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Hey i am making a new closed species called Evokao, they are a humanoid species. I have some basics down but I'm not sure if i should anything else. If you think i should add anything please comment below. If I use your idea you will have a free slot to make an Evokao of any rarity when the species full comes out!!! Also i was wondering if i should make it an ARPG species?

Quick History

- A humanoid species sent some of their kind to a planet called Evokos.

- The gasses in the planets atmosphere caused the humanoids to evolve to become more like the native creatures.

- In each area that the humanoids inhabited they evolved differently.

- They are now so different from their original species that they are known as Evokao.

- 10,000 years ago the gasses in Evokos' atmosphere changed once again, they no longer had the property that would cause rapid evolution.

- About 8000 years ago the different types of Evokao started to live together.

- Now their culture and mannerisms have largely changed. The trait however, have still stuck with them until this day.


Fire - common Water - common Air - common Earth - common Ice - uncommon Rock - uncommon Arcane - Rare Astral - Very rare Shadow - Very rare Light - Very rare

~~ More types exist but there are only around 10 of each type EX Spirit, Radiation, Volcano ~~

-- Order of respect/ social classes / trust--

Fire, Water, Air, Earth Light, Rock, Astral, Arcane Ice, Shadow

Hybrid rarity

- 2 types - uncommon

- 3 types - rare

- 4 types - very rare

- 5 + types - legendary



- Their clothing sense is widely varied.

- The most common clothing sense in large cities is mainly Korean esque and RPG Fantasy clothing.

- As you move further into the 'countryside' the clothing becomes more and more varied.

- All clothing is modified to fit the specific Evokao who is purchasing it.


- Like all sentient creature Evokao have names, however all Evokao have nicknames and they go by them instead of their real names.

- Evokao parents do not decide their child's name but they do decide the child's nickname.

- The child's real name is decided by the Evokao elders and is told to the child on their 18th birthday.

- Every Evokao that has ever existed is recorded in The Book of Names.

- It is said that if you know an Evokaos real name you can control their Volkos.

- Their real names are normally Latin/Greek but they can be totally made up.


- Evokao have formed bonds with certain species on the planet

- These species are known as companion species

- Evokao sometimes go and spend some time in either the forest, a mountain or by the coast. They do this as a way to find a companion.

- If they are destined to have a companion then a creature from the companion species associated with that area will come forward and present itself to the Evokao.

- The Evokao and their companions form a strong bond, this bond is so strong that it links the two creatures minds together (they can telepathically communicate)

- If a creature kills the Evokao's companion the Evokao will do anything they can to kill that creature.

- When an Evokao gains a companion the creature evolves over the next couple of days to gain the Evokaos traits (while retaining ones from their original species)

Tourist Species

- There are plenty of 'tourist' species on the planet

- The term Tourist species is used by Evokao to describe any species that is not native to the planet

- Any species can live on Evokos a couple of examples are humans, angels, demons, elves even other original species!!


- Evokao are omnivorous

- However, some Evokao choose to be either strict carnivores or herbivores

- Evokao don't import any of their food from other planets and only use Evokos' resources

- While most Evokao prefere to cook their food at home or go out for food, some still like to go and actively hunt for their food in the wild


- Intersperses relationships are just as widely accepted as same species relationships.

- Evokao are normally neutral to their biological families they aren't overly attached but they also aren't neglectful, but instead form new families with Evokao their age. They then tend to live with these groups and tend to behave like gangs.

- The groups tend to have a wide range of temperaments, but just as with most gangs there are rival gangs and sometimes fights over territory can break out.

- As they grow older Evokao normally part from their gangs and settle down to raise their own family.


- There is a basic government that makes decisions on major plans. (EX: what to build, new laws, what to do with criminals)

- Any minor decisions that need to be made is voted on by the people

- A new political party is elected every 10 years

Royal Family

- There has always been a royal family on evokos

- they dont really have any power they are just public figures

- The royal family are hardly ever seen out in public Biology


- Evokao can live to be well over 1000 years old - the oldest Evokao ever recorded was 2375 years old

- A lot of Evokao don't live past their 150th birthday as in their youth they tend to live dangerous and reckless lives.

