Brainstorming a new species... (Interest Check)

Posted 7 months, 29 days ago (Edited 7 months, 29 days ago) by Sami-Fire

Hi folks! I'm trying to put together a new species that'll actually keep my interest and those of others after I release it. I have a few aspects in mind...

- "Human-faced anthro" style, or at least fuzzy bodies (I just want some soft folks)

- Themed around abstract concepts, most often emotional in nature ("kindness" or "courage," or something more esoteric like "mercy" or even "sharpness")

- Have something on their bodies that "displays" items or scenery associated with their concept. Was considering having it be a crystal on the ends of their tails, but I think I've seen this somewhere else...

- Possible trait ideas: ear types, fur type/length, tail type, crystal shape... want some more trait ideas that don't involve color, eyes, or the presence/absence of something, but I guess I'd have to design a basic one of these first.

- No world restrictions. They have a homeworld, but they can go into whatever kind of story you'd like (and interact with other CSes with permission).

- Can be nude or clothed, and have any body type (can even be silly little chibi things if you'd like).

The general lore I've worked out for these folks is as follows:

- Upon reaching maturity, they "pledge" themselves to a certain concept (again, generally emotional), and they become heavily influenced by it. In a way, it becomes their "element."

- These beings harmlessly consume emotional energy, and so they enjoy being around large groups of people (and large events).

- They are extremely in tune with (sympathetic to) the emotions of those around them.

- They can synchronize with most types of people to create song magic with actual effects and achieve telepathy with their partner. The qualities of the songs/magic produced depends on the depth of the relationship between the partners.

- Considering something like entering a shared dream to deepen the relationship/pact, but that's probably too much for now...

- They are enamored with music and its ability to set moods, to the point that they can feed off it like they would emotional energy. They can also produce limited, mostly expressive "song magic" on their own. In a way, they're like the guardians of emotions, expression, and connection.

- Not pledging to a concept at maturity is generally considered a bad thing, because the "empty sphere" leaves them vulnerable to possession by unpleasant things that aren't easy to remove. (Future subspecies based off this?)

I know this isn't much to go off of just yet, but what do you think of this concept? What suggestions would you have moving forward (whether it's for a name, design piece, lore piece, anything like that)?


That sounds pretty cool!


I like this idea! I really hope you go through with it ^^


I like it! I loove music so that part of it is a cool concept. Now for the 'darker' emotions, can one become dangerous or a threat? Like angry, sadness, greed(?). Not sure which sets of emotions you'll use, like anything and everything or just general x,y,z.

As for the crystals, what if it's the tip or half of their tail? That it takes on a crystal like appearance. Perhaps that's what better helps them harmonize with music. Like glasses with water in em. Or perhaps part of their chest, again for the better harmonizing, like reverberation.

Sorry if you already had a set idea, just a couple alternatives to avoid the "already been done" problem. But on that note, who cares! You do you! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


I didn't expect people to suddenly show up with a positive response! Here we go:

chelonianmobile and CrashQuartz - thank you for the support! I'm glad to see people might be interested.

hikarushirou Thank you for the in-depth feedback! Yes, I believe I planned for "dark" emotional types to potentially pose a threat, but still not as bad as the "empty vessel" types. I also like the idea of the tails themselves being crystalline. This feedback was actually really helpful! If I go forward with these, you'll notice that some of these creatures pledge to "concepts" instead of emotions.


yoooo sami i can hear the hymmnos in my head reading this haha !!i LOVE this concept and id love to help out if you want ovo!!


Celestine Joke's on you! It's actually Emotional Song Pact from Ciel/Ar Nosurge- -punted- if you don't know what that is I'll be sure to talk your ears off about it later. If you're game to help out, I'll bug you over discord a bit later! Thanks for showing support~