LF: new species to get into!

Posted 20 days, 4 hours ago (Edited 20 days, 4 hours ago) by Caine

I feel like in 2019 I want to get more actively involved with other species as well, and what's the better way to find them than hearing people's recommendations! I usually prefer posting these kind of threads to elsewhere but I feel like with CS talk it's sadly the safest choice to just post this here and I apologize. 

Open, semi-open and closed are all fair game, although I prefer people suggesting me things they'd imagine me being interested in rather than advertising just whatever.

Things I really particularly like 

  • Species that are relatively easy to draw (so not too busy in design; however I'll look at anything!)
  • Human faced designs (the rest of the body is like whatever) 
  • MYO events (I usually prefer making MYOs than buying new designs)
  • Active/semi-active and/or friendly communities 
  • Species with fur on their bodies
  • Socks/gloves/lingerie etc type of markings 
  • More adult oriented species (but not strictly NSFW)
  • Hooved or paw feet  
  • Feathery wings 
  • Centaur/lamia/dragon type of bodies
  • Optional feral forms / multiple forms 
  • Cutesy aesthetic 
  • Monstrous humanoid designs 

For the record the species (aside from my own vetehi) I'm atm involved in are dainties, zodai, perfumimis and mimsies! Here are also some species people suggested to me already on my bulletin

Things I'm currently not looking for:

  • Feral species (anthros are ok)
  • Strictly NSFW species 
  • Species strictly tied to a certain worldsetting 
  • Species that for some reason don't allow you to pick just any gender for your character (so no male/female only species etc)
  • ARPGs, unless it's fully optional 

You don't need to limit things to just the "really like" list! As long as they're not on the "not looking for" list I'll take a look at anything!!


HI!!! I have three cs that you can check out? I've not been doing too much with adopts lately but at some point I really want to get back into it properly! They're all pretty new but I really want to build up a community and do MYOs and stuff at some point, thanks for checking them out! 

Fahrens | Fluffaes | Scribblers


Renmantai They're all really adorable ;o; Thanks for linking!!


Caine npnp! Hope you find something ur interested in soon winks


heres mine ovo http://fav.me/dcxxnao


regular myos are currently open till the 28th of feb (and are free c: )


Sytriel Ooh what the heck I LOVE doll species!! I fear the carousels might be a little too detail heavy for me but I watched the group and will definitely keep it in mind :3c


aa thank you lol and yes they are very detailed sometimes (Especially when im the one designing them lol)