Alien-like Species INTEREST CHECK

Posted 6 months, 16 days ago (Edited 6 months, 16 days ago) by Jaystripes

Would you be interested?

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I have this idea for a species i've had for a while and I've been asking a lot of people but im curious as to what you people think !

They currently have no name but they are reptilian and I have an OC of the species-- Tire

Here's a ref sheet of a gift i made for my friendo for a character of this species as well:


Here are the main points of the species:

  • Large teeth filled mouthes
  • No eyes
  • Can walk on two or four legs (tail used for balance on two legs)
  • Screen covers their face most of the time but they can flip it up/take it off to eat and whatnot
  • Can wield electrical charges, this powers their screen and allows them to control what is displayed (face, simple picture, etc.)
  • Reptilian
  • Screen allows them to see in greater detail but they can see without it through... electromagnetic waves in the environment? help im not a scientist
  • Semi-retractable teeth, its less effort to keep them "closed" though
  • Various combinations of fins and whatnot are possible
Things im not so sure of:
  • I dont really think theyre aliens but they kinda look like it
Im just curious if anyone is interested in this!

If you are then say so! Im also really into suggestions for things




Antimatter ah, thankyoU!

if you have any suggestions for how these bois should be feel free to say :> i live off of feedback


Oh these guys are cool. I could maybe suggest that they are able to dislocate their jaw? Allowing easier access when they eat and such? sort of like a snake