- Evokao become fully grown at around 28

- They tend to start to join gangs at around 75 years old

- They are considered adults on their 250th birthday

- Evokao start to deteriorate and age at around 1500-2000 years old

- Evokao have such long lifespans and the original beings that they were could live to around 100 years old, and their time on Evokos has just amplified their lifespan.


- Evokao reproduce just like humans and most other humanoids do.

- The relationship between both parents or between parent and child can widely vary.

- Evokao have a gestation period of 6 months

- Female Evokao have the ability to release a pheromone into the air to help her attract a partner

- Male Evokao normally try to show off to a creature that they would like to be with. This can be from simple things to holding doors open to more reckless things like building jumping.

- Some male Evokao will attack each other if they are both after the same partner

- Evokao have the same reproductive organs as humans do

- Normally breeding with a different type of Evokao is not considered taboo, however, breeding with either an ice or a shadow Evokao is considered taboo.


- There are hardly any harmful diseases on Evokos (bacteria and viruses can't easily survive as the planet is naturally resistant), the only way a new disease could occur would be if a "tourist" brought the disease with them

- Evokaos cant normally have conditions such as diabetes, eczema or psoriasis. However, these can still occur because of genetic mutations.

- Mental disorders are actually unusually common in Evokao. 3/5 Evokao have some sort of mental disorder, the disorder can be severe or hardly noticeable.


- The average height for a male Evokao is around 5"10

- The average height for a female Evokao is around 5"6

- Evokao can come in any build, However, most Evokao are either of the slim or fit build.


- As the civilization has progressed and evolved the different types of Evokaos started to live together, and with that came the arrival of hybrids.

- Any of the types can breed together, however 'opposite' types have a 70% chance of creating a Volkos or of the child dying.

- All hybrids have a 35% chance of creating a Volkos or of the child dying.

- Evokao can breed with a multitude of different species other than just their own.

- When an Evokao and a different species breed, the child will most likely have at least 60% of traits form its Evokao parent.

- When two Evokao breed their child will have a mixture of traits coming from the two parents, some traits might even fuse together - this only happens when evolutionary beneficial.

- Mutations occur through hybridization, any trait that is not acquired from either parent is called a mutation, also any fused traits are known as mutations.

- When a mutation goes wrong the child will either die, or if they have a high will to live they will transform into a Volkos.

- There is no limit to how many types an Evokao can be, the highest ever recorded hybrid that survived had 8 types


- These are mutated Evokao.

- They can occur from being born to 'opposite' type parents, being subjected to high levels of stress or pain (aka going insane), or they can occur from extreme anger.

- All Evokao have the ability to turn into a Volkos, this happens when the Evokao becomes extremely enraged. When the Evokao calms down they normally turn beck into their normal form. However, sometimes the Evokao is unable to revert back to their true form.

- When an Evokao is unable to return to their true form they are normally outcast from society.

- Volkos are large, powerful beings that are fuled by hate and anger. They are very destructive and are very difficult to contain and control.

- Some Evokao learn to use the Volkos and can willing switch from their normal form into this one, they also have the ability to control their Volkos.

- Born Volkos can be taught to be kind caring and passionate, however, this is very rare and the Volkos will still always have a short temper.

- The Volkos' appearance depends on the type of the Evokao.



- They always have at least 4 eyes, 2 normal ones and then 1 smaller eye under each eye. ( these small eyes are only open if the Evokaos main eyes are blind or its dark - they work as heat vision goggles would)

- Their blood turns into a gas as soon as it leaves the body - this gives the effect of smoking wounds.

- The type of your Evokao will normally affect its personality, however it isn't uncommon for Evokao to be completely the opposite of the stereotypes.

- Hybrids can have a mixture of the parents blood color EX, Water and Earth = Turquoise Blood

- Males normally are brighter, have more intricate skin patterns and have more impressive horns

- Evokaos normally have patterns on their bodies, this can be animal print, spots, anything really


- Ear types

- Eye amounts

- Mouth types

- Tails

- Cracks in skin

- Horns (all males have horns)

Exclusively Fire

- Flaming horns, eyes and tails.

- Red blood

- Demon tails

- Dragon like feet

- Red scale skin tones

- These Evokao tend to be hot headed, feisty and passionate.

