Pervigeo! (Help?)

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This is a species made by me and @cinnabad ! :0

I wanted to upload this before I forget so I'll draw traits later yeehaw

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- Faq -
Q. Can I make one?
A. They are currently a open species, so yes!

Q. How much is a myo? And what does it get you?
A. Undecided. And it grants you the ability to use as many rare/uncommon traits are you wish.

Q. How many traits can I have?
A. You can have as many common ones as you wish, up to 3 uncommon and one rare!

pervigeĊ / I continue blooming or flourishing; bloom or flourish to the last.

Welcome to the land of Pervigeo!

Pervigeo are FLOWER based aliens from an unknown planet!
They are great when it comes to farming, gardening and anything involving cooking.

They only eat fruits and veggies, although, some with a rare mutation may be able to eat fish!

Pervigeo are able to grow plants, and some even trees, and bugs. They are most commonly known to have flowers on their cheeks, but...

More recently they've been discovered to have fruit and bugs, they signify what that Pervigeo can grow.

Pervigeo are very tall creatures, and somewhat fluffy too! They're often in captivity but some corrupt ones can escape...



Aliens! I shall watch this thread for more info~ Love OS. ^^


hikarushirou !!! Thank you! I plan on making a ref later on today!


Species ref done!


For the example bab, is that the typical shape of their head fluff? Or I guess ears+fluff?


hikarushirou Typically yes! But they can be as fluffy as you want! Or even lack of it :0


Heck, they're giant cuties!!!


MadAssistant Thank you!!


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hikarushirou They're all good! They're adorable too!


Gonna make one soon~ love these babies




Going to be making one, might take some time tho-

Probably will do a flower (common) For the cheeks,

Rare horns,

and 2 eyes (common) :)