Bliztrots the Closed Species (custom adopts open)

Posted 5 months, 11 days ago (Edited 5 months, 11 days ago) by Rationelle

- Bliztrots -

also known as Blizzard trotters 

species scientific name - Nixarus Capara

Founded by - FA-Rationelle and FA-Sanityisforthesane 

official species page can be found here -->

also here -->

Although they are a closed species, I'm always open for making adoptables, and custom designs. 

other Bliztrots can be found on my page as they are my main characters

References are found here --> 


Feral reference --> 


If anyone would like to adopt one and join the Bliztrot family please dont hestitate to message me and inquire! 

Questions regarding please comment or message me.