Looking for affiliates! (DA group)

Posted 3 months, 2 days ago (Edited 2 months, 15 days ago) by Koro-san

Would you be interested in participating?

0 Votes I'd buy one!
1 Votes I'd buy, and probably rp a little!
4 Votes I'd love to draw some!
2 Votes It's 2AM! Go to bed.
1 Votes Who are you?

edit: the DA group is now here!

I've edited this twice so don't mind some of the comments below, thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far!

Now I'm just looking to attract more people to the group, so I'd love to affiliate with other adopt groups with a similar goal!

If anyone is interested or know someone who might be interested, feel free to message me or post here :3


I would need to message you my examples in the morning but I would love to help out with the art for the species. I've been interested in these guys since the initial bucket thread, though I've yet to upload mine here as the owner list was a little jumbled if I remember right.


I would be really happy to see these up again! I loved these species even when they had started, but never had the chance to get an adopt for myself! I'd would be really cool to see these guys up and running again, and I can't wait for the lore! I'd also love to help with art, I don't have many examples of my newer art, so I'll message you once I have a few pieces done! (I just haven't been drawing digitally too much, I've mostly focused on trying to improve my traditional, that's why I don't have too many new examples.) <3


Jashin325 Responded :3

poofygirl If you've got a decent camera or a scanner, traditional is fine too! I'd love to see some examples whenever you're ready :3