Hydro-Spheres: NEW semi-open species!!!

Posted 8 months, 4 days ago (Edited 8 months, 4 days ago) by ZugZwang853

What do you think of Hydro-spheres as a species?

35 Votes Cool idea, might consider getting one
1 Votes Eh idk
3 Votes Not very original
1 Votes No thanks
12 Votes Need more info before I can decide on how I feel
1 Votes This is a dumb idea

Okay, so I don't know how I came up with this but here you go anyway. Hydro-spheres are basically anthro animals except they have glass spheres filled with water in place of a head. The water usually doesn't fill up all the way and there can be some aquatic plants in there. Also, there MUST be some sort of aquatic animal inside as well. The animal is enchanted and has shrunken in size, and are the main life source for the hydro-sphere. If these animals die then so does the hydro-sphere. 

There are also many sub-species! Sub-species mostly differ from hydro-spheres because of the contents inside the glass spheres, including the animals found within them, with few exceptions. Here's a list of all of them:

Hydro-sphere (water)

Tera-sphere (plant life)

Deso-sphere (desert)

Ice-sphere (icy environment/frozen body of water)

Magma-sphere (volcanic/magma)

Lava-sphere (lava lamp)

Snow-sphere (snow globe)

Glitter-sphere (same thing as snow-sphere but with glitter)

Geo-sphere (geode)

Techno-sphere (spherical screen)

Crystal-sphere (crystal ball)

8-sphere (magic 8-ball)

Mythic-sphere (mythical environment/creatures)

Glow-sphere (kinda like a glow stick)

Electro-sphere (plasma ball)

Elemental-sphere (elements on the periodic table like liquid mercury, liquid nitrogen, etc.)

Disaster-sphere (inside contains a storm)

Morph-sphere (can be any of the above EXCEPT the glass is shaped like the head of an animal or a different 3D shape)

Glass Being (can also be any of the above EXCEPT it's entire body is made from glass)

I'll definitely update this thread with more info, images, concept art, species refs, etc. I hope y'all like the idea so far though!!!! I'd love some feedback, it'd really help a ton!


Stormhunters that looks awesome, thank you! You are free to make a glass being, I would just like to see the design when it's done to approve (also because I love seeing people taking interest in my species haha).



Glad you like it! I'll send you the design once I finish it :)



Are they allowed to have fur tufts made of glass (to make it look fluffy when it's not?)



Are they allowed to have fur tufts made of glass (to make it look fluffy when it's not?)


This is real cool! And I've never had a character of an original species by someone else! I wonder..  So, I can make my own, but get permission for you to approve? :3c 


Stormhunters yes! 


ShadowDarespark Yes, you certainly can! :3



Sorry for the long wait! I wasn't able to make the ref until now.



Stormhunters No worries at all! Your design looks great and has been approved! Thank you for showing interest in my species.   :3