Interest check for many species

Posted 5 months, 11 days ago (Edited 5 months, 11 days ago) by Azabelle

Hello I’ll drop some full examples when I get home but I didn’t want to forget to make this post. This is an interest check for the CONCEPT. Please comment if this sounds appealing to you whether you like my drawing style or not.

Would anybody be interested in buying entire closed species (or open species)? As long as I can make as many adopts as I want in that species I will sell the whole thing to somebody. You would own it just don’t claim you came up with it please.

The rules:

-once bought you can change whatever you want about the species

-name it however you want but it’ll come with suggestions.

-if you want me to I will act as a co-owner, I don’t mind helping with ideas and things but you would be the primary owner and if problems arise you would be the one with the rights to the species.

The species would come with art examples, a complete description of physical features (variations and restrictions) you can change any of these once he species is bought. It would come with some lore/backstory and name suggestions.


Reserved for examples


That sounds like a great idea! I might be a little biased, though, since I bought my current species from someone.



Oh nice! Well it’s still good feedback bias or not :P