Chinchilla Species+ Axolotl Species Interest Check

Posted 6 months, 25 days ago (Edited 6 months, 25 days ago) by irp

Interested in Chillas, Axolobies, both or neither?

3 Votes Chillas
4 Votes Axolobies
7 Votes Both
2 Votes Neither

I've been wanting to get into adoptables for a long time with my own species, and I've got two in the works I'd like interest / feedback on.

The first are Chillas, a steampunk chinchilla humanoid species based around clocks. They have clocks inlaid in their bodies of different types, and take meticulous care of their clocks. They have a complex social order, live in the mountains, mostly farm but have royal castles, and would have rarity traits.

The second are Axolobies, an axolotl humanoid species. Axolobies have external gills that look like small wings where their ears would be, and these substitute for their ears. They range from cutesy-- with chibi proportions, clothing, and humanoid features beyond their gills-- to more monstrous (rarer) with more humanoid proportions, translucent skin, multiple eyes, and magnificent gills. Unlike real axolotls, they can walk on land but prefer to be underwater in their cities.

Both Chillas and Axolobies live in the same world in the far future, long after humans modified themselves with animal DNA according to their environments. Both Chillas and Axolobies have technologically advanced societies, but Chillas are more agrarian while Axolobies are focused on city infrastructure.

If these species were to become popular, I could add more species to the world, and create cross-breeds if possible.

Would you be interested in adoptables like that? What traits do you really like in adoptables? Worldbuilding? Feedback in general? Please bump if interested! I'm new to this site.