Exclusively Water

- Webbed Hands, Ears and Feet

- Gills

- Aquatic Tails

- Fins

- Dark blue scale skin tones

- Dark blue blood

- Scale like skin/Scales

- These Evokao tend to be intelligent, serious and cunning

Exclusively Air

- Wings

- Winged ears

- Bird legs

- Bird tails

- Feathers

- Light blue scale skin tones

- Light blue blood

- These Evokao tend to be carefree, playful and curious

Exclusively Earth

- Stag Horns

- Deer or horse legs

- Land animal ears

- Animal tails

- Green blood

- Green scale skin tones

These Evokao tend to be peaceful, kind and wise

Exclusively Ice

- Ice horns, tails and body parts

- Body Fur

- Small grips on hands and feet

- See through skin

- Grey/White blood

- Grey scale skin tones

- These Evokao tend to be cold, calculating and mysterious

Exclusively Rock

- Rock horns, tails and body parts

- Natural armor

- Echolocation

- Brown scale skin tones

- Brown blood

- These Evokao tend to be tough, resistant and Level-headed

Exclusively Arcane

- Use of Magic

- Glowing runes across body

- There are no personality stereotypes about these Evokao

(Arcane Evokao have gained their magic through the raw energy from the areas that they originally lived in. The plants in the area were filed with magic rich nutrients, and as other animals ate the plants it was passed onto them. Creatures other than Evokao could not harness the magic as they did not have a high enough inelegance level to comprehend and learn about magic. As the Evokao ate the plant and animal life the nutrients was passed onto them, as these Evokao bred with one another the nutrients got passed on from parent to child and accumulated in the Evokao as the generations went on. As the Evokao stated to notice changes in their people, they began to study and record about magic.)

Exclusively Astral

- Galaxy flowing in horns and tails

- Constellations on skin

- Galaxy skin types

- Transparent blood

- These Evokao tend to be reserved, quite and anti-social

Exclusively Shadow

- All eyes are heat vision

- Glow in the dark horns

- 'Torn' mouth

- Purple scale skin tones

- These Evokao tend to be sketchy, untrustworthy and egotistical

Exclusively Light

- Heat vision eyes can be blind

- Emits light out of cracks in skin

- Horns emit light

- Yellow scale skin tones

- These Evokao tend to be shy, kind and non confrontational



Here are some questions for further development:

Are there social classes between the Evokos? Like, is a rock evoko higher up in social classes than a fire evoko?

Do the evokos have a government? If so, how does it work?

How do Astral evokos use their magic? 

This seems cool tho! I'd be very interested in helping with it! Contact me if you want help with the species!


ThatOneWow thank you for the help. I had totally forgotten to talk about government, social classes and how the magic actually works XD

Do you have a deviantart? if you do can i have your username so i can add you to a list. - this is so i can remember who can make a free evokao.


serene-bambi Thank you so much for the help!! I have fully developed the physical aspect of the Evokao now ^^ I am still working on the Volkos tho as i want them to look animal like but i'm struggling on deciding a design XD

Do you have a deviantart? if you do can i have your username so i can add you to a list. - this is so i can remember who can make a free evokao.


No problem! My deviantart username is also ThatOneWow!


For Astral if they have a Volkos, it should be something like a supernova erupting with blinding light, if Fire their foot prints (if any) should burn the ground beneath them, if water when they change a tsunami sorta thing should soak like everything around them?  And so on...

I think as they transform into the Volkos there should be disasters to follow that revolve around their type!! Unless they learn how to control the volkos, consequences should happen?

Unless I misunderstood how volkos work of course! This species is AMAZING!


Dominik I really love that idea about the Volkos!!!!! Thats actually amazing!!! Thank you so much!!

You definately get a free slot, could i grab your DA - if you have one - so i can add you to the list?


Your welcome!! And my DA is TheTotalChicken, I dont use it very much though! 

Thank you soo much!! Can't wait for this species!


Keko Thank you for the advice about how to include the RPG element into my species, the idea about writing and art prompts ir really cool!! Also I really like the idea for the NPC shop - that would be really helpful.

I think i may get the basic species down and get some member first, then i can focus more on the RPG part of it. Kinda like CCCats did.

Also i would absolutely love you as a guest artest when the species is up!!! Thank you again for your help. I shall put you down for a free slot uwu