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Electronically Calibrated Humanoid Organism

Electronically Calibrated Humanoid Organisms, also known as “ECHO’s” (ek-o), are an Artificial Intelligence designed to aid humans around various aspects of life. While most ECHO's are manufactured with a physical 'android' body, they have the ability to traverse their own data from their body onto cyberspace. In hindsight, an ECHO's body acts as a high-capacity, mobile computer with the ability to socialize, think, and feel.


*** ECHO MYO Event!! *** 

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Free MYO slots expire in two months! (10 Feb 19)

You are allowed to draw your own or commission someone to make your ECHO. 

Just remember: all MYO ECHO's must be approved by me before submission.

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Here are ECHOs open foradopt!!




**Please bid in the comment section, and only do so if you have the funds available**

The auction will end Christmas day: 1300 PST
Minimum increase: 5 USD

Momo Yuki #FFE66D

SB: $55

AB: $200

Master: --

Will receive the adopt in a higher resolution as soon as payment is received
File Includes:
-Base Fullbody
-Fullbody with extras

*AB'd ECHO will receive another fullbody sketch!*



I'm not too found of rpg type cs (which is what the description sounds like to me with the lore bit about these guys being in constant conflict) so maybe i'm not the best person to comment but I feel like these need a bit of work in general? My biggest complaint would be the fact that they have animal traits but the lore gives no explanation for that. It seems a bit out of touch with the idea of cyborgs/andriods so with out an explanation It's just a bit confusing?

I'd also possibly suggest splitting them up by gem shape. There seems to be no differentiation between technoguards and cyberogue's other then their name-I can't tell them apart easily by appearance alone which makes me wonder why the split is necessary except for in lore (which people might not want to follow in the first place).

Lore aside I actually like the basic design!! I'm not sure it fits with the story you're building in it's current form but they definitely look cute in terms of basic design structure!


Thanks for the honest feedback Beefy!!

You're definitely right about the lore being very vague. To be honest, I haven't gotten too much in detail about them for the fear of nobody being interested haha (or that can be an excuse for me to not work on it, really). But yes, they're not cyborgs/androids. More like digital characters with AIs, sort of like antivirus programs people have on their computer. I mean if enough interest pop up, I can give them an option of a physical form. But as of right now, they're appearance is more for appeal than function. 

And as far as the gems, I definitely want to keep them as is/versatile. Technoguards and Cyberogues are able to convert each other onto their own side. But you definitely are right about the difficulty in distinguishing them apart... I was thinking warm vs cold color but hmmm need to think on that one. 

If you have anymore critiques or things that stand out, please let me know!!   


i would perhaps write them up to also have more in terms of a physical presence, too. maybe it's just me but personally i would rather have characters that can be out and about with my others, rather than being restricted to a lesser space. which, i mean, is kind of weird to say given it's called the "world wide web" for a good reason but...

if you'd like ideas for the gems and differentiating them, could do certain patterns within them. if they're like led lights, why not do patterns that will change between the types? maybe the technos can have hearts, stars, wavy lines, shapes that are seen as cutesy/positive/attractive while the cybers have sharp zigzags, bones, exclamation points, warning triangles, etc. then if they get swapped to the alternate side, their shape lights will change without having to overhaul a color palette or change their overall shape.

beefy is right though, the lore behind them seems too vague for me to determine whether i'd get one or not. i love my kemonos but when it comes to closed species, i'd rather there be some detailing as to why they're that way rather than "oh hey animal traits for the  a e s t h e t i c", you know?
if they're being manufactured, could have some with and without the kemono traits. maybe they're marketed both ways to appeal to different crowds.
maybe they have actual functions in those parts that helps them survive or whatever, whereas humans don't need them. give them a function that will enhance their existences.

i would also maybe consider a "hybrid" because i firmly believe nothing is black/white with good/bad, even with something like this.
do they have their own personalities? do they adapt and change as humans do, or are they static and go by whatever they're programmed to do? is it similar to detroit: become human where there's seemingly a glitch in the system to make them change? or are they designed from the get go to become their own individual?

just some stuff to think about. up to you though -- they're your species and so i firmly believe you should do what you feel passionate about, not what happens to sell. i see a lot of species owners' flames burn out pretty fast that way.


Hey Malachi!!
Thank you for the feedback <3

Actually, light shapes is a REALLY good way of distinguishing the two. Thanks to your idea, I think I have an idea of what to do!!

And as far as the functionality of kemonos go, I think I'm gonna have to go with your suggestions to haha. I thought about adding attributes pertaining to the animals they take after, but... really wasn't sure. But yeah, if people are rather bothered by the reason why they do or don't look the way they do, its an extra detail I can add on

And hybrids are always a good idea!! I have them planned as well as mythical/reptilians/aquatics, so that's in the books. Just wanted to throw a general idea out before constructing more onto the lore or backstory to it.

But yeah, thank you and Beefy for the great feedback!!
I think I have a general idea of where I should poke around and build on to !!


Ahh- I took a bit of a break from toyhouse so I'm just seeing this; though it looks like others have already been a lot of help. Hah. I'm definitely interested, though I'm wondering if more human-like options would be available? Or other ear-tail options. I don't mind the vagueness of the description, I'm already really interested in this; and I'm super into it. But there's really not a lot of not-Kemono type adopts here, that are not elfs or demons or angels.

One adopt that could be interesting to look into are the Psyke adopts, I have a friend who have some. I can't afford a Psyke- but maybe someday, they also have a discord! You might be able to make a discord for your adopts to; uh I might not be able to but I can try to invite you to it if you want to see how they've set their's up.




But; I think there's so much more potential with these characters than animal ears and gems. They could have a much more technological theme since they are computer programs. Though animal features would be cute if there was a different option than the ones illustrated currently. However I sense I may also have a weakness for techno-punk themes. 


Hey Peridotite!!

Since it's all cyber esque, the appearance is going to be pretty customizable. I've entertained the idea of human bases, but figured nobody would be interested... BUT I WAS WRONG HAHA. 

Psykes are so bad ass tho haha

You're definitely right, there's more to expand on the theme. 

I mean, these guys are supposed to be wearing clothes on top too, so hmmm I need to do more fiddling that's for sure 😭


Well I'm super excited to see what you'll come up with! 


u should tots give their ears/tails more mechanical appearance for the #aesthetic 

visible joints and stuff with internal lighting at them is super dope and can probably open up the door to more potential led shapes and stuff 

i may be biased tho because i am vry much thinking of zoid-esque features 



My bbaaaaabbbyyyyy

I mean, we're actually on the same page here haha

The inside of their ears and the lines (?) are supposed to be glowy

But ye, I don't think this teeny ref does them any Justice on that part... I should probs edit it 🤔



ya give a better ref because im totally thinking of features like this and woof





Thanks to you and everybody elses suggestion, I was able to flesh it up more <333