Sugar Foxes (OS)

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What do you think of Sugar Foxes?

30 Votes So cute!
21 Votes Meh.
3 Votes Get it away from me!


For now and forever, Sugar Foxes are an Open Species! What does this mean? Well, it means that anyone can make a Sugar Fox at any time! Just remember to tag them as such, and perhaps tag me as Creator.

Use these links: Male Baby  Female Baby to download and color your very own Sugar Foxes!

Next poll: I've seen other species do this, so: Should Sugar Foxes be an upgradable species, with traits that you unlock? Click here to give your input!


1/6/19: I am considering opening the species, or at least semi-opening it. To give your opinion on this idea, please go here.

Sugar Foxes are an adoptable species based on sweet treats, such as cookies or cake. I bought the species off sunchart from DeviantArt, and have been messing around with them for a while.


 They have an ARPG coming soon, as well as a new Traits sheet I just made.


EDIT 10/12/18: I have made Open Eyes a common trait, as in: Any Sugar Fox can have them!

There's also lore for the species here, a UFA folder here, and a forum here

They are a closed species for now, but I may be hosting a Free MYO Event, if the species gets enough attention.

EDIT 10/12/18: If Sugar Foxes get 10 "So Cute!" votes in the poll, I will open a free MYO Event!

EDIT 10/15/18: Free MYO Event is live! Now until 10/31, make your own (common-trait) Sugar 

UPDATE 10/28/18: MYO Event extended to November 7!

UPDATE 11/7/18: The Free MYO Event has concluded! Thanks for your new additions to the Sugar Foxes Family!

UPDATE 12/26/18: There is a new raffle here on DeviantArt, for a peppermint bark baby!

Choco Mint KymPerson

Also, this sweet girl is DTA! Draw a picture of her, either as a baby or a teen, to enter.


Announcement! In addition to the DTA Sugar Fox, there's also a male Sugar Fox raffle here.

Red Velvet velvet_taku

aww that little minty cocoa would be perfect for velvet!! im drawing her right now



my attempt!


So cute! Entered!

Choco Mint KymPerson

2 week warning for the DTA, and 1 week warning for the raffle!


Idea! If we get 10 "So Cute" votes, I'll start a free MYO event!


UPDATE: 10/12/18

2-Day Warning for the DTA!

Also, I've updated the main post with a trait rarity change and a thought.


Voodoopunx reminder to come back to the DTA


aw heck, i'll never beat this competition


UPDATE 10/15/18: The DTA is over! And the winner is...

velvet_taku ! I'll transfer the bab to you immediately!

Free MYO Event (CLOSED!) KymPerson

Free MYO Event starts today! Ends 10/31. Rules are on the character page.




1-week warning for the Free MYO Event!


UPDATE: MYO Event extended to November 7!