Ocean protector species thing intrest check? +help

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Would you make one?

1 Votes No thanks! Not my cup of tea!
1 Votes No thanks, they need more designs before that.
13 Votes Yes!
1 Votes (If you wanna help hmu btw)

I love the ocean and wanted to design a species based off it.

I have a concept! It's very very rough bc of time constraints but... Here's the jist.


They all have certain powers with each gem, each gem has different powers and they have three in their bodies.

One in the staff, the chest and 'tail.'

They can breath underwater and on land, they have whiskers like that of catfish since they have bad eye sight. They can turn into lil jellyfish guys too! 

Help is wanted! From guest artists to people overall helping me out w/ these guys!

S'more sketches without their bubbles eheunknown.png


oo i love ocean based stuff!! im interested :0c
i'm not sure how much i'd be of help, but i wouldn't mind throwing in some small ideas every now and then ^^! also wouldn't mind being a guest artist :0c


LOVELOVENIGHTMARE Oh!!! That'd be nice! I often have trouble with traits and overall design aspects so ideas would help!


i think a bit more information about the species would be good before investing time into it or anything ?


I could help by dropping some ideas! I could also be a guest artist in my free time.


ThatOneWow That'd be nice!! They're still a huuuuuuuuuge wip so ideas are 100% needed!


You could make a discord...


These seem interesting~ Will have to keep an eye on this one. c:

 Good luck with the work! 


definitely subscribing !! i love humanoid cs and any with like nature theme! i would love to help you develop them and/or be a guest artist.

I think maybe having the gems control the shape of the water could be nice... and with biome kinds of water, like freshwater, saltwater, swamp could make a big difference!


rosepowder my mind goes to minecraft but- thank you so much! I'm lovin those ideasas