Trait Sheet Tips?

Posted 6 months, 27 days ago by PixiWaltz

     So, I'm about to do a trait sheet for my CS Somni and I was wondering what you like/dislike seeing on trait sheets?

P.s. if you'd like to ask questions or critique the current info on the species the info is here, critiques, questions, and comments are always appreciated!


personally i dislike unorganized sheets, and text-heavy ones

  • unorganized as in there are no clear sections for the different types of traits, or all the words are too close together. it doesnt need to have borders or like masterful editing or anything, but it does need to be clear about all the traits
  • when i say text-heavy, i mean i dont like when all the lore is combined onto the trait sheets. (not really fond of lore sheets either since it takes time to load big images which can be hell on some devices. if you want to make one while also having a text version thats great tho). little notes about how the traits work/why/wtc are fine tho as long as its not too distracting
i do really like when trait sheets use existing designs as visual examples tho. it shows how the traits look in actuality, and its just cute and comes off as friendly if that makes any sense whatsoever lol

birthday Definitely useful suggestions, thank you! <3


Handwritten trait sheets make me have to squint. Use a nice clear font with plenty of space.


This is useful. I would say clear directions, and showing how their bodies work helps a lot