Vitriceus Info/Trait Guide [CS] LF: Guest Artists

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[Species by Linius and eikyrona ]

[Carousel Protectors ]

The first Vitriceus rose out of an abandoned carousel, animated by the happy memories of the children that once rode them.

They now serve as a companion, a vanquisher of nightmares, and as miracle workers.

"Sweet, oh sweet carousel,
play your music, and your story, do tell.
Once upon a time, in my dreamland,
there was my knight, who held my hand.
They led my through, everything was alright,
and when I woke up, there stood my knight."


Rarity + Race:

[Citizens - Companions]
Deer, Antelope, Elk, Moose, Zebra, Donkey, Gazelle, Reindeer, Cow

[Military/Noble -  Vanquishers of Nightmares]
War Horses

Rare (Mythical): 
[Transcendent - Miracle Workers]
Mythical/hybrid animals



[Rarity tiers will have access to all traits equal to or less than their rarity unless listed in the Tier Specific Trait list]

e.g A uncommon will have access to all uncommon + common traits.

Tier Specific Traits
[Common]: collars

[Uncommon]: Elaborate/Bulky Armor, leg wraps

[Rare]: Halos, Gem adorned paint designs

Evolvable Forms

Common can only have human legs
Uncommon can have equine or human legs
Rare can have equine or human legs or have a taur body [they can switch between forms at will!]

Paint Design

Every Vitri values their appearance very dearly and is known to paint and repaint their designs on their bodies.
Always constantly changing or touching up the colors.
Every Vitri must have a minimum of their LEGS painted.
dcz6jzk-35e5f1de-af9e-40cd-b607-7bff43d0Saddle Corset + Chest Strap

Chest strap can be taken off when they aren’t wearing a shirt!
For rare Vitri in their taur form, they can have the saddle around their human waist or on back of their taur body.

Each baton is based off of the pole from their original carousel and are usually made of metal or wood.
Common batons are made single colored, uncommon batons can turn into weapons and can be duo colored, and rare batons are made of differing materials.


Wings can be located at the shoulder blade, mid back, or hip area.
Commons can have small wings, Uncommon large/small wings, and rare any type of wing/wing material.

Vitriceus have wispy incense tails to represent their connection with dreams.
Common and uncommon Vitri have these wisp tails and rare Vitri can have sparkling wisps or mirror/glass/gem like fragmented tails!