☄ Bilus! | Semi-open, free MYO slots!

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.: Bilus Megathread :.

.: Summary :.

Bilus (pronounced: bee-loos, singular: bilu) are a new semi-open anthro species, characterized by the glowing marks and freckles on their skin and the glowing lanterns they carry at all times. The lanterns they carry house their souls, and help guide lost souls to them so they can help usher them into wherever they want to go after death. They're very proud of their glows and love to show them off, unless it's too dangerous for them to do so.

Bilus themselves are a genderless/sexless species--they are born when a soul wanders into a lantern and grows into a Bilu. Bilus can use any pronoun they are comfortable with. In conversation, most default to the neutral "they/them" until they learn which pronouns the Bilu they're talking to are comfortable with. Personality-wise, most Bilus are calm and non-confrontational.

Bilus live in a semi-open universe: other species/characters cannot enter the Bilu homeworld (except for during special festivals), but Bilus can enter other worlds and universes. In the Bilu homeworld, all adult Bilus can choose to work in a variety of jobs!! To read more about the Bilu homeworld and their jobs, click here!

you're free to use or not use the lore as you want! the only thing you need to keep are the lanterns housing their souls, since that's kinda the defining characteristic of this species, haha.

.: Traits Sheet :.


.: Free MYO Slots :.

As a semi-open species, you're able to claim a common MYO for free! you must first ask to claim a slot, then i will give you a registration code to mark that you have an officially recongized bilu! there is a free-to-use base listed in the links at the top of this post that you can use to help you design your MYO bilu. free MYO bilus can never be resold, only gifted or traded. please read the tos linked above for full rules! your MYO design will have to be approved by me before you can begin using it, however.

you can only have 3 unfinished MYO slots at a time, so if you want to keep creating bilus, you'll need to finish and get your designs approved by me to claim more MYO slots.

.: Design Guidelines :.

- For common/uncommon MYOs, skin color needs to be a mid-to-dark color, with bright/pastel glow freckles.
- Eyes, freckles, and lantern glows all need to be the same color.
- Freckle glow extends to fur tufts and wings as well!
- You're free to design any lantern or staff you'd like! Don't feel limited to what's available on the base.
- Clothing, if you want to design any, needs to be sheer/translucent so the glow markings can shine through, UNLESS you are making a bilu in the defender/merchant jobs. Bilus are proud to show off their glow markings!
- You don't need to use the myo base provided, but i may ask that you provide a list of traits if you don't.

.: Rarities & Pricing :.

- common: all common traits, OR up to 2 uncommon traits
- uncommon: 3 or more uncommon traits, OR all common traits + 1 rare trait
- rare: all uncommon traits + 1 rare trait, OR 2-3 rare traits, the rest common/uncommon
- legendary: 4+ rare traits, OR contains ANY legendary or mutation traits

MYO slot pricing:
- common: free, with permission, unlimited
- uncommon: $5 USD, unlimited
- rare: $25 USD, limit 3 sold per month
- legendary: currently unavailable for purchase

.: Adopts for sale :.

12109898_HRL.png 12271917_4qf.png

To claim your free, common MYO slot, either pm me here, or post in the thread to claim! no need to ping me, i'm subscribed and i will get the notifications, i promise. c: also, please specify if you want to claim an uncommon slot or higher! otherwise i'll just assume you want the free common slot and that's what you'll get, haha.

We also have a discord server where you're free to join and drop in wips of your MYO designs if you like! Invite link is at the top of the post. You don't need to own a bilu or a MYO slot to join~ it's currently a very small, extremely chill server, haha. i'm also working on making a group for them on deviantART!

please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

update feb 13, 2019 released three new uncommon traits!~ the traits sheet and bases have been updated to include them, and i also added a few more lantern and staff options to the myo bases as well! if you're still working on your MYO design, you're free to use the new traits as well!~ also planning on holding a fun little sale and contest in march!~ more details on that will be released march 1st, so keep an eye out!


Can I claim one legendary traits and one with rare traits?


AquaBanana legendary MYO slots are not available right now, but you are able to claim a rare MYO slot for $25 USD if that's what you'd like to do.


I'd like to claim one for a common MYO :o


ducclord okay! transfer will be sent soon~



Oops, must've read it wrong sorry! Can I get 2 commons?


AquaBanana sure! I'll be sending them shortly~


just a head's up! i'm going to be out of town this weekend, so while you're still able to go ahead and ask for myo slots, i won't be able to send any transfers until probably late sunday night or early monday morning. i'll be slightly easier to reach on discord though if you want to join the server and post your designs there to get them approved quicker! otherwise i'll answer all pms and check in on the thread when i can.


Oh my, I love the concept so much. I'd love to have a common MYO slot! :0c


Swissy WolvenChimera sorry for such a late response! as noted above, i was out of town last weekend and i needed yesterday to get back into my usual routine. character transfers have been sent! thank you for your patience~


I'd love to claim a common MYO slot!


TheBusStop sure! transfer will be sent shortly~


Thank you!


boop boop, here's a small update! my birthday is this month, and I'm turning 25 on the 25th, so I decided to run a 25% off sale for MYO ticket pricing until March 25th!

also plan to hold a naming contest for the bilu homeworld sometime in March, still deciding the prizes, but it'll probably include a rare design or MYO slot!! more info on that to come.


One myo?