloodbun designs to be sold as adoptables. Permissions need to be granted first. (Guest Artists for example)
  • Bloodbuns are for personal use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • All designs must be sent to me for approval. You may comment here or note me at my main deviantArt account.
  • One person is allowed to have:
     1 Bloodbun MYO with one rare / uncommon trait only. The rest of the MYO slots/ additional traits will be charged.
  • Uncommon/Rare and Special traits are two separated paid slots.
    10 USD - Uncommon/Rare Traits (Unlimited)
    15 USD - Special Traits (Unlimited)


  Bloody Bunnies, known as Bloodbuns for short, is a species of bunny fairies that thirst for blood to quench their hunger. They are among the mythical rabbit beings, told from an english folklore that are said to had lived at the Moon. Compared to their ancestors, bloodbuns doesn't hesitate shape shifting in order to fit in at Planet Earth. 


  • They can live through a year by eating twice within the duration of time, considered to be immortals as long as they continue to feed. Stopping will made themselves fade to dust.
  • Bloodbuns also follow the ABO Reproduction System; Alpha, Beta, Omega. However, these doesn't affect how each are treated from one another.
  • The species have two distinct set of clothing, ethereal and modern. Ethereal clothing are for those who live at the Moon, while modern clothing is an accessible set available to Bloodbuns that had visited Earth. 




Existing Bloody Bunnies Designs:_custom__red_military_c_01_by_rhemechan-_open___2_4__bloodbuns_sp_by_rhemechan_d

Approved MYO Designs:


yourMeowjesty Either uncommon/rare trait! Feel free to make one and contact me for approval ^w^)9


Can I make a pure bunny fairy per chance?


Might i claim2? That cutie is hurting me... I must buy....


ThatOneWow Ah! I probably forgot to reply sorry. About that, they won't be considered a blood bun by then if you want to make a pure bunny fairy. Feel free to to make one if you want though, just let me know whether you still want it to be related to the lore of Bloodbuns. 

Inkibea Sure! You can send the payment through this link. I'll send the file by then! 


Cool cool! Sent!



Will make a bby later cause I need a blood-thirsty bunny bab >q<

So does the rule for the myo mean that I can make only one with one rare/uncommon trait, or that if I make another one I cannot use a rare/uncommon trait? Just a bit confused on that part~

Also, they can have more than 2 humans per year, right? Just curious. (I assumed that when you said "feed twice a year" it was of humans hhhh)


Sorry if its confusing! You can only create one MYO of the species, with either a rare/uncommon trait! The rest will be charged. ^^

Also yes, they can hunt humans more than two! Supplying themselves with blood twice a year is the minimum for consumption. 



Oh my gosh <3 I want a slot so badly ;;; Would I be able to get a common slot?


Ears: Markings (common)
Wings: double (rare)
Tail: short bob (common) unless i can use croissant jfnwgw

before i start drawing them and then have to edit-


PaperTsubaki Yes you can!
yourMeowjesty Yes the traits are correct ^^)9