Interest check on themes

Posted 6 months, 11 days ago (Edited 6 months, 11 days ago) by chelonianmobile

I've mentioned these guys before but I'd like to check if people like the theme I'm going for with them, so I can change it if necessary. The critters I'm designing are inspired by folkloric portrayals of weasels/ferrets/etc, as used in works such as Redwall, Wind in the Willows, Welkin Weasels, Deptford Mice, Mouse Guard, Farthing Wood, and so on:

Depending on design and buyer's choice they might be actively evil, but are more likely to be lovable but self-interested rogues, sneak-thieves, and stealth hunters of small prey. Unlike real weasels I've got mine living in gangs with a caste system somewhat like mole rats, and I haven't given them any magical traits yet (still would appreciate suggestions on how I could make one work) but I did decide to give them pawfeet with Velociraptor claws. I'm also still deciding on whether they look better with human faces or animal faces - I don't like the in-between stage.

I have a better grasp of the character archetype than the setting here. The general tone of the things they're in is folklorish, often with some magic beyond the talking animals but not a lot (except for Deptford Mice, which is effectively cosmic horror with cuddly critters). I'd like to go with something like the Dainties which can show up in a wide variety of worlds, because a purely low fantasy setting feels a bit limiting, but if a stronger focus is better I'll do that. Magic is usually limited in these settings, as I said, but I still quite like the idea of them having some kind of magical features if there's any way to get that to work...

Camphorous and ClyncyeRudje have been a great help in getting this far! Thank you. Caine, this is the species I mentioned on your thread, does it sound like your thing?


It's still difficult to say at this stage tbh! Since it seems like you're also still in the progress of working things out. I'll definitely keep an eye out for these either way though so when they're done I can determine it better!


Still stuck on some features but I have worked out I'm going for a sort of androgynous grunge-meets-pirate look for their clothes - oversized shirts, bandannas and sashes, rips and patches, cheap jewellery.

Do they sound like they need a magical feature or would that be overdoing it?


Here's a rough draft of what they might look like: Still debating on the face, and I think they need some embellishment around the belly area. Wings and horns will be available traits, but only very tiny ones - little stub horns, and wings too small to actually fly with. I'm going for these guys being somewhat pathetic-looking because it's cute that way.



How do these look? Faves?