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Radical. aggression and brightness of the moonlight

Chandas manifest from the fragments of ‘Great Moon’ a precious glass moon of an ancient god which perished together, remains only fragments which scattered to every worlds, every skies and every lands, in hope to implant the strong and determined spirit of the Great Moon. They lay exposed to light from the sun and the stars. For hundreds or million years could have passed, as no one could tell.

The first Chanda was born, followed by the second, the third, and many more. They are just fragments, but all of them have strong magical power.  They say if there is light, in regardless of the source, Chandas will still be powerful.

Even though they are skilled with magic, only a few Chandas could use light elements, especially fire and thunder. If any Chanda has said power, how strong could they be?

Appearance and power of Chanda were said to be imitated from the Great Moon and said ancient god.

- The image from god. -

It is not actually known how the ancient god looks like, but Chanda has long ears which strangely twist to resemble antlers. Adding their feet and tail, they make Chandas look closely like rabbits. The small pair of wings on Chandas’ hips resemble fins and above all, they also possess strange-shaped pair of wings which connect with their whole bodies like appendage

- The power from the Great Moon. -

The remains of the Great Moon that belongs to Chandas are colorful marbles that contains energy. They are attached to Chandas’ wings and may change form into decorations on their ears and act as their main source of power. If the marbles go dim, it is not a good sign.



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Do they levitate? or do they walk on their toes~

It looks as if they're feet never touched the ground :O

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Yoaisami they capable to do both! they can choose to levitate or walk around by their toes~


Do the wings do the levitation? They seem really fragile and look more like covers that protect the marble from damage~
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Yoaisami yes! I can say it again. of course, all of them made from glass. look fragile but hardy XD